Long love relationship

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long love relationship

Aug 28, Now, however, I'm in my first long-term relationship (nine months "Even if you 're deeply in love with your partner, it's perfectly normal to. Fall in love all over again with these expert tips. to do this naturally, but don't drop this strong bonding behavior just because the relationship has progressed. Thriving and passionate long term relationships all share 5 key characteristics, which are known as the secrets to lasting love. Learn what they are today.

In other words, you can grow older with your partner in many ways, but you will only grow closer and more creative through the steady practice of five actions, which are the keys for how to make love last. We believe these five actions should be taught in every classroom in every school, every day. They most definitely should not be secrets we have to seek after or stumble into by trial and error.

10 Ways to Make Your Relationship Last

Almost none of us begin our love relationships knowing how to do these simple things, and our relationships are disastrous as a consequence.

The First Secret to Lasting Love If you want a close, vibrant, and long-lasting love relationship, you need to become a master of commitment. We teach couples how to make love last by making real commitments to each other.

long love relationship

There is an art to commitment, but almost nobody knows how to practice it. The first art of commitment is to spot and acknowledge the unconscious commitments that cause us to sabotage the harmony of our close relationships. In practical reality, the act of claiming ownership of an unconscious commitment changes a troublesome dynamic in a relationship faster than anything else.

The second art of commitment and another key for how to make love last is to make commitments you can stand by. Real commitments can only be made about things you have control over.

Real commitments are verifiable. Love is a mystery—part feeling, part spirit, part mind—and mysteries by their very nature are outside our control.

long love relationship

This type of commitment builds long-lasting love and saves relationships while turning on the flow of intimacy and creativity.

Free Enlightened Living Course: When couples make these commitments, their relationships thrive. To go all the way to ultimate closeness and full creative expression, you must eliminate all barriers to speaking and hearing the truth about everything. We teach couples how to make love last by listening to the truth about everything from their partners, and we teach them how to speak the truth about everything to their partners.

We ask them to consider any hesitation about telling or hearing the unvarnished truth to be a symptom of resistance to greater love and creativity.

long love relationship

We know this move is radical because it produces huge bursts of creative energy in everyone who tries it. As a practice, it has awesome power. We invite couples to turn their relationship into a blame-free zone. As a practice, this move liberates tremendous energy.

As a concept, the idea of giving up blame and criticism is often greeted with derision. The couple who is deeply addicted to blame and criticism has usually come to mistake the adrenalized drama of conflict for the flow of connection.

Even one hour a week of focusing on your own creativity will produce results. More than that will often produce miracles. Nothing will sap your vital energy faster than squelching your creativity. Often, couples stifle their individual creativity in order to focus on fixing and changing the other person.

Since this seldom produces tangible results, they devote more energy to the other person as a fixer-upper and less to individual creativity. When results are not forthcoming, they complain about the other person to third parties. They enter a dangerous cycle of complaint that has addictive properties—the more you do it the more things there are to complain about.

Ultimately this leads to dissipation of creative energy and inner despair, and none of this is helpful as a way to make love last a long time. The Fifth Secret to Lasting Love If you want to create vital, long-lasting love, you must become a master of verbal and nonverbal appreciation. We teach couples how to appreciate each other spontaneously and frequently.

Although this may sound like a simple thing, it most definitely is not. To receive such an appreciation from another person is equally challenging. Most of us have never seen or heard a rich flow of spoken appreciations in relationships. In fact, many people cannot recall a single instance of clear appreciation in their families of origin.

The simple solution is to speak a heartfelt ten-second appreciation to the other person, for no reasons other than to signify a commitment to appreciation and to open the flow of appreciation. In other words, the spoken appreciation is not to get a particular result from the other person. In reality, it produces powerful results very quickly, but it is important that the appreciation not be spoken as a manipulation or in expectation of a reward.

Active Skills to Unlock Long-Lasting Love Discovering the secrets to creativity, commitment and appreciation has been the most exciting professional and personal journey of our lives thus far.

We are tremendously enthusiastic about sharing the secrets of these arts. This set of skills and relationship tips will equip anyone with a powerful and reliable method for enhancing the flow of connection in any relationship. Although we will focus mainly on love relationships, these skills also apply to business, friendship, parenting, and other areas where the flow of connection is paramount.

The five secrets move people quickly through the stuck places so that they can enjoy the profound beauty of genuine and lasting love. Many people wrongly think that creativity, commitment and appreciation are passive states of being. The good news is quite the opposite: These are active arts—skills you can practice from moment to moment—but they will ultimately help you create a long-term relationship and experience long lasting love.

Putting Commitment into Action Let us show you what we mean with a brief story of the power of the new paradigm: After hearing their story, we asked them to do something radical: We asked them to declare this marriage dead. We paused for a full minute of silence to honor the death of a noble effort that turned awful. When our minute was up, all of us open our eyes.

The 5 Keys to Lasting Love: Creating Long Term Relationships

No matter how they word it, people often come down to saying the same two things: Next, we asked them another question: Are you willing to create a marriage in which you both feel fully appreciated and you make the relationship more important than your old patterns?

The energy in the room lightened as their faces relaxed. Again, they were caught by surprise. Even though their first marriage had lasted fourteen years and this new one only four years so far, it felt as if the first one never existed. Now, take a closer look at the appreciation. Alternating Cycles Human beings alternate between two ongoing cycles: The ratio between the two—the amount of time we spend in each—determines how happy we are and how much happiness we inspire around us.

It also affects how much creativity we express and inspire in others. The cycle of complaint goes as follows: We want or need something from our partner, such as more communicationmore understanding, more touch, more freedom. Inevitably our partner fails to give us what we want, so we complain about it and criticize our partner for his or her faults and failures.

long love relationship

Armed with more detailed evidence, we escalate our barrage of criticism and complaint. The only way to renew the sexual interest of a man at this point is to introduce a new female partner. So, are we all doomed to a passionless relationship after 4 years? Absolutely not, because dopamine is only half of the picture. Fortunately, oxytocin can come to the rescue! It is a chemical released in the brains of men and women through intimate, loving interactions. Oxytocin has a calming effect on the brain and decreases the need for more and more dopamine.

Oxytocin causes the warm, relaxed, secure and intimate feeling of love most people desire. The great thing about oxytocin is that your brain never develops a tolerance to it—so a loving relationship built on oxytocin will last forever! There are certain lifestyle changes and simple ways of relating that can help couples avoid developing a tolerance to each other from the perspective of dopamine, and increase the amount of oxytocin released in day to day interactions.

Happiness in Long Term Relationships

This knowledge helps you take exquisite care of the most important part of life—your love. If you are dating, check out the Smart Dating Guidebook. Heap can empower you with knowledge in the areas of the brain science of love and psychology to help you find a lasting, thriving love!