Harvest moon friends of mineral town relationship guide

Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town - Characters Guide

harvest moon friends of mineral town relationship guide

Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town and Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town offer you the option to get married, like many of the other games in the. There are a total of 6 girls you can marry in this game. Each has their own Heart Level for you that are visible (with the exception of the Harvest Goddess). Read WINTER from the story [Complete] Harvest Moon - MORE FRIENDS OF MINERAL TOWN - Events Guide by krissismissgreen with catchsomeair.us

The penalty gets even steeper during festivals. You should know that there is a garbage can in Rose Square where you can safely toss your garbage. However, if you really want to throw something away, and you can't get to Rose Square, just go into your rucksack. Move the pointer to the item that you want to throw away and press 'Start'. It will ask you if you want to throw the item away. This works for your rucksack, the refrigerator, the shelf, and the Tool box! Also, a neat trick to know is that pressing the 'A' and 'B' buttons at the same time will allow you to automatically access your rucksack at any time.

This will come in handy when you can't access the start menu during events and festivals. There are a number of aspects in the game that change when you become friends with people.

Characters will change their dialogue. Some may even give you a recipe to add to your cookbook, or other valuable gifts and opportunities. You may receive letters and cards in the mail, and special character events can be unlocked. Some people will allow you to visit them earlier, stay later, or even enter a locked room.

How to Marry Ann from Harvest Moon: Friends at Mineral Town

Friendship can also lead to marriage. Gift Points You can give a gift to any character in the game. Each of the characters have different personalities, and therefore, different tastes. They don't all like the same things.

Popuri Failing Marriage

Just because Basil loves Red Grass, doesn't mean his wife Anna does too. Giving someone an item that they like will raise their friendship points for you. Giving them something that they dislike will do the opposite.

The townspeople will start out with an affection for you at a neutral setting of about 49 or 50 friendship points maximum Marriage candidates will start with their affection for you at 0 points maximum 65, Please feel free to do so. It may not be as accurate, but it does work very nicely.

If the item is something that they hate, their points will plummet down by the same amount. The same holds true for a person's birthday. You can give gifts to the same person multiple times per day. I wouldn't recommend giving the same person more than five gifts per day, nine at the most. This can be especially true in regards to triggering Heart Events and Rival Heart events explained in the next section. In that case, you will want to give that individual character a hated gift for a while.

This is the best way, as it won't affect any other characters' levels. Remember that raising or lowering someone's friendship levels may take no time at all, or they may take several weeks of repeated gift-giving. Just keep your eyes on the goal and remain vigilant. Heart Levels Marriage candidates have a visibly beating heart on their chest when you talk to them.

The heart will grow bigger and change colors as they care for you more. There are seven Heart Levels, which you can think of like a backwards rainbow. Here they are, from lowest to highest. Now, some characters have invisible heart levels. Because they already have extra requirements and situations making them difficult to marry, these characters do not have a rival love.

As the marriage candidates move up in Heart Levels, there are certain "boost" events that you can trigger to make their love points raise considerably. These are called Heart Events and they are triggered at four specific levels.

They involve a choice on your part. The wrong answer will cause your friend's love points to drop by a lot. The right answer will cause the love points to raise.

If you raise someone's Heart Level too fast, it's possible that you can wind up skipping a Heart Event. If the Heart Level becomes too high, it will prevent you from viewing a lower event. You will have to work to lower her Heart Level back down.

harvest moon friends of mineral town relationship guide

These particular HM games don't actually end, so there is no real rush to get married immediately. However, it's important to know that you have rivals in love. The rival couples are: You trigger them by entering a certain area at a certain time. These cinemas don't involve any other interaction on your part. Make sure that you keep track of which events you've triggered. There is no visible way to tell which heart level your rival's love is at.

These events are also triggered at four specific levels, but they are slightly different than the ones for your Heart Events. The fate of your rivals' relationships rests in your hands.

All girls Heart Event. hints and tips for Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town on GBA

They will not marry unless you trigger their Rival Heart events. You will not be able to trigger a rival's heart event if the subject likes you better than your rival. You won't be able to trigger it if she has a Yellow or higher heart for you. You would have to lower her heart back down to Green or below. Thankfully, this stipulation does not go both ways. You can safely view the Rival Heart events before triggering your own, even if the object of your affections has a Black Heart for you.

Once you trigger a rival's Orange Heart event, the two will marry in seven days. If the wedding will fall on a holiday, it will instead occur on the next regular day following that holiday. Only trigger that event if you want them to get married. This story is NOT official, nor is it mine. It is a wonderful, original tale woven by Freyashawk see Section XI.

She has graciously allowed me to use this story in my guide. But I must reiterate that, no matter how much I wish it was, this story is neither mine nor canon. He was very much in love with the daughter of the chief of his tribe, but was too shy to say anything to her.

harvest moon friends of mineral town relationship guide

Instead, he would leave a white flower at her door each morning and then walk past her house later to see if his gift had been accepted. The White Flower was a rare and beautiful blossom that could be found only at the top of the highest mountain. Each evening, Kuko would climb the mountain to search for the elusive flower and he would not return to his village without it. To him, it represented the rare emotion that had blossomed in his own heart. Every day, his heart rose when he saw that the flower no longer lay on the doorstep.

He imagined his beloved would understand that her own beauty was reflected in the exquisite loveliness of the White Flower. Then one day, a delegation of strangers came to the village. They brought an offering of marriage from the son of a neighbouring chieftain. Donkeys laden with gold, chests filled with precious gems and baskets filled with grains, vegetables and fruit accompanied the proposal of marriage.

His heart sank when he saw the ostentatious procession and heard the admiring exclamations of the villagers. All he had to offer was the simple White Flower. In fact, as the delegation entered the home of the village chieftain, their heavy boots trampled Kuko's offering into the dust.

Kuko could not imagine that the girl would prefer him to the son of a wealthy chief. He was a poor shepherd boy who owned only a couple of sheep and two chickens who never had laid a single golden egg. In despair that evening, he went to the Spring of the Goddess to think.

It was a favourite spot of his, a place he often visited when life appeared darkest. According to legend, the Harvest Goddess lived in the lake and granted the wishes of deserving individuals who sought her aid.

Kuko imagined the Goddess to be as compassionate as she would be beautiful, and he poured his heart out to her in the twilight, speaking of his dreams and hopes, his disappointments and his struggles. Ordinarily rather inarticulate and shy, Kuko found he was able to speak freely to the Goddess he could not see but whom he sensed to be ever-present in the sparkling waters of the Spring.

That evening, when he finally fell silent, he was surprised by the appearance of an exquisite blue bird flying across the sky.

The bird circled overhead three times, then dropped a feather into his lap. The feather was long and iridescent, and Kuko never had beheld anything quite as beautiful. Kuko was startled, but even more astonished when the bird actually spoke to him.

Give this Blue Feather to the girl you love and if her heart beats true for you, she will be yours. He then returned to the village, feather in hand, and laid it upon the doorstep of his beloved. He could not sleep, however, and was at her door at dawn to see if the feather remained where he had left it. Much to his joy, the feather was gone! As he stood there, the chief of the village, his daughter and the entire delegation of strangers came out of the house, and the village crier began to ring the bell, calling the villager to a meeting.

All the villagers congregated in the Square, pressing forward to hear the news. Poor Kuko was afraid suddenly that it would be an announcement that the Chief's daughter had agreed to accept the offer of marriage from the neighbouring Chief's son.

Instead, he beheld his lady love stepping forward with the Blue Feather braided into her golden hair. In a clear voice, she declared: The next three days passed far too slowly, therefore, for poor Kuko, who knew the answer himself, but did not know if his rival would be able to stand forth to give the correct answer as well.

After three days had passed, the bells rang. The delegation returned and this time, the neighbouring Chief's son was with them. Much to Kuko's consternation, he was a handsome lad, but with arrogance stamped in his features.

His bearing moreover denoted one accustomed to having his own way in everything. Kuko's rival stepped forward then, as if he and he alone had the right to speak first. He declared loudly, 'Here is my answer to your question: I have sent men to every corner of our land, and no one has seen a bird with feathers like this. I therefore declare with confidence that the bird is foreign to these parts, and must be from a land very faraway.

We have our answer here. It does not tell me where to find the bird. Much to his surprise, when he spoke, he did not stutter as usual. His voice was firm and melodious as he said, 'I have seen the bird you seek.

harvest moon friends of mineral town relationship guide

This bird will not be found anywhere in our land or in any other, for she makes her nest in the very lap of the Goddess. She is the Namimoto bird, favoured by the Harvest Goddess above all others.

I wish to dwell in your heart forever. I am your humble servant, sir, but my heart has the highest of aspirations, to belong to your daughter forever. Every one was captivated by the boy's words and even the Chief could not maintain his stern disapproval, although the thought of losing all the advantages that an alliance with the neighbouring Chief would have provided was disappointing.

Even so, he loved his daughter and her happiness was more important than riches.

harvest moon friends of mineral town relationship guide

The Chief's daughter looked at the son of the neighbouring Chief, then at Kuko. I always hoped you would speak to me one day of your love. From this day forward, let the Blue Feather be a sign of eternal love for every man and woman who wishes to marry. Traditionally in Mineral Town, the Blue Feather is given to your love as a marriage proposal. The Blue Feather is considered a 'tool' rather than an 'item', and will be stored in the 'Tools' section of your rucksack or in your Tool box.

But just because you have the Blue Feather doesn't mean your proposal will be accepted. Your love can, and will, turn you down if you haven't met all the marriage requirements. In order to marry, you must first: After you get married, the game credits roll and become one of your archived letters. This is NOT the end of the game! It's annoying to sit through, but when the credits are finished, the game will continue normally.

After the wedding, your spouse will move into your home and ask if they can call you by a nickname. This includes Kai, who will move to Mineral Town and be available during all seasons. The Gourmet, Harvest Goddess, and Kappa are exceptions. They will not move in with you.

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You will also be given the option to allow your love to continue working or become a stay-at-home spouse. They don't actually do anything or help on the farm if they stay home.

They will constantly just pace alongside the dinner table. This option is also not available for certain characters. Elli, Mary, and Won will not quit their jobs after marriage.

Keep in mind that even though their hearts are invisible, they still have the same amount of affection for you. If you plan to marry them off, you will need to lower their heart levels back down if they are too high to trigger the rival events. Your spouse will also appear in your inventory alongside your dog and your horse. Keeping your spouse's level consistently at Red Heart will keep them happy and their love for you will grow.

You will be able to see this on your inventory screen. Your spouse has a maximum of ten hearts. Summer 17 or Summer 22 To make her like you more: Buy anything except water at the Inn. Go to the Inn Mon, or Fri between noon and 7pm with no item.

Elli Easy She Loves: Get examined by the doctor. Go to the Clinic Mon or Wed after 9am. Go to Ellen's house on Mon between 9am and 1pm with an empty item slot.

Go to the beach on Wed between 9am and 6pm. Some hints to marrying a girl is Chapter 5 is about me. Marrage is such a Oh ya right im still doing the FAQ So 7 Days after you propose, or if a event is after that 7 days then it's 8 you get married to Ann for example Ann.

For the next 30 days Ann will walk around the table and at 9: You can visit Ann at work and give her stuff like you weren't married. On days with event's say it's the chicken festival, it start's at Even if she is not at the festival Ann will still dissappear at After those 30 days of walking around the table and going to work, she will feel sick and you will take her to the doctor and you will find out you will be parents!!!!! So for the next 60 days 2 months Ann will walk around the table and say stuff like I can't belive in pregnant and doo daa.

She won't get fat, and she does everything the same, it's just she says different stuff that makes her seem pregnant. You will wake up and Ann wil be having the baby boy it's always a boy and her dad is there if you marry someone else, there relatives will be there buit you dont get to see Ann have the baby cuz i fyou notice the game is rated E for everyone which I personally don't mind.

For the next 60 days Ann will do the exact same stuff except she will hold the baby in the morning before she goes to work and when she comes home.

How To Get Married! - Guide for Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town

While she work's Tim for example Tim is in bed sleeping, crying, or my favoritve staring with his cute little eyes WIDE open. You won't get to hold him which is odd frankly. After those 60 days of having a newborn, Tim will fall out of bed and you will take hime to the doctor and Tim will only have a bruise. After you get home Tim will crawl and you can give him stuff loves cake. Same old will happen like Ann will walk around the table and go to work and while Ann is at work Tim will keep crawling around and go by the kitchen.

Tim will go to bed at 6: After 30 days you will wake up and Ann will say "Look your nickname Tim is walking! Things will be exactly the same except Tim is walking.