Love promises relationship

love promises relationship

Need to know how to strengthen your relationship? I promise to love and support you when you need it, and lovingly push and encourage. 7 Sacred Promises People In Happy Relationships Always Make. Created with Sketch. . Let your partner know you love and appreciate them. Related reads. But be very careful not to destroy your relationship through neglect in the process . “I promise I will never let you forget how much I love you.”.

Some even believe that because they are married they can teach on relationships and marriage. There are lots of opinions out there, and if you are not careful and discerning, you might fall victim to false teachings and instructions.

As a believer, you must understand that you do not run your life by opinions, you run it by the word of God. Emotional stress has the power to affect your life greatly. Today we will be looking at how to avoid broken relationship and promises, how to know when a relationship is heading towards a fall and what to do if your relationship is already broken. However, reading a book in an exam hall during an exam is wrong. The action in itself is right but the timing is wrong.

Timing is so important. It is very crucial to the success of your relationship be it short term or long term.

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If you are not mature enough to be making relationship decisions, you should not be in a relationship at all. Making relationship decisions can be likened to being asked to choose a DSTV channel to watch out of the many channels it has for the rest of your life.

love promises relationship

There are food, entertainment,documentary, sports, animation and lots of other channels. If a five year old boy is asked to choose, he will choose Cartoon Network but after a few years, his taste will change. This is because now he is older, his exposure is different and this will reflect in his priorities and eventually his choices. The level of your maturity will reflect in your choices.

You need a level of maturity to be able to handle relationships the way God intends for it to be handled. Chances are if you go into a relationship too young, you might make a wrong decision.


Your choice of a life partner when you are young will mostly major on the physical- how fine s he looks, how her voice sounds, how she dresses.

As you grow older, you will begin to look out for more important things- his belief system, value system, decision making system. Timing tests the relationship. It has a way of showing if what you have is really worth it. Usually, relationships should start from friendship and then courtship and then proceed to marriage.

Go from precept to precept, get to know the person well. Watch how they react under pressure, watch how they handle issues, watch how they respond to situations.

Time also helps you to know if people are who they say they are. It is so vital you get counsel in that relationship. If you are not clear about anything, ask questions. Learn to ask questions. Do not do relationship in isolation or in secret. I promise to maintain my own set of projects and commitments that allow me to thrive outside of our relationship.

Broken Promises.

I promise to take an interest in the activities you enjoy, even if they terrify or bore me. I promise to constantly think of new ways to make you happy, no matter how long we have been together and how comfortable we become. I promise to let you lean on me during the times when you are not at your best.

I promise to laugh at all the horrible dad jokes your dad makes, even if you just roll your eyes. I promise to stay late at boring work events with you when you are trying to impress your boss and colleagues. I promise not to resent you during the times when you are personally or professionally thriving and I am not. I promise to be compassionate during the times when I am personally or professionally thriving and you are not.

I promise to pretend to like most of what you cook, unless you try to make something that is genuinely disgusting a regular meal. I promise to accept that you will push me when I am not reaching my own potential. I promise to fight fair with you and to not make a difference of opinion into a personal attack. I promise to accept that we will both inevitably screw up and need to be the biggest, hugest versions of ourselves to get past it.

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I promise to occasionally splurge on something impractical purely because it will make you happy. I promise to let you grow in any way you want or need to. I promise to make time for you when too many things are simultaneously demanding my attention.

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I promise to always be on your team when the world is riling against you. I promise to let your body change in any way it might and to love you just the same in any form. I promise to never stop poking fun of you, or at us, or at myself because it we cannot laugh with each other we are doomed. I promise to make the active decision to trust you, every day for as long as I have you.

love promises relationship