Love distance relationship status facebook

4 Lessons About Love and Long-Distance Relationships

love distance relationship status facebook

I say girls because a 90% on Facebook, its the boys who send friend requests to girls. Then me the admin of "Long Distance Love Quotes", the only advice I can person is interesting and you could have a relationship of friendship or other. These long distance relationship quotes come from others who have been in I love when I reach Marcus on the phone and as he says hello, I can hear the. The first ever published Long Distance Relationship Book Series, with over page for the first books ever written and published back in May of on the. #ldr #love from #longdistancerelationship Instagram tag.

When she first accepted my friend request, we messaged back and forth a couple of times, and then it died off. I had no plans of actively pursuing her at that time, so that was fine I just enjoyed seeing her posts on Facebook cause they were usually pretty interesting. Then several months later, I hit her up with some questions from a friend that was interested in doing the Everest Base Camp trek in Nepal. She responded back, and shortly afterwards, we began messaging more: As I got to know more about her, I found we had a lot in common, not just with our interest in the outdoors, but in a great deal of other things as well.

I found myself really liking her, and I told her so. I also told her that I was visiting the Philippines at the end of the year and asked if she'd like to meet up for coffee.

She agreed, and suggested we could even go for dinner or wine. At this point, I was probably already falling for her but didn't want to admit it to myself. I was still telling myself that I had no room for anyone else in my life. One day, I asked if I could talk to her over the phone. I figured, if we're gonna meet up in December, I should at least figure out if we'd even have any kind of rapport in person. Could I carry a voice conversation with her or is it only on the Facebook messenger?

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We ended up talking for almost an hour. It kind of surprised me how effortless it was. It didn't feel awkward or anything, and I wanted to talk to her some more! We talked a few more times over the phone until I asked if she'd be willing to video chat over Skype.

She agreed and we set up a time to meet up on a "Skype date. Skyping became a regular thing, and when we weren't on Skype, we'd be be on Facebook messenger. I loved how I could be myself with her and we could talk about everything under the sun. It was very natural and easygoing. We were talking every day for at least two hours, and on some weekends, we even went up to seven hours!

It was kind of crazy, but time just seemed to fly by. We didn't seem to run out of things to talk about. She had broken down all my barriers, and after about a month, I simply couldn't deny that I had fallen in love with her. Love is not a word that I throw around lightly, especially with a person I'd never met, but there was no other word to describe how I felt.

I knew what the implications would be if I told her, and that all my plans as a carefree single guy would be thrown to the wayside, but I didn't care. I just had to tell her how I felt. There wasn't any courtship process.

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Paul and I just really went with the flow of our conversations on Facebook. Each time we'd reply to each other, I found myself even more connected to him.

love distance relationship status facebook

At one point he mentioned that he was at Whole Foods, doing some food shopping. I got thrilled at the thought of food shopping at Whole Foods! Back when I was a student in London I applied for a job at Whole Foods because I started getting into organic food and cooking. Another instance was was when we knew that we both were into kiwi and yogurt when I told him over Skype that I'd bought some from my weekly grocery shopping.

He said he'd gotten into kiwi and yogurt during his business trips in Japan when they'd serve this during breakfast. It is funny as well because he was the one who'd help me decide which underwater video gadget to use.

I went for the first time to Bali back in April last year when I lost my underwater camera after that trip so when I was going the second time around I had the dilemma of choosing which gadget to use. Since I knew he is into photography and video, I thought he must be credible enough to be asked about it!

love distance relationship status facebook

Little things like these made us feel closer and more connected as we went on with our daily lives. The transition from being merely Facebook friends to being a couple happened without us even knowing it! What were the challenges of getting to know each other in the virtual space?

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Our communication was always very open and honest from the start, and I never felt that I had to put on a mask to hide my true self.

I didn't want any mind games and I think neither did she, so it made getting to know each other very easy. The only challenges were probably just technical issues when it came to Skype not connecting, or figuring out how many hours difference our time zones were since I traveled frequently for work and was always in a different time zone.

love distance relationship status facebook

In terms of rapport, by the time we were video chatting over Skype, I no longer had any fears that we wouldn't get along in person, especially with the amount of time we spent talking.

Worst case scenario, I figured we'd just end up as friends in person, but I didn't really believe that would be the case. Knowing someone virtually could be a challenge to anyone especially those who would prefer to see a person first before sharing any information about themselves. In this day and age, you would always have to be careful about the people you share information with as anyone could pretend to be someone they are not.

With Paul, I trusted my instincts. It was a risk, everything in life is I guess. He'd also share information that are otherwise not something you would just share with anyone else and this sparked my interest and helped me feel at ease talking to him and sharing my thoughts and personal experiences. The couple like spending time outdoors, or if the case merits, underwater What hesitations did you have about getting in a relationship with someone you met online and was living in a different country?

When it came to relationships in general, I wasn't averse to meeting people online. One of my best friends I had met online.

love distance relationship status facebook

What I was heavily against was having an LDR long-distance relationship. It just felt like too much work to maintain and to what end? I just didn't want that headache. And as I mentioned earlier, I didn't want to be in a relationship at all, whether in person or long-distance. I felt I had no room in my life for a relationship. But with Mich, it was different. After a couple of months talking to her for hours every day, any hesitations I did have had been thrown out the window. Paul and I were talking about this sometime after we'd expressed how much we liked each other.

We were imagining what it's going to be like when we meet each other at the airport for the first time. It was something we've never done before, and the thought of falling in love online before you actually meet someone was completely unexpected.

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We were thinking so many what-ifs -- "what if we don't click, what if he doesn't like the way I am in person? If there was anything between the two of us that felt awkward, for sure it would not come to the point that we would fall head over heels for each other before we had even seen each other?

We both weren't new to LDRs. I had to personally assess if it was worth it - distance can definitely tear people apart but that is only if both don't work towards the same goal.

Paul and I felt the connection was too strong for the relationship to not work. With the technology nowadays, it is easier to fill in that gap of being there physically with someone. In hindsight, we both had the same primary love language - words of affirmation. That ability to connect mentally and emotionally with someone is such a huge factor for both of us which is another reason why we'd felt it was really something special. What were your initial difficulties as a new couple?

I think the initial difficulties were more in explaining to our friends and families and trying to make them understand how it is that we're in a relationship with someone we've only met online and not in person. We had only one mutual friend on Facebook, so I was essentially a total outsider and stranger to everyone else she knew.

It's understandable though, since they would of course be protective of Mich. I think if there were any doubts though, they were dissuaded once they met me in person. On my part, I had some friends and coworkers warn me to make sure Mich is not some gold digger out to get me for a greencard.

love distance relationship status facebook

Try to be a little more conservative about expressing your love, and this means not overdoing in on Facebook in front of everybody. Otherwise two things are gonna happen. Some people might envy your relationship. Especially if this envy would come from someone that also hates you. Especially of you express your feelings more than she does. Keep your great love mostly private, and save yourself these troubles. So, take your arguments offline and solve them in a mature way, rather than making a fool of yourself.

Create your private Love Nest online. A brilliant way of staying in touch with your girlfriend and also doing it in a special way is creating your private facebook group. Be authentic with your Likes. Just because you are her boyfriend does not mean that you should Like or Comment on everything she posts. Avoid public conversations with girl-friends.

Even if it may seem innocent to you, having a fun public conversation online with a girl-friend or even worse ex-girlfriend might set your partner on fire. Therefore my suggestion is to keep these fun conversations private, so that you avoid jealousy scenes that will most probably lead to some kind of fight.

Paul and Mich: Finding true love on Facebook

A huge argument lasting a few days, sometimes, about those conversations that she found. My suggestion — delete them, and save yourself and your girlfriend the jealousy and the endless arguments that can appear as a consequence.

Miss our crazy parties together! Keep private things private.