Lin jun magnotta relationship poems

Tracing Luka Magnotta’s footsteps: The night Jun Lin is last seen alive |

lin jun magnotta relationship poems

He rebuffed assertions by Magnotta's lawyer that Jun Lin was promiscuous and had a penchant for bondage. He said their sexual relationship. That Mr. Magnotta killed Jun Lin in Montreal on May 25, , is not in question. He was kind of obliged to make a relationship with a girl and get married," Lin Feng Jurors shown packages and poems at Magnotta trial. Throughout 40 days of hearings, a clearer picture has emerged of the killer's personality and actions surrounding the killing of Jun Lin. In Part 1.

However, after more than a week of deliberations jurors convicted him not only of murder, but also of committing an indignity to a human body, publishing and mailing obscene material, and criminally harassing Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Magnotta, 32, showed no emotion as the verdicts were read out in court.

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During the trial, the prosecution argued Magnotta was a "man on a mission" who had carefully planned his acts. They told how six months before the killing, Magnotta had emailed a British journalist to say he planned to kill someone and make a film of it.

Following the killing, Mr Lin's body parts were found in rubbish behind a Montreal apartment building, and in packages that had been sent to political parties in Ottawa and schools in Vancouver. The packages contained hands and feet wrapped in pink tissue paper, along with notes and poems. One of the poems Magnotta sent along with his victim's body parts Image: Mr Lin's father travelled from China to Canada to be in court for the trial.

Luka Magnotta

Messages then sent by Feng Lin over the next several days went unanswered. Lin decided to return to Canada early. While in transit, he was told by a friend about the appearance of an online video that appeared to show Jun Lin's body.

But he testified he didn't believe it was Jun Lin.

Jun Lin was under pressure to marry, ex-lover tells Magnotta trial - The Globe and Mail

Magnotta, 32, is charged with first-degree murder in Lin's slaying and dismemberment. He also faces four other charges: He has pleaded not guilty to the five charges, although he has admitted to the acts. His lawyer has indicated he will mount a defence of mental disorder to seek a verdict of not criminally responsible.

lin jun magnotta relationship poems

Earlier on Wednesday, Leclair showed jurors many of the items collected in the trash outside Magnotta's apartment, including screwdrivers, a hammer, a hand-held saw, clothes, receipts, a jockstrap, a poster of the movie "Casablanca" and a felt red square that was prominent during Quebec's student unrest.

Leclair also conducted a similar exercise with several exhibits mailed to Ottawa and Vancouver that were subsequently transferred to Montreal police. The murder trial of Luka Magnotta dipped into the world of hookups on gay online social networks and Montreal bars as the prosecutor and defence called evidence to suggest ways the admitted killer might have met his victim.

Magnotta killed Jun Lin in Montreal on May 25,is not in question.

lin jun magnotta relationship poems

The case instead hinges on the soundness of Mr. Magnotta's mind on the night of the killing, whether he was mentally ill and killed out of madness or carried out a premeditated murder.

Jun Lin was under pressure to marry, ex-lover tells Magnotta trial

Story continues below advertisement Lin Feng, Jun Lin's lover starting intestified the couple broke up 12 days before he died. He was kind of obliged to make a relationship with a girl and get married," Lin Feng said, adding that the family was not aware Jun Lin was homosexual.

Lin Feng said his ex-partner used a gay hookup app called Grindr before and after they were in a relationship, where he would use westernized aliases. Jun Lin often went by Justin while in Canada.