Insurance company entity relationship diagram

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insurance company entity relationship diagram

Agenda. Database Concepts; Entity Relational Diagram (ERD) “The Entity- Relationship Model – Toward a Unified View of Data”, ACM A patient must have a insurance and a insurance company can have many patients as their customer. Discover best ER-Diagram images and ideas on Bing. Updated daily with the ER Diagram Sample Company Car Insurance; ERD Diagram. payment_no due_date amount received_on payment accident report_id date place participated. Figure E-R diagram for a car insurance company. 1.

insurance company entity relationship diagram

If database is denormalized or could not support the future enhancement, then you need to re-build your project from scratch which is costly. These days, developers want to use ORM tools so database should be normalized. Let's talk about our example.


We would like to create a database for a small Auto insurance company what information we need to save in our database for example, Policy coverage, Policy holder's address, name, SSN, vehicle information, bill, payment, traffic violation records. These are some of the data that we need to store. Let's create a Policy table to save these data. It's not a good practice to keep all of these information in a single table.

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These information should be kept in a different table so that we could reduce the data redundancy. Here, we don't want to keep the billing and vehicle information in the same table.

Billing information should be kept in one table and vehicle should be kept in another table. Whenever we design the database, we talk about the Normalization.

Entity Relationship Diagram Example: Car Insurance

It is the process of organizing the data to reduce the redundancy. Therefore, we will keep the Vehicle in Vehicle table and Billing information in Bill table.

insurance company entity relationship diagram

Each record should have a unique identify column so we will create Primary Key column in every table. Here, we will make the Join between Policy and Bill table. So, we will create a different table to make our database as a Normalized database. Below is the list of tables: List of Tables Policy: Most useful in describing binary relationship sets. For a binary relationship set the mapping cardinality must be one of the following types: One to one One to many Many to one Many to many 11 Cardinality: Example One to one One to many Note: Some elements in A and B may not be mapped to any elements in the other set 12 Cardinality: Example Many to one Many to many Note: Some elements in A and B may not be mapped to any elements in the other set 13 Keys A super key of an entity set is a set of one or more attributes whose values uniquely determine each entity.

Diamonds represent relationship sets.

Car Insurance Entity Relationship Diagram Example

Lines link attributes to entity sets and entity sets to relationship sets. Ellipses represent attributes Double ellipses represent multivalued attributes.

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Dashed ellipses denote derived attributes. Underline indicates primary key attributes will study later 16 E-R Diagrams: Roles are indicated in E-R diagrams by labeling the lines that connect diamonds to rectangles.