Logan veronica relationship help

logan veronica relationship help

They don't write articles about the relationships that come easy. Take, for example, one Veronica Mars and Logan Echolls. A solid decade after. The History of Veronica Mars and Logan Echolls' Epic Relationship in . I can't help but be like, "OMG CHOOSE LOGAN WHY WOULD YOU. LoVe is the romantic relationship between Logan Echolls and Veronica Mars. Throughout the first half of season one, Logan and Veronica are shown to virtually dislike each other however as the series progress they fall deeply in Love with each other. The Logan and Veronica article.

Her very first meeting with him involves her helping him out, by cutting him down from the flagpole where some bullies had duct taped him.

He sits with her anyway, not because he feels like he owes her for the help, but because he likes her as a person. As Wallace spends more time at the school, he starts to befriend other students, and get quite popular as a result of being a star on the basketball team.

This creates problems in his relationship with Veronica, as they both try to navigate the jealousy, resentment, and time conflicts that come from vastly different social statures. This comes to a head several times, especially when his mother gets in trouble at her job because of something Veronica had him do, without telling him how dangerous it could be.

He calls her out several times when she starts neglecting her friendship with him, blowing him off to work on her cases and just using him for the assistance he offers. The depiction of this as a constant issue between two platonic partners is quite refreshing. She gets Weevil and Mac out of trouble when they need it, and they both help her out whenever they can. He wants to protect her, but also teach her, and he often needs her help. He wants to trust her, but there are times when she breaks that trust, and he has to decide how to deal with that as a father and as a boss.

They joke together, work together, go through extremely difficult circumstances together, and work together to come back from the problems created when they both inevitably screw up.

logan veronica relationship help

The show deteriorated for many reasons in season three, but in my opinion, the major reason was the increased focus on romantic drama, at the expense of the many platonic relationships it built up previously. Weevil and Wallace have significantly smaller roles.

logan veronica relationship help

Keith and Mac are still important, but mostly because of their own storylines, and they do a lot less interacting with Veronica. Still reeling from the abandonment of her own mother, Veronica empathized with Logan's pain, and the two reconciled most of their differences.

Towards the end of the third season of the series, Veronica successfully completes her California state examination to receive her official license as a detective in her own right. Veronica scored a 95 on her private investigator test. Some years laterVeronica is shown to have moved on from her old life as a detective and has a job offer from a prestigious law firm in New York.

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However, when Logan is accused of murder, Veronica returns to Neptune to clear his name, eventually deciding to stay in Neptune to fight the local corruption and classism that has developed there since her departure. Both Veronica's mother Lianne Mars and Duncan's mother Celeste Kane were against their relationship, though Veronica did not find out why until much later.

Some time prior to Lilly's death, Celeste revealed to Duncan that his father, Jake, had had an affair with Lianne, and that Veronica might be his half-sister. Duncan broke up with Veronica because of this, but did not explain his reasons for doing so. Keith Mars later had a paternity test which proved that he is her father, not Jake Kane. Veronica did not speak to Duncan until well into her Junior year.

A few episodes after the series starts, Duncan and Veronica start being friendly towards each other, eventually even becoming friends. That comes to an end when Veronica believes Duncan raped her and confronts him about it.

The issue was eventually resolved when the fact that both parties were under the influence of GHB came to light. In the summer between the first and second seasons Veronica and Duncan got back together on her 18th birthday.

Veronica + Logan 4-Ever

They stayed together until roughly the middle of the second season. Unbeknownst to Duncan, his previous girlfriend Meg Manning was pregnant before they broke up.

Meg was on the bus that crashed at the beginning of the season, but survived comatose. She later died of a blood clot shortly after coming out of a coma.

Their daughter was born just before she died. In order to prevent Meg's abusive parents from getting custody of his baby, Duncan decided to kidnap her and run away. Veronica helps him to do so and knowing that they can never speak to or see each other again, the two of them share a tearful farewell. Duncan does not appear again the series except for a brief cameo at the end of season 2 where he is now living in Australia and is at the beach with his daughter when his phone rings.

logan veronica relationship help

He answers it, saying "CW? Troy Vandegraff[ edit ] Troy Vandegraff was a childhood friend of Duncan Kane who attended Neptune High for a short period early in the first season. Despite the bad rumors about Veronica circulating around the school, Troy took a liking to her. Veronica was reluctant to date him at first, but warmed to him when she realized his good intentions toward her. In the fifth episode though, Troy deceives her into helping him escape being sent to boarding school so he can run away with an old girlfriend.

Veronica realizes his plan and double-crosses him.

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Veronica does not meet Troy again until the second season episode " The Rapes of Graff " when they both go to visit Hearst College. Though she is at first cold toward him, Troy insists that he's changed.

He also tells her that his feelings toward her were real when they dated and apologizes for how he treated her. When he is suspected of raping a student and shaving her head after a party, Veronica helps to prove his innocence and they part amicably.

At first, Veronica merely went to him for help in getting access to classified evidence or files in the police station, but she soon fell for him.

Veronica Mars (character)

Veronica broke up with Leo after she and Logan Echolls kissed and she didn't want to keep dating Leo while she figured out her feelings. Logan Echolls[ edit ] Veronica began to date Logan Echolls at the end of the first season. Their kiss turned into something more when Logan pulled her into a passionate embrace. They begin to secretly date. Their relationship quickly ran into trouble when it was revealed Logan was the one who supplied the GHB that would eventually lead to Veronica being drugged and raped at Shelly Pomroy's party.

For a time, Veronica even suspected that Logan was her rapist. Their relationship was revealed to Logan's 09er friends at a party. At the same party, Veronica discovered cameras trained on the bed in Logan's pool house and flees. Soon after, Veronica found out that Logan had no alibi the day Lilly was murdered and feared that he had killed her.

Veronica found out that the cameras in the pool house had been set up by Logan's father, Aaron Echollsand discovered that he was the one who killed Lilly after she stole the tapes he made of them having sex. Veronica stood by him when he was accused of murdering one of them, Felix Toombs.

Though he was acquitted, Logan's behavior became erratic over that summer, because of his trial and because of the revelation that his father had been having an affair with Lilly and had killed her. He and the 09ers began a vicious turf war with the PCHers.

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Veronica breaks up with Logan soon after, telling him that he was out of control and that he enjoyed participating in the violence too much.

But during her stand-off with Cassidy Casablancason the roof of the Neptune Grand, it was Logan that Veronica phoned for help. Logan tackled Cassidy to stop him from shooting Veronica. He then talked Veronica out of shooting Cassidy and comforts her when she thinks her father was blown-up on Woody Goodman's plane.

Afterwards, they resume their relationship and become closer over the summer. At the beginning of the third season, they begin attending Hearst College. Their relationship is as heated and loving as before, but Veronica has developed severe trust issues over the last few years. She constantly struggles against her instincts to track him and verify everything he says and does, while Logan resents the expectations she places on him and her inability to admit that she might be wrong.

Though she spurns him when he reveals that he and Mercer left a motel in Tijuana in flames without helping people to escape, she realizes her feelings for him when he comes to her aid after she is drugged and attacked by the Hearst rapist. Unable to deal with Veronica being in constant danger, Logan tries to convince her to drop her investigation into the rapes and even has a bodyguard tail her without her knowledge, infuriating Veronica when she finds out.

Though they fight out their problems and both admit that they love one another, Logan breaks up with Veronica in the ninth episode. He tells her he will always be there for her. Veronica is deeply upset and breaks down when she gets home.

logan veronica relationship help

Although Logan tries to help Veronica find out who the rapist is, he is still elsewhere when she is attacked by Mercer and Moe. When he learns that Mercer was the one who attacked Veronica, he purposely gets himself arrested so he can be in the same cell as him — for revenge.