I ching 46 relationship questions

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i ching 46 relationship questions

My inability to have a healthy relationship let me only see myself, never community. Several users describe situations and questions regarding Hexagram 58 In relation to the universe, the hexagram expresses the strong, creative action . The person in questions not in an independent position, but is acting as an assistant. Apr 25, Yes, it is very tempting to ask questions in dozens so you can get all the A useful question in an ongoing relationship – asking how he feels.

It brings deeper insight - and that in turn empowers you to make changes for the better. I have seen the I Ching help to bring harmony to relationships, and deepen and strengthen spiritual practice, reassuring or challenging as the need arises.

It's also been known to guide lawyers through important cases, offer very practical business advice, and help with investment decisions. I know that this sounds like an extraordinary range of subjects, but I have a feeling that we respond in this way only because we have lost the connection between everyday life and spiritual practice.

46. Ascending (shēng). Pushing Upward

The I Ching restores this - which is one reason why it is so constantly stimulating and challenging to consult. In practice, I have found that most people value the I Ching for its ability to help in their relationships. Its answers are extraordinarily sensitive to the nuances of human interactions - in business and friendship as well as love. This is not the same as the 'genuine clairvoyant psychic will find you your soulmate' type of thing! Used with sincerity and respect for the other person's privacy very important!

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You can be better prepared for the challenges ahead, and negotiate current problems successfully. This is probably the area in which I've gained most from the I Ching myself - including a valuable friendship that was well on the way to becoming enmity before I asked how to rescue it! Can it predict the future? I have found that the I Ching can answer my questions about anything that is, at least within the limits of my own understanding.

So I'd expect a reading to give me a good idea of, for example, the likely outcome of an election, assuming that most people had already decided which way to vote. This looks like predicting the future, but it works through the I Ching's unparalleled insight into the present.

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We are free individuals, so neither the I Ching nor any power on earth can predict what we'll decide before we decide it. What the I Ching does do - and this is an enormous help - is to tell you what challenges and opportunities you are likely to face if you take a particular path, and how you can negotiate the obstacles you meet.

This is the opposite of 'fortune telling'. Being told what will happen, as if your own choices had nothing to do with the outcome, is deeply disempowering. The I Ching tells people what effects their choices will have, and helps them to develop strategies to achieve their goals. The danger with any form of divination is that the user starts to consult it for every decision, or tries to use it to take the responsibility of decision away from them.

The I Ching gives that responsibility straight back! If you have a direction to go, it's fortunate to set out at daybreak. How do you learn it? What's the first step?

Trying to 'learn the I Ching' by reading books about it is rather like trying to get to know someone by looking at their photograph: Simply find a translation not just an interpretation or a 'simplified version'get to grips with the method, and start asking questions. If you don't have a specific question, you can always cast a hexagram for the day, or the week, and spend time contemplating it at the end of the period it describes as well as the beginning.

Given time and thought, this can be a very powerful way to build up an understanding of the hexagrams. To be honest, understanding the answers can be a little complicated at first. The I Ching can give very good advice on website design, for instance, but it will do so in 3,year-old imagery.

It takes time to get used to this, and almost everyone finds it hard to make sense of their first few answers. There are some very good commentaries available that will help, or you could ask a reader for help. Readers can also come in useful when someone approaches the I Ching for the first time when they urgently need answers to an important question.

I compare it to running a dinner party: They are the divination equivalent of giving those guests a pot noodle. What kind of person can learn it? Do you have to be psychic? You can be sure that every talent you possess - and probably a few you never suspected you had - will be called on in your relationship with the I Ching. But I don't believe that you need to be a particular kind of person, or have particular abilities, in order to get to know it.

The Image Within the earth, wood grows: The image of Pushing Upward. Thus the superior man of devoted character heaps up small things in order to achieve something high and great. Pushing upward that meets with confidence brings great good fortune.

If one is sincere, it furthers one to bring even a small offering. One pushes upward into an empty city. The king offers him Mount Ch'i. Perseverance brings good fortune. One pushes upward by steps. Pushing upward in darkness. It furthers one to be unremittingly persevering.

Prediction It is time of development and progress. The direction is correct. Learn how to properly dispose of the results of your work, and do not regret the inevitable losses. All difficulties are temporary. Pay more attention to spiritual growth. Richard Wilhelm's commentary The lower trigram, Sun, represents wood, and the upper, K'un, means the earth. Linked with this is the idea that wood in the earth grows upward.

That is why this hexagram, although it is connected with success, is associated with effort of the will. The pushing upward is made possible not by violence but by modesty and adaptability. Since the individual is borne along by the propitiousness of the time, he advances. He must go to see authoritative people. He need not be afraid to do this, because success is assured.

But he must set to work, for activity this is the meaning of "the south" brings good fortune. Thus too the superior man is devoted in character and never pauses in his progress. Just as wood draws strength for its upward push from the root, which in itself is in the lowest place, so the power to rise comes from this low and obscure station. But there is a spiritual affinity with the rulers above, and this solidarity creates the confidence needed to accomplish something.

It is true that he does not fit in with his environment, inasmuch as he is too brusque and pays too little attention to form. But as he is upright in character, he meets with response, and his lack of outward form does no harm. Here uprightness is the outcome of sound qualities of character, whereas in the corresponding line of the preceding hexagram it is the result of innate humility. Things proceed with remarkable ease.

Unhesitatingly one follows this road, in order to profit by one's success. Seen from without, everything seems to be in the best of order. However, no promise of good fortune is added. It is a question how long such unobstructed success can last. But it is wise not to yield to such misgivings, because they only inhibit one's power. Instead, the point is to profit by the propitiousness of time. The pronouncement takes us back to a time when the Chou dynasty was coming into power.

This indicates a stage in which pushing upward attains its goal. One acquires fame in the sight of gods and men, is received into the circle of those who foster the spiritual life of the nation, and thereby attains a significance that endures beyond time.

i ching 46 relationship questions

Precisely when he experiences great success it is necessary to remain sober and not to try to skip any stages; he must go on slowly, step by step, as though hesitant. Only such calm, steady progress, overleaping nothing, leads to the goal. He knows only advance, not retreat.

But this means exhaustion. In such a case it is important to be constantly mindful that one must be conscientious and consistent and must remain so. Only thus does one become free of blind impulse, which is always harmful. Barbara Hejslip interpretation To what you so aspired also to that have given so many forces and energy, soon at last it will be executed, will give positive result.

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Remains very little, gather with forces and work it is a little more, as persistently and honesty, as before. Now to you is better to operate resolutely and safely, rather than to be hidden and passively to wait. Rely on intuition and common sense, and your desire then it will for certain be executed. Those ideas and ideas which now come to to you mind, most likely will bring to you success and in your financial affairs.

The Family Advise Home improvement is the basis for the establishment of order in the world. The perseverance of the woman furthers. The Image Wind comes forth from fire: The image of the Family. Thus the superior man has substance in his words and duration in his way of life. Firm seclusion within the family. She should not follow her whims. She must attend within to the food. When tempers flare up in the family, too great severity brings remorse. When woman and child dally and laugh, it leads in the end to humiliation.

She is the treasure of the house.

i ching 46 relationship questions