Kazakhstan uk relationship

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kazakhstan uk relationship

Yet the relationship between Britain and Kazakhstan has never been closer or more profitable. Baroness Warsi commented last month, during. Mark Garnier's speech at the UK-Kazakhstan Business Council and have achieved in our bilateral trade and investment relationship and to. The politicians highlighted the high dynamics of development of Kazakh-British relations and showed their readiness to support implementation.

kazakhstan uk relationship

So it might seem strange to some British readers that the visit of Prime Minister David Cameron this week is seen by both countries as an opportunity to strengthen an increasingly important relationship.

On our side, we have never forgotten that Britain was among the first countries to recognise our independence. We value as well the major role that British companies, big and small, have played in helping modernise our economy and drive our prosperity.

The fact, however, that the Prime Minister is bringing business leaders with him underlines how this partnership is beneficial to both our nations.

kazakhstan uk relationship

Our progress, which has seen our GDP rise fold sincehas led to Kazakhstan being designated a key emerging market for the UK Britain is already one of our biggest economic partners. There are more than joint ventures between our companies. This role, so far, has been centred on the development of our energy sector which has provided the springboard for the fast rising living standards of our citizens.

But we are about to see a step change in production when oil starts to flow soon from the giant Kashagan field. Related Articles Kazakhstan president: The oil lies 4, metres beneath the Caspian Sea which is frozen for almost five months of the year. Only through close collaboration with experts and companies around the world, including those from Britain, have we overcome these problems.

For the 17, Kazakhs working on the project — around 80 per cent of the entire workforce — it has also been a great opportunity to learn skills and build expertise which will help us develop not just our energy industry but the wider economy.

So we now select our partners on energy projects on the broader benefits they can bring — skills development, modernising infrastructure and technology transfer — rather than just narrow revenues. We are determined through investment to build a strong, high-tech and diversified economy.

Kazakhstan and the UK

China's launch of a direct rail freight from the wholesale center of Yiwu to London — which travels through Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany, Belgium and France — was an important event in More than British legal entities are registered in Kazakhstan. British companies represented in the Kazakh market include: Investor Day, a landmark event in bilateral trade and economic relations, was hosted on 5 April by the 'Samruk-Kazyna' welfare fund at the London Stock Exchange.

The event was recognized as the first overseas road-show in privatising the fund's large assets. It was shaped to resemble a Kazakh yurt. At EXPO, the UK pavilion presented graphene, the material, which has the potential to radically change the way energy is produced and consumed.

Between April and September14 judges and officials from Kazakhstan's judicial bodies undertook a six month intensive legal training course. Participants learnt about key principles of English common law and commercial, contractual, and entrepreneurial law.

UK and Kazakhstan celebrate 25 years of diplomatic relations

The first meeting of the new Commission took was held on 5 November in Astana. There are a number of other bilateral structures. The first meeting of the Business Council was held on the sidelines of the official visit of President Nursultan Nazarbayev to London on 3 November Cultural and humanitarian co-operation Education is an important area of bilateral co-operation for Kazakhstan and the UK.

The university partners with four leading UK universities in the petroleum sector: The programme provides support to joint innovative and scientific research projects. Financing is carried out on a parity basis.

Nazarbayev University has been implementing a programme for preparation for university education and establishing the School of Engineering supported by University College London. Currently, more than Kazakh students are studying at UK universities as part of the programme. The forum resulted in the signing of 13 documents between the universities.

New opportunities for co-operation in the civil service sector were established by a MoU signed in November The document outlines collaboration between both sides in training professional personnel in line with 'The Plan of the Nation — the concrete steps to implement the five institutional reforms of the President of Kazakhstan'.

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The first visit by representatives of Kazakhstan's Ministry of Civil Service took place on March This visit focused on ongoing trends in the UK's civil service, recruiting, simplification of the administrative procedures etc. Historical and cultural co-operation between Kazakhstan and the UK is consistently strengthening. The visit of British architect and traveler Thomas Atkinson and his wife Lucy to Kazakhstan in the 19th century has become a cultural bridge between the two countries.

The Atkinsons were some of the first British citizens to visit Kazakhstan. They left behind a number of diaries, notes and paintings, in which they described the everyday lives of Kazakh people, as well as their meetings with Kazakh officials. In Julydescendants of Thomas Atkinson visited Kazakhstan. During their trip, a monument was unveiled in the village of Kapal, in the Almaty region.

The story of Thomas and Lucy Atkinson, as well as the visit of their descendants to Kazakhstan years later, was captured in the 'Kazakhstan. The history of great travels' documentary. On 14 Septemberan exhibition entitled 'Scythians: The exhibition explored the daily life, culture, and art of the Scythians.