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Vinod Khanna: Vinod Khanna: The superstar who gave it all up

Only the man of our collective dreams, occasional puppy poser, beloved Bollywood icon Vinod Khanna and Gitanjali Taleyarkhan, and. [6] Plot London-based gangster George Thomason and his right-hand man, by Mark Andrus focuses on a man who is anxious to repair his relationship with .. [ 1] His name comes from Phoebus, the Greek god of the sun (also called Apollo). . is ex-model Gitanjali Taleyarkhan, and his younger brother is Bollywood actor, . But come open criticism or broken marriage, Vinod Khanna continues I met Gitanjali in college: I was a science student — and a good one at that. She realised that I was not the man that she had read about. Everything is a manifestation of God: I have a vision and believe in making my own destiny.

Hero stands up to Vishal and defends his boss, but soon learns the truth behind Khanna. In a confrontation, Khanna kills Hero and shoots Vishal in the heart.

Hero says that he will only rest in peace after Khanna is killed, thus avenging him. Vishal decides to go about doing this, and he and Rani and Vishal begin to fall in love with each other.

Hero dislikes this and tries to foil Vishal's plans of getting cose to Rani. But Hero and Vishal start getting closer and work together, becoming good friends after Vishal confronts Khanna's drug company.

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Khanna arranges to leave the country, but kidnaps Rani. Vishal and Hero go to save Rani and fight off Khanna's henchmen, but Vishal gets injured. Hero then goes inside him and controls his fighting moves, helping him to beat the thugs. Rani witnesses this and realizes that only Hero would do those kinds of moves.

She calls out Hero's name, though Vishal does not know that Hero is inside him.

Vinod Khanna: The superstar who gave it all up...

Rani then calls out to warn Vishal that a plane is moving towards him. Vishal and Hero stop the plane, which Khanna is in, and then confront him. When it came to politics, Khanna, who joined the BJP inwent the way of most Bollywood stars and exhibited a lackadaisical attitude towards his constituency — Gurdaspur — and was never really able, despite being a MoS for External Affairs, to give politics his undivided attention. Khanna, who lost his seat in the Lok Sabha polls, wrested it back inriding on the back of the Narendra Modi wave.

But by then, like it was back in the s, he was probably beyond triumph and defeats, and dealing with the ultimate question of death. And, it is said he dealt with it well and courageously. A relative of Khanna told me that he had categorically refused chemotherapy. According to Khanna, his tryst with spirituality had prepared him to own his pain and live with it right until the final blackness.

I had visited him only three weeks ago when he was in the hospital. I was told by his wife Kavita that he was reading my autobiography.

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We have lost two great Khannas in the recent past — Rajesh and now Vinod. I have cancelled all my meetings for the day, including a rehearsal. The shoot was in the evening and the team was in a rush. The bullets were supposed to be connected to a power battery without a power source, but in his hurry, the fight master forgot to switch the current off.

The shocks felled me; I could have died that day.

The superstar who gave it all up...

When Vinod found out about the goof-up, he fired the fight master even though he was his favourite. I was breathless and he supported me during that time. He found solace in Pune.