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See more. flyngdream: “ Bradley G. Munkowitz & Stephen Marshall - ORA Prophecy | gif. Story InspirationWriting InspirationCharacter InspirationLaw Of. Adversarial definition is - involving two people or two sides who oppose each adversary entry 2 sense 2) an adversarial relationship an adversarial system of. A survey of automakers and their suppliers unearths the management prerequisites for working together profitably.

An adversarial relationship is one wherein businesses treat each other and their clients as adversaries, treating them as enemies instead of as partners. There is little or no trust between them, and their means of communicating with each other is very formal. Instead of finding ways that are beneficial to both parties, they tend to blame each other when problems arise. A partnership relationship in business, on the other hand, makes both parties work closely together to ensure that everything that they do will benefit both companies.

The line of communication between both parties is open, and they cooperate with each other. It is a relationship based on trust and the belief that every action that each company takes is for the benefit of both.

When problems arise, they solve them by acknowledging their mistakes and by finding solutions together. As compared with an adversarial relationship, a partnership relationship involves long-term business agreements instead of having individual transactions and short-term contracts. While information is withheld from each other in an adversarial relationship; in a partnership relationship, it is shared to make problem solving easier. However, when the business is based in a place where there is conflict and a business environment that is not transparent and prone to corruption, most companies opt for an adversarial approach to lessen the risks to their business.

Businesses often grab every opportunity they have to achieve instant benefits in a short period of time rather than opt for a long-term relationship which can cause losses for them. He was the youngest son and fourth child of Joseph and Elizabeth Whitner.

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He attended school in Union, South Carolina, and there are tales of his run-ins with the law. In one incident, Whitner was visited by the deputy sheriff on some relatively minor matter. Unbeknownst to the deputy, Whitner carried a pistol to school. When the deputy tried to arrest Whitner, he pulled out his pistol and told the officer that he would not go willingly. Whitner was joking, according to his own later recollection, but the deputy did not take it so and shots were nearly fired when the deputy got off his horse.

Joseph Newton Whitner Anderson County Museum After finishing his schooling in Union, Whitner graduated from South Carolina College inand despite his earlier misbehavior, learned the law by reading it.

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He returned to the Pendleton District where he built a successful legal practice in just a few years. He is most remembered legislatively for authoring a plan to divide the Pendleton District.

Before even Pendleton District was created, the land had been used by the tribes of the Lower Cherokee as hunting ground. There were no permanent settlements in what is today Anderson County, Cherokee or otherwise, until after the Revolutionary War.

The land had been ceded to the State of South Carolina in by a treaty with the Cherokee, but the war prevented any real settlement policy from being developed and employed.

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Soon after the war ended, however, Revolutionary War veterans bought up tracts of land in the region, many for a very cheap price and the upstate was soon divided into districts for government. Each district had a courthouse town which was the center of local government. Although shown on the map, Oconee County was not created until The area of South Carolina west of Greenville and north of Abbeville Counties was named the Pendleton District and the Washington District for a short period of time from to The courthouse was located at Pendleton.

The district covered nearly two thousand square miles, and with the growth in settlements had become nearly ungovernable. Its courthouse was far from many of its key towns, and new settlers were continually moving in. As a young representative, Whitner had an idea. He proposed breaking up the district into two smaller, more manageable units. In his legislation, Whitner proposed naming the units after two local heroes of the Revolutionary War: Generals Robert Anderson and Andrew Pickens.

The former courthouse town of Pendleton was not abandoned, however. A new courthouse, called Anderson, was established near the center of the new county. A small frame courthouse was built, businesses began began to establish themselves around the county square, taverns and inns opened, a gridwork of streets were laid, and lots were for sale.

Congressman and one of the earliest settlers of Greenville County.


Between andJoseph and Elizabeth had nine children, all born in Anderson. Joseph Newton Whitner, Jr. Wounded at First Manassas. Married Amelia Mellvina Howard and had issue. Sarah Frances Whitner, born March 21,died January 24, Thomas Jamison Glover, Sr. Emmala Reed recorded in her diary that Mrs. Died unmarried of heart disease. Benjamin Franklin Whitner, born February 22,died January 14, Married Anna Pleasant Church, December 21,and had children five children, including William Church Whitner, the man who brought electricity to Anderson.

Married twice but no children. Served on the staffs of Gen. Micah Jenkins, and Gen. Later moved to Madison, Florida, where he died. Elias Eugene Whitner, born November 22,died March 21, Died unmarried of caused unknown, the second Whitner child to die in He had just recently moved his practice to Greenville and bought a home. Whitner, born November 1,died May 29,