Lithuanian georgian relationship

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lithuanian georgian relationship

Georgia's location, nestled between the Black Sea, Russia, and Turkey, renders it strategically "Relations between Georgia and the Republic of Lithuania". Lithuania is a country on the south-eastern shore of the Baltic Sea, a member of the United .. The country does not recognise the annexation of part of Georgian and Ukrainian territories to the Russian Federation. The country also takes active . Georgia. Georgia, a country of 4,6 million in the Caucassus, has uniquely cordial relations with Lithuania despite the distance that separate the nations.

lithuanian georgian relationship

A fountain, benches and a playground are nearby and the square is surrounded by authentic 19th century district. A fragment of wall with Lithuanian details in Vilnius Square, Tbilisi. More impressive is President Adamkus boulevard in Anaklia, a new resort town that have replaced Russian military base on Abkhazia border.

lithuanian georgian relationship

Opened by presidents Saakashvili and Adamkus in June it is very modern with its fountains and palm trees impressively lit at night. Large pedestrian bridge connects two coasts of a river.

საქართველოს საგარეო საქმეთა სამინისტრო - Estonia

As of now however the town is quite empty out-of-season. Lithuanian-Georgian relations pre-dates the 21st century by far. They began in 19th century when both countries were annexed by the Russian Empire.

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Georgia became home for famous Lithuanians. Lithuania entered into cooperation with NATO in Five years later, Lithuania launched its mission to the organisation, and in lateLithuania and six other states was invited to start negotiations over membership in the Alliance.

Today Lithuania sees NATO as the key and most effective collective defence system, one that ensures the security of the state and stands to defer potential aggression, and employs every measure available to strengthen trans-Atlantic relations to contribute to the strengthening of the EU-U. This global international organisation has states for its members. The United Nations Charter anchors the goals of the organisation, which are to maintain international peace and security, stop aggression under the principles of justice and international law, regulate or resolve international disputes.

Lithuania's interests at the United Nations are presented by the permanent mission of the Republic of Lithuania in New York, the permanent mission to the United Nations office and other international organisations in Geneva, and the permanent mission to international organisations in Vienna.

Lithuania in international and regional organisations[ edit ] Currently, Lithuania is member to nearly 50 international cross-governmental organisations, joining many of them after it had regained its independence, and having its membership in inter-war organisations restored.

Lithuania is also actively involved in regional organisations.

Georgian Delegation's Study Visit in Lithuania

The presidency over the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe was also a success. I have never heard of a Lithuanian tourism agency offering any vacations in Georgia. Do you support the notion? Well, indeed, tourism between the two countries could be developed much better.

I believe that the ties should be started with relations among different Lithuanian and Georgian towns and cities. While such lower-level ties are absent, we cannot expect positive changes on a larger tourism scale. Had Palanga stretched out its hand to Kibuleti, the tourist flow would have been streaming between the two resorts by now. What are the main differences between the resort town of Palanga, and Batumi, the main Georgian resort? Therefore, Georgians are not allowed to go to Sukhumi any more.

Speaking of Batumi, its differences in comparison with Palanga are big. Palanga can be proud of a large strip of powdery sand along the seashore. Though there are many different restaurants in Batumi, speaking generally, most of them lack service quality, as the whole resort lacks a developed infrastructure.

Unlike Palanga, Batumi does not have many small cafeterias and taverns in a close proximity to the sea. In terms of service quality and infrastructure development, no doubt, Palanga is more advanced.

However, Georgian nature and landscape are fabulous. Obviously, Georgia has invested millions into its tourism. With regard to Georgian laws, they are very flexible and foreign-investment favorable. It is why Batumi has turned into a large construction site in recent years.

Lithuanian-Georgian relations: from blind love to reminding of the necessity of homework

Such large hotel chains as Sheraton and Kempinski are building their hotels in Batumi. The Georgian government perceives the ultimate importance to turn Batumi into an excellent, Western-like resort. You have been involved in different diplomatic missions, ranging from Minsk to New York. How is your ambassadorship in Georgia special? Oh, no doubt, the diplomatic mission in Georgia is very special in many senses.

However, Georgia is in a much more complicated situation, as 20 percent of its territory is occupied by Russia.

lithuanian georgian relationship

I am not afraid to use the word, as the Lithuanian parliament recently passed a resolution proclaiming occupation of two Georgian regions — Abkhazia and South Ossetia. It is very important that, during the hard times in Georgia, other foreign countries would support its aspirations. Georgia understands that very well, therefore, it appreciates wholeheartedly the foreign support.

However, let us admit, Georgia has to do certain homework while pursuing it. It would help Georgia to avoid mistakes. Does the Lithuanian Embassy in Tbilisi feel the transformation? Honestly speaking, I have heard these kinds of assertions.

lithuanian georgian relationship