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lifetime abusive relationship movies

Movies On Abuse, Abduction, Sexual Assault and More . The story of the bizarre relationship between a domineering, manipulative mother and her emotionally. Top movies about child abuse/domestic violence. R | min | Drama, Romance. 0. Rate . min | Drama, Mystery, Romance. 0. These Lifetime movies might seem completely unbelivable, but they have roots in fact. In order to survive, she develops a relationship with her captor. abusive homes — and end up encountering another world of terror.

Her special education teacher, Maggie, takes a particular interest in her when she realizes the girl's potential. Back to top While Justice Sleeps A widow in a rural Montana town discovers that for years, her young daughter had been molested by a close family friend.

When he eludes the justice system, she takes the law into her own hands and guns him down. Back to top Trapped In Silence Kevin is a silent, violent teenager caged within himself until he meets Jennifer, a psychologist with unorthodox methods.

Called upon in a last ditch effort to bring Kevin out, Jennifer discovers that his silence is self-inflicted. With Jennifer's untiring help, Kevin begins to talk, mentioning three sisters, but records show only two. As Jennifer puts the pieces of the puzzle together, she discovers that Kevin was an abused child who witnessed the sadistic murder of a sister by his stepfather -- a sight so awful that Kevin became trapped in silence -- until now.

Kevin soon realizes that Jennifer's warmth and unselfish dedication to him stems from her love, a love he has been desperately searching for all those years that he was trapped in silence. Back to top A Mother's Right: The Elizabeth Morgan Story A woman is jailed for refusing to reveal the location of her daughter, whom she claims was molested by her ex-husband.

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Back to top Judgment Day: The Ellie Nessler Story A Bible-quoting mother is put on trial for murder after she shoots a camp counselor who sexually molested her seven-year-old son at summer camp. The Childhelp USA Story Think about it -- if you had to choose between a life of fame and fortune in Hollywood or putting and end to the growing epidemic of child abuse, which would you pick? They removed themselves from the spotlight and focused it on kids who have endured unthinkable physical and emotional nightmares; these women found a way to rehabilitate and give hope to children who had nowhere else to turn.

Don't miss this triumphant true tale of two real-life heroines. Based on director Lawrence Schiller's book, this true-crime tale unveils the blunders, the big egos and the lack of cooperation that impeded the murder investigation.

The flick features powerful performances by an all-star cast — especially Marg Helgenberger as JonBenet's mysterious mother, Patsy. Back to top The Color Purple This film follows the life of Celie, a young black girl growing up in the early 's. The first time we see Celie, she is 14 - and pregnant - by her father. We stay with her for the next 30 years of her tough life. Back to top Chasing Secrets Some performers were destined to appear together in a movie.

That's clear when you see the late, great Ossie Davis alongside the talented Della Reese. The two portray an older African-American couple in a rural Southern community who befriend a young girl trying to escape her abusive family. They open their hearts despite what could happen to them.

lifetime abusive relationship movies

This heartwarming tale is right up there with classics like "To Kill a Mockingbird. Roger Dollison, a police officer, and his wife Kendra are living the american dream. They have two children, Teddy and Sandy, and a lovely home and a dog named Rex. What they know and how they live as a family is irreparably changed one day when it is discovered that a classmate of Teddys is the apparent victim of sexual abuse and molestation at the respected neigbourhood daycare centre.

Like all other parents, the Dollisons are tormented - "we should have known, we should have seen" - but there devastation is complete when Teddy tells his own story, one he promised his abusers he would never tell. Multiple Personality Disorder The Terror Inside After the death of her abusive father, a woman who struggles with multiple personality disorder puts herself and her family in danger when one of her personalities tries to make her commit suicide.

Back to top Sybil The true story of a young woman named Sybil, whose childhood was so harrowing to her that she developed at least 16 different personalities. Domestic Violence Cries Unheard: The Donna Yaklich Story Handsome, a devoted dad and a cop too: No wonder Donna married Dennis!

But before long, his aggressive nature pumped up by steroid addiction turns her adoring new husband into an abusive monster. But Donna can't go to the police — they are all Dennis' friends! Before long, her desperation leads to the deadliest of plans.


Based on a true story. Back to top Men Don't Tell An unhappy wife who was abused as a child physically beats her passive husband. When he defends himself during one of these tirades, she is hospitalized and he is accused of attempted murder. The true nightmare of their marital relationship unfolds when the whole family is questioned by the police.

Back to top Shattered Dreams Domestic abuse can happen to any woman.

lifetime abusive relationship movies

You don't have to tell that to Charlotte Fedders. She was the wife of a prominent Washington official. Behind closed doors, this upstanding politician turned into a rage-aholic who violently beat Charlotte. It took all the courage in the world for her to stand up to him and go public with her story to help other abused women. This inspiring movie is based on her autobiography.

Back to top Dangerous Intentions This is a shocking true story about an abused woman on the run.


There are many different lifetime movies, but all have a the same plot. This definition is one worth noting, as it rings true in many cases. But I think there is an unidentifiable quality in Lifetime movies that breaks past the stereotypes and sometimes simple plots to create a fun viewing experience for both women AND men.

This fantastic film was written and directed by Terry George, whose name you might recall from his work on Hotel Rwanda which you all know was highly acclaimed. Based on the true story of Ira Einhorn who killed his girlfriend then fled the country, Naomi Watts provides a memorable performance as Holly Maddux.

Top movies about child abuse/domestic violence

As the parents are accused of murdering their own daughter, the investigation fails to keep its course towards finding the real killer. Ed Asner is also a nice surprise. A high school girl contracts a sexually transmitted disease. The discussion of STDs as a true epidemic, even in the supposed-to-be-perfect middle class realm, is actually insightful.

This is the kind of role that kept Tori Spelling famous in between and her popular reality show Tori and Dean: Where do I know him from?

lifetime abusive relationship movies

Jane comes to, amnesiac and covered with blood. Cooney when I was in middle school, and the movie almost lives up to the book. The premise is this: What happens when you realize YOU are that face on the milk carton?

And what happens when you try to figure out who you really are?