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long term relationship comics alliance

In this corner, Chris Sims, a long time blogger at his own The Invincible Super Blog and a long time columnist and writer at Comics Alliance known for .. Those kinds of relationships and rivalries were fostered, as you said. Being in a long-term relationship with someone isn't all about grand romantic gestures. If you live together, it's also about experiencing the. Ultra-long serial fiction allows for sprawling, yet loving, families, deep F--k Yeah Comic Relationships (link NSFW due to the title of the site not being graphic scenes of nudity or sex, the site caters to a wide range of fans.

The X-Men have reduced good writers to hacks over and over again. On top of all that, Chuck Austen comes in directly after Grant Morrison's frenetic, energizing run, the best of the decade.

So we cut Austen some slack. With which he Carradines himself. Despite the implied margin for error, Austen manages to rewrite the Bell curve with a random, melodramatic, creepily sexual mess. X-books need a little sex to be firing on all cylinders, but preferably not in a way that's so rape van. The list of weird sexual situations is longer than Juggernaut's arm: Jubilee and Husk share sexual fantasies at a grave. Stacy X — essentially a red version of movie Mystique — has the mutant power to control pheromones, but really all she does is make people want to have sex with her psst, that's not a mutant power.

Plots seem random and slapped-up. Weird justifications are given artlessly: Juggernaut's just a big, angry kid in a suit, there was a real Xorn who was not Magneto and oh yeah there's a brother, because fans really liked Xorn and were really shocked and heart-broken and Morrison's twist and why not just biopsy the impact completely?

Then there's the legendary "Draco" storyline, which goes something like this: The Devil has been on Earth, impregnating women for years, so that he can go to Earth. And he's Nightcrawler's father! And he's The Devil! Some very good artists had the severe misfortune of working on Austen's run. Sean Phillips, Ron Garney, and Phillip Tan did good work, and Salvador Larrocca was spectacular despite a retelling of "Romeo and Juliet" so unnecessary it might as well have been a third nipple.

The awful really hit the fan when "Asian sensation" Kia Asamiya put the nose in X-noseMen, but really, it didn't matter who was drawing it. The stories were so random, the revelations so obvious, the characterizations so lame, Michaelangelo the artist or the turtle couldn't have saved it.

Shouldn't have named a character Maximus Lobo. Overall he was handed three high-profile mini-series -- "Ultimate Adventures," "Rawhide Kid MAX," and "Get Kraven" -- before Marvel apparently gave up on him in the face of widescale antipathy.

Aside from the idiot homophobes who still take shots at the gay themes in "Rawhide Kid," there's not much arguing with the crowd when it comes to Zimmerman's work. His comic books really are just terrible.

Maybe the worst thing about them is that they aren't even bad in an entertaining or interesting way -- they just have aggressively boring plots, unimaginative characters, and stilted, overwritten dialogue that thinks it's clever.

Nowhere are these features more on display than the improbable addition to the Ultimate line, "Ultimate Adventures. Yeah, sure, there's technically a plot -- Hank Kipple is an orphan who is adopted by an off-brand Bruce Wayne who intends to train him as a sidekick. There's a villain that shows up about halfway through the series, and eventually there's a fight, and then an ending. But really the whole book is just an excuse for Zimmerman to write as much terrible "funny" dialogue as possible and jam it into Hank Kipple's mouth.

This two-page spread of the orphan boy just wandering through the Bat Hawk-Owl Cave with verbal diarrhea pretty much sums up the entire book: The Ultimates make an appearance to offer Zimmerman's Mary Sue slacker fake-Batman a place on their team, just so he can show how awesome he is by turning it down and then fighting Captain America to a standstill, for no reason.

There's an origin story for Hawk-Owl that doesn't really make much sense and includes a super-stereotyped Asian guy who just pops in out of nowhere. The only vaguely clever part of the book is the school principal-turned villain whose weapon is a spanking paddle, but "vaguely clever" is pretty much all that amounts to. All in all, the book is a fart in the wind.

Duncan Fegredo's art is solid, but can't save Zimmerman's script. It's too bad to be good and too dull to be so-bad-it's-good.

It commits the greatest crime a piece of entertainment ever can: If you said yes, then thanks for reading ComicsAlliance, Mark Millar, because you are the only one. That is more or less the plot of Marvel's utter trainwreck from"Trouble," and while it's actually about May and Ben and Peter's parents, Richard and Mary when they were attractive, Terry Dodson-drawn teenagers, but good luck getting the image of Aunt May classic getting it on out of your head while you're reading this thing.

This is one of those comics where every single thing about it makes you want to ask why it's happening.

long term relationship comics alliance

Why did two talented creators come together to do a comic book version of "Porky's" set in an undefined past that tied into the Spider-Man, the company's corporate mascot?

Why did Marvel think it was a good idea to approve a pitch that undoubtedly included the words "sexy Aunt May? Why did it have photo covers featuring two blonde models in bikinis, one of whom was usually shot so that her face was obscured?

Why was anyone surprised when the newly resurrected "Epic" imprint crashed when this was its flagship title? Why in the hell does this thing actually exist? We have no idea, folks. And yet it does. No other comic so perfectly captures the zeitgeist of what was truly popular in superhero comics in the Oughties. Sure, sure, "The Authority" revolutionized action, Bendis revolutionized pacing, "All-Star Superman" revolutionized nostalgia, but none of them hold a candle to Brad Meltzer's epic.

It truly captured the mood of a generation. It told a millioncouple hundred thousand eager fans what they wanted to hear: At its core is a harsh struggle between the contradictory impulses to both fetishize the past and move into the future. The book relies on an affection for and fascination with up to 70 years of superhero comics, but spends the bulk of the time showing you the "ugly truth" behind those comics of yesteryear.

Charming flourishes of superheroic behavior are revealed to be narcissistically engineered for publicity. Brutal rapes take place behind the scenes, between the adventures.

Goofy, dumb villains are explained to have had their minds and personalities telepathically violated and altered to be that way. Everything in Identity Crisis is designed as an excuse for adults who are secretly embarrassed by their love of superheroes. It served as a battle cry, a signal to open the floodgates and let loose such other great moments of the decade as Wonder Dog Eats Marvin And Hunts Wendy, and Mr.

long term relationship comics alliance

All of this is not to mention that the book is just a mess on a basic storytelling level. The centerpiece sequences of the book -- the much-discussed rape of Sue Dibny and mind-wiping of Dr. Light and Batman -- never pay off within the actual narrative of the book, but are instead left dangling, along with several minor sequences that simply make no sense in the context of this book alone. The murder mystery central to the plot is dispatched in the most half-assed way possible, when the murderer, with a forced casualness that's painful to read, just happens to ask the one question that reveals knowledge only the killer could know.

There's also a truckload of unfortunate gender issues and semi-Freudian father-son stuff going on that would require a whole other, longer essay to enumerate.

D’Orazio v Sims: Dawn of Justice

Just to preview quickly: The one character labeled "wife" is raped and murdered. Two out of three of the characters labeled "father" kill each other after reuniting with their estranged sons. And the one woman labeled "divorcee" is revealed to be a violent psychopath.

Whenever she engages in or discusses this violent psychopathic behavior, the comic always shows us a close-up of a magazine cover picturing her, with the words "On Divorce" printed big. There's oh so much more. I will bring you to the now. Among the images that are captioned as "Now" are a tombstone, an old hand clutching a newspaper, and the burned and disfigured corpse of a pregnant woman. Welcome to the now. Written by Chris Kipiniak and penciled by Matthew Dow Smithit focuses upon Nightcrawler's decision to become a priest and his attempts to fight a group of slave traders.

In Septemberthe first Nightcrawler ongoing title was published by Marvel, written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa with covers and pencils by Darick Robertson. The series was canceled with issue twelve.

Nightcrawler (comics) - Wikipedia

Ina new Nightcrawler ongoing title commenced, written by Chris Claremont. This was also cancelled with issue twelve. Fictional character biography[ edit ] Origin[ edit ] Kurt Wagner was born with certain unusual physical characteristics, but his power of self-teleportation did not emerge until puberty.

Margali took the baby to the small Bavarian circus where she worked as a fortune telleras a cover for her activities as a sorceress. Wagner was never legally adopted by anyone, [11] but he was raised by all the members of the circus, who had no prejudices against mutants. Margali acted as Kurt's unofficial foster mother. Long before his teleportation power emerged, Wagner had tremendous natural agility, and by his adolescence he had become the circus' star acrobat and aerial artist.

Circus audiences assumed that he was a normal-looking human wearing a devil-like costume. Jardine intended to move its best acts into his American circus; however, he demanded that Wagner be placed in the circus' freak show.

Jardine drugged him to prevent escape, but a young mutant child with the ability to sense other mutants helped Kurt escape. Appalled, Wagner left and made his way toward Winzeldorf, Germany, where his foster brother Stefan was. He discovered that Stefan had gone mad and brutally slain several children. It has since been stated that Stefan did not actually go mad, but slew the children because he had recognized them as disguised demons.

Two nights after leaving the circus, Wagner found Stefan and fought him, hoping to stop his rampage. In the course of the struggle, Stefan was killed. They were about to kill him when they were all psychically paralyzed by Professor Charles Xavierwho came to recruit Wagner into the X-Men. Before they left for America, he and Xavier went to the Bavarian circus to explain to Margali about Stefan's death, but Margali was not there.

Through the use of Doctor Strange 's all-seeing Eye of Agamottoshe learned the truth, and she and Wagner were reconciled. Wagner was happily reunited with his foster sister Jimaine, who had moved to the United States and changed her name to Amanda Seftonlater becoming Kurt's girlfriend.

He was rescued by Shadowcat, Colossusand Magik but feared he had lost his ability for good. During the Mutant Massacre the Marauders' assault on the Morlock tunnelsthis exhaustion left him vulnerable to an attack from Riptidewhich injured him into a coma.

They fought Gatecrasher 's group of inter-dimensional mercenaries known as the Technet. The heroes worked together so well, they decided to form a group they named Excalibur. When Captain Britain's and Meggan 's relationship went through a rocky time, Nightcrawler became interested in Meggan, a feeling that was reciprocated but never consummated.

Fearing it would be stolen from her, Amanda magically hid the Soulsword inside Nightcrawler's body. For a time, Kitty Pryde and Nightcrawler express some resentment over the X-Men's failing to contact them after their supposed deaths.

However, his work as a priest is retconned to be an illusion; he had, in fact, never attained priesthood. With them, Nightcrawler defeated his father Azazelwho had tried to use him as a pawn in escaping his prison. Afterwards, Professor X recruited him, along with DarwinHavokMarvel Girl, Warpathand Polaristo participate in a space mission to stop Vulcan from laying waste to the Shi'ar empire.

D team and helped Mystique track him down. Kurt seemed to have nearly fully recovered from his injuries since he, along with Beast and the entire New X-Men team, are teleported to Muir Island by Pixie.

Kurt and Wolverine were currently involved in a "war of pranks", as Peter called it. One of the many pranks involved Logan hacking into Kurt's image inducer to make him look like Angelina Joliewhich resulted in a picture of Angelina and Peter appearing in assorted tabloid newspapers. Afterwards they went to a local bar, where they discussed the recent loss of Kitty Pryde and the destruction of the X-Men.

A fight occurred in the bar, during which their cover was blown. After battling unsuccessfully several simulated villains, he reprogrammed the Danger Room to show Kitty. He confessed he was sorry he wasn't there for her and hugged the simulation and cried. The simulation of Kitty replied that she missed Kurt, too.

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A trip back to Germany renewed his conviction through an encounter with a boy cursed by gypsies into demonic form, a brush with Mephistoand a romantic fling, before he returned to San Francisco to aid the X-Men against a foe they struggled with, lacking his help.

He came across a Skrull bible and, after studying it, gave it to Beastwho figured out how to deal with the Skrulls. When Pixie removed her Souldagger, Magik's Soulsword emerged from his chest.

Kurt woke up and stopped Pixie from going after her, and Pixie broke down and apologized for stabbing him. Pixie, Mercury, and Rockslide were horrified at how brutal the older X-Men were towards the demons.

An octopus-type creature attacked Kurt until Pixie jumped in and killed it with her Souldagger. Kurt noticed Illyana chained to a pillar, and she asked him to stab her with Pixie's Souldagger, as it was the only way and he was the only one to do it because he was attuned to magic. He apologized and stabbed her; at that moment Colossus punched Kurt, and Witchfire finished making her fifth and final Bloodstone from the now demonic Pixie.

Unfortunately, the demon managed to use the Bloodstones to summon the Elder Gods. Through their combined efforts, the X-Men and Magik managed to banish both Witchfire and the Elder Gods, but not without losing four of the five Bloodstones.

Furious at losing another part of her soul, Pixie fled. Being told by Illyana to let her go, Kurt consoled Magik about the theology of a soul, before she teleported them back to Earth. Kurt, along with Colossus, Cyclops, and the former New Mutants team, convinced her to stay with them and join the X-Men.

It was revealed that Proteus had been resurrected and had taken possession of Blindfold who had the vision of going to Muir Island in the first place. Nightcrawler's discovery of the lethal methods used by X-Force led to an argument between him and Cyclops.

While teleporting during a battle with BastionBastion extended his arm into the space in which Nightcrawler would materialize. Nightcrawler rematerialized around Bastion's arm, fusing with it. Though mortally wounded, he managed to teleport Hope to Utopia, telling her before expiring that he believed in her. When Wolverine was possessed by a demon called the Hellverine, Nightcrawler entered his friend's mind to help him drive out the invader.

The other X-Men who entered Logan's mind to help him assumed that Nightcrawler was just a manifestation of Wolverine's mind, rather than the real one.