Gujarati status photo relationship

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gujarati status photo relationship

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Randeri, who started her career as a social worker in a nursery school, reached the top as the founder of educational institutions, including the SNDT Women's University which opened new horizons for polytechnic education for women in India. Those who have read the book found it largely one-sided and too defensive of Modi's actions during the riots.

In the first part of an exclusive interview with Rediff. While writing the book, did you talk to Modi about his marriage? Modi is a very frank person. He didn't even try to dodge it.

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He wanted us to write about it in our book. When we asked him about his marriage, he said, with a smile, "It's better you talk about this to my elder brother, Sombhai.

gujarati status photo relationship

He was also very frank and gave us the details that we wanted. In fact, I asked him, 'Do you have his kundali astrological chart? I then got from him Modi's time of birth and birthplace. The whole family was very frank. His mother also talks very frankly about the marriage. Did Modi and Jashodaben ever lead a normal life? This is how exactly it happened. They got married one night.

The family came back home with Modi.

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The baraat bridegroom's party had gone in a bullock cart, and everybody came back. The girl remained with her parents. They were young, the girl was younger than Modi.

gujarati status photo relationship

Modi was hardly 17 years old. Modi has never seen her after that day.

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He left Vadnagar soon after the marriage. He had never shown any interest in the marriage, the relationship reached a dead end. Somewhere I had read that the woman Jashodaben said she has not seen him for years.

But she has decided not to marry again and this is her wish.

gujarati status photo relationship

Courtesy of Bela Shah The swastika has existed for 5, years in Asia as a symbol of good fortune. It's a very common religious symbol in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. Placing the swastikas on the doorstep is a way of extending good wishes to all who come through our home. But that's not how most Westerners interpret the image. They see it as the symbol of Nazi Germany. I was reading a book about the Holocaust, and seeing the word 'swastika' surprised me. I showed it to my teacher and asked if it was the same thing as the Indian swastika I saw at home and at the temple.

Gamertsfelder had no clue what I was talking about. Ever since, I've pleaded with my mom not to put the stickers out. I didn't want people to think we were Nazi sympathizers. Diwali changes dates based on the lunar calendar, and this year, it's Oct. When Halloween falls so dangerously close to Diwali, I argue that the swastikas will scare off trick-or-treaters.

And because holiday etiquette has never been my family's strong suit, the swastikas would remain on our doorstep for weeks after Diwali. Another 14 districts were formed from to Consistent data for all variables is only available for the initially created 17 districts and for most variables for 18 districts.

The analysis is done at the district level, taking these 18 districts as individual units, and at a regional level by classifying them into groups as described below. For ease of analysis, the entire state has been divided into three broad regions: The demarcation is done on the basis of income and poverty levels inweighted by the population of each district.

Such an exercise shows Central Gujarat as most prosperous, followed by Western Gujarat and the Eastern Corridor see graphic: Any regional data provided is computed as a simple average of all the districts in the region.

Since overall income comprises three categories-real wages, per capita household consumption and absolute level of poverty-we look at all of these individually.

The most prosperous area, Central Gujarat, has shown maximum improvement in wages-an increase from an average wage of Rs Western Gujarat, which used to be best in wages inshows maximum improvement in reducing absolute poverty from average absolute poverty of In education, Western Gujarat has shown the best improvement from toacross all the variables for education: While Central Gujarat ranks second followed by the Eastern Corridor, the latter beat the former in improvement of female to male education, which could be attributed to the performance of one of the Eastern Corridor districts-Valsad.

Valsad is the winner in the category of gender equality for education. Central Gujarat improved from This clearly indicates improvement of healthcare in the region.

The Eastern Corridor, too, has closely followed, from Central Gujarat is the best in level of development. It also shows the highest improvement among the three regions. The conclusion is based on achievements in income, health and education.

Sanjiv Bhatt

Western Gujarat and the Eastern Corridor take the second and third positions respectively. Gender equality in education: There are three measures for educational achievement in years of education maleyears of education femaleand female education as a fraction of male education.

The female-male education ratio captures gender equality. In India, educational discrimination against girls is rampant. But with programmes such as Beti Bachao Beti Padao, there is a new consciousness about education of the girl child. The closer the girl to boy education ratio is to 1, the district is that much closer to gender equality. Valsad shows a level higher than equality in male-female education achievement levels for ; this number is the highest in the country.

The data was taken from NSS, which, for some districts, can have small sample sizes. However, even inValsad had the highest gender equality in education in Gujarat, with a ratio of Inthe education gender equality ratio was 72 in Valsad, i. So no matter how the data is sliced to or tillValsad shows the highest rate of increase in girl-child education compared to boys.

All rankings are on the basis of the 18 districts for which consistent data are available: Infor the three income variables real wages, real per capita income, and level of absolute povertyAhmedabad is the number one district. It has a score of 8 the best score possible is 3, a rank of 1 in each categoryfollowed by Kachchh score of At third place is Rajkot with a score of The best score is a sum of ranks of 3. For the first category, Gandhinagar ranks the highest. Ahmedabad ranks the highest for the second category of female years in education.

Valsad ranks the highest for the third category.

gujarati status photo relationship

If we look at the overall education, incorporating all three, Ahmedabad holds the top position, followed by Rajkot and Bharuch. It is interesting that Ahmedabad and Rajkot are tied at an overall score of 8, and some distance behind is Bharuch. In the race for best district, it would appear that for income and education, Ahmedabad is in the lead.

IMR is the major indicator of health in Bhavnagar has the lowest IMR of 8. This is followed by Surat at 11 and then, after a long gap, Amreli, Kachchh, and Mehsana at