Laiwu steel harmonious relationship

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laiwu steel harmonious relationship

A n output of million tons made China the fourth largest steel maker in the . The relations between industry and other sectors of the economy, such as tatiori have become more harmonious. renovate projects at the Laiwu. Iron and. 5 days ago Harmonious Relationship between Authors and Translators under the 3 LAIWU STEEL HARMONIOUS - Bulk Carrier: 当前位置和详情| IMO. industry as well as social harmony, minerals firms must adopt CSR ideas. Milton Friedman argued .. The Relationship between CSR and CFP in the Metal Fabrication Industry .. Laiwu Steel Corporation Co., Ltd.

Some folks say that "Yanzhuang Pavilion Zizhaizi Building is not comparable to Shenjiaya's house fighting bucket. Xiaomaezhuang's surrounding is eight feet high, and it is not enough for the steamed head of Shantou. In this ancient village surrounded by mountains and rivers, the ancient houses and cypresses are so natural and harmonious.

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The courtyards, stone steps and second-floor ancient buildings are faintly visible in the dark walls of the scorpions, bluestones and black bricks. They are extraordinarily quiet and have carved doors and windows.

It will take 4. Nowadays, Nanzi Village still has a number of ancient buildings of scale and relatively intact in the late Ming and early Qing dynasties. Most of these ancient houses were in the early Qing Dynasty, and some were in the late Ming Dynasty. Due to the high number of people in the village, the building is very spectacular, and it is called "the small Qufu of Laiwu".

Some of the courtyards of the courtyards are very similar in style to Confucius. The courtyards are stacked and the entrances from the main gates will reveal that there are many gates and yards, one for each, and each courtyard is well laid out and is a square-shaped ancient style.

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The houses are made up of small cyan tiles and wood. The flying dragonfly is both graceful and extraordinary. It was first discovered by photography enthusiasts. Ancient houses, carts, corn, and smoke are definitely good places for photography.

laiwu steel harmonious relationship

Take the k bus to the Nanyin Village Station and get off at the city. Yanjialing Village The houses in the village are all made by the villagers on the spot. They are made of stone and are solid and abnormal. Some old houses have been damaged for hundreds of years, and ancient instruments such as stone tables, stone benches, stone troughs and earthen stoves are still in use.

The simple and unique Luzhong mountainous architecture, the simple folk customs attract countless friends and friends to explore the wind. As the village is located in the top of the mountain, it is built on the cliff. From ancient times to the present, such a proverb "Chongshan Peak, can not rush to the Jiajialing. The old scorpion called the "third child" in the old street is roughly as large as the three-dimensional wind. The ancient witness of the village. The junction of the village north and Zhangqiu is a long and undulating Qi Great Wall.

harmonious position

There are several sections of the residual wall, which is a good place for hiking adventure. Take the K to Chayekou Town to the small bus in Yanjialing.

The berth is often covered by clouds due to the high terrain of the village. It is named after the Yunyunpu, and the Qichang plaque circling over the mountains. The ruins are everywhere, and the remains are everywhere.

laiwu steel harmonious relationship

An east-west mountain range in the north of the village is continuous, the mountain is steep, and the remains of the Great Wall on the top of the mountain are hovering. There are two peaks, Yunmotai and Qijian, all at an altitude of over meters.

Stand on a high place and look at the unique landscape of the surrounding fields with alpine terraces. The tip of the temple is the meeting point of the boundary between Zhangqiu, Laiwu and Boshan. There are three boundary pillars at the top of the peak. The border scenery is unique. Apart from the beautiful mountains, the nearby village houses are mostly built with stone and are quite distinctive.

The sleeper village is unique.

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Not only is the house built of stone, but it is also two stories. When you walk into the village, you walk into a stone castle. Qilu junction - Niangniangmiao Village There are quite a lot of attractions in the village.

There are "eight big scenes": The most famous is the Qi Great Wall. It is the boundary wall between Qilu and the two countries.

laiwu steel harmonious relationship

It has a history of more than 2, years and is the earliest Great Wall built in China. Away from Chengdu, 30, Dujiangyan, 18 km. Pengzhou the territory of the five exit roads for the skeleton, extending in all directions, criss-cross the railway, highway network, traffic is very convenient regional location.

After two years of construction and development, now has more than 1, employees. Which has a high, intermediate grade more than 50 management personnel, technical staff of more than Has three sets of cantilever 50 Longitudinal units, 76 units of 2 sets World steel pipe network editing2 sets of gantry 32 unit, a set of gantry 50 unit, 1 set of units, units a set.

Other supporting facilities such as outdoor crane, gas furnace, sweat handling everything. Can produce pipetons,tons of hot dip galvanized pipe, spiral welded pipe is 20, tons. Investment in fixed assets of million yuan, million yuan and current capital. Chengdu, China Qi was heavy before, respect only love, only is the move "the spirit of" virtue plants, administering plant "approach, adhere to the" trick employing the principle, to pursue the "quality production business policy, credibility and development "purposes, to pursue on the basis of economic efficiency as the center to the customer-centric" service concept, implementation of the "benevolence to take benefits, for the fiscal righteousness", carry forward the Group's "unity, efficient, hard work, pragmatic, rigorous, innovative" style of work, in good faith as a fundamental to the pursuit of excellence as the standard to build a world-renowned brands for the mission, and comprehensively improve the quality of staff, and strive for customer service.

Chengdu the Pengzhou China Qi will always be your friend! Tangshan Jinghua Pipe Co. Jinghua Innovation Group under the holding company, broke ground in February After several years of construction, has begun to take shape.

To pipe industry, exports to Britain and the United States, Australia, the official newspaper of Singapore, the Philippines, more than 20 countries and regions. The few years, the company has established a number of large steel companies and Tangshan Iron and Steel, Guofeng, Jinxi, Tony Steel, Laiwu Steel, Ling steel construction Long, Ruifeng, bearing steel and other long-term stable relations of buying and selling. The company now has 4 30 -8 inch welded pipe production lines from spiral welded pipe production lines 7 and 16 slitting line and other facilities, the annual production capacity of 1.

New hot dip galvanizing production line can produce from 4 to 8-inch hot dip galvanized pipe, galvanized pipetons annual output of heat. Office automation facilities, production process using computer control, and advanced detection technologies. Jinghua people always adhere to "survive by quality, integrity and development" the principle of recognition and praise of the users at home and abroad, in order to further improve product quality with the international market, the Company in September successfully passed the ISO international quality system certification, the products are sold all over the country and the southeast to the region, was named the "Hebei Province Famous Brand", "science and technology enterprises in Hebei Province", "contract and trustworthy enterprise", "National Excellent Enterprise", "advanced unit of production safety management "and so on.

The company focus on "people-oriented institutions cast corporate culture, enhance corporate civilization. Our eternal survival with quality, integrity and development, adhere to the scientific development concept, advancing with the times, independent innovation, industry serve the country, let us work together in close cooperation, complementary advantages, a better future! Location and convenient transportation.