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Dec 3, Many people think trust just sort of "happens" in relationships, but there are actually four elements of trust you can proactively cultivate to have. Re: Lindsandbaby Part 8 . said a few weeks ago about how she doesn't know why anyone her age would want to even be in a relationship. That's why I am calling bullshit their is any kind of relationship Trust me this dude has basically limitless options of girls who want to fuck him.

I wonder if they have extreme trust issues already. She's so insecure with their relationship, but then claims "he's the one" and "when you know, you know". I'm not saying I'm looking forward to a "life changes" video, but when she makes one I'll be first in line for the tea. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk That paired with his ugly ass facial expressions is nauseating.

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk All I can look at is how his chin dips right into his neck. They should invest in that next lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Not even a little hair can help him[img]https: We get it Brittany. You can reproduce, congrats. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Re: I know toddlers walk funny at times so idk. I would never be able to live with the anxiety of not knowing and getting help for my child even if she is just a carrier.

She looked like she purposely walked that way at that moment but prior to that she was walking weird in my opinion. You should never rely on another person to prevent something that life altering. Wrap it up even if she says she is on something. I know some Jessica's personally who tried to trap guys with a pregnancy It is time guys start taking matters into their own hands too. Yes, this is some very good thinking. I can't understand how guys can be relaxed when it comes to prevention.

I get it, you're not the one getting pregnant, but if she sues you, you'll have to pay child support, share custody with someone who can be just a one-night stand to you One thing I'm teaching my kids is to trust no one but yourself. Only use the condoms you bring. You can never trust a female.

She may have condoms but who's to say she didn't poke a whole in it or something.

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I'll be teaching my kids to bring their own and use their own to make sure they know it is not harmed or whatever. Plus I plan on promoting the IUD for my daughter when she is Lindsandbaby Part 6 Tue Nov 05, 8: I do not believe that for one second.

Lmfao omg I do NOT believe that!!! Omg I just laughed so hard. My mum babysat my son when I went to school and she didn't ask for a dime.

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But I do pay for gas going to my doctors appointments only because my mum is driving 4 hours to get me then about an hour or so to my appointments. Lindsandbaby Part 6 Tue Nov 05, 9: She gets her mother to lie in videos for her too. Id love to see Mimi admit in a video about her says "yes Lindsey pays me to watch her kids" or something along those lines. Maybe hear her say " I watching Andrew this time this date, I watch Braiden on this time this date or I watch Andrew and Braiden on this time this date, for this amount from Lindsey".

You catch my drift. Lindsandbaby Part 6 Tue Nov 05, So how is she affording this house she has anyway? She won't listen to the teachings in the bible and become a better person.

Lindsandbaby Part 8 Wed Mar 05, 4: Mimi thinks that now that she lost weight she is super sexy and if we combine that with the fact that she is mentally a 15 year old we get duck face!

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Wed Mar 05, 5: Lindsandbaby Part 8 Wed Mar 05, 5: Lindsey is back to Jared again? Didn't she rant about how abusive and dysfunctional their relationships were? Lindsandbaby Part 8 Wed Mar 05, 6: Lindsandbaby Part 8 Wed Mar 05, 7: Regarding the eye color thing and then going back on topicmy dad and I have blue eyes and my mother has brown eyes. My sister got the blue eyes, never wore a pair of glasses in her life.

Guess what I got I know a couple, both with brown eyes, had a blue eyed child. Alex was Will's best friend they both look alike!

That must feel good for Alex. Will's girlfriend is the spitting image of Lindsey. Jared and Lindsey sooner or later will have another child. They will, just a matter of when.

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I can see how it would be awkward because her brother and Alex. I don't know about Lindsey and her brothers girlfriend, But I don't really remember what she looks like either Re: Lindsandbaby Part 8 Wed Mar 05, 8: She's obsessed with her BFF Cassie. When Cassie became pregnant Lindsey thought it would be fun for them to both be single moms together.