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level of rejection of homosexuality manifested by Romanian society. 81 This information was provided by Mr. Florin Buhuceanu, ACCEPT. definition of marriage, Florin Buhuceanu and Victor Ciobotaru are was asked in a TV studio about legal issues concerning homosexuality. After decriminalizing homosexuality in and formally guaranteeing equality orientation written by Florin Buhuceanu, president of Accept • Data collected .

Istoria LGBT în România - o istorie despre care nu se vorbeşte

However, later that evening Gheorghiu was captured on camera in the museum cafe with Capsali himself. This year the NGO organising LGBTI week did not want to put its guests at risk so instead of organising events in public buildings, they used international cultural clubs, such as those of France and the Czech Republic.

Every year it organises a Pride march through Bucharest which attracts hundreds of attendees. The march is heavily policed and a large number of people at the event tend to be there in solidarity with LGBTI rights.

EP candidate runs on anti-gay ticket

Many homosexuals are afraid to come as the event is broadcast on major television stations and they fear exposure. The rights of homosexuals are protected by law in Romania, but prejudice is widespread. Only 12 percent of Romanians would vote for a member of the European Parliament with another sexual orientation, according to a survey by the National Centre for Discrimination CNCD in Meanwhile, 60 percent of Romanians would not accept a person of another sexual orientation as a relative, according to the same survey.

Capsali refused to comment or reply to EUobserver's questions as to his method for achieving such a momentous result in a short period of time, although it is thought he has the backing of members of the Romanian Orthodox church.

The only indication as to how he succeeded is found on his website, where he states that this was due to "help from God". A key motivation for his European candidature is the "intense homosexual propaganda entering schools and high-schools of Romania", perceived as being imposed by the EU. Capsali also implies a strong anti-ethnic slant, stating that a Hungarian minority official heading Romania's National Council for Combating Discrimination, CNCD, is endorsing homosexual propaganda, which threatens Romania.

Capsali represents a shift in Romanian politics. His campaign is based on wooing grass-roots followers attracted by his mix of religion, nationalism and conspiracy theory.

According to political scientist Laurentiu Stefan, such independent candidates for an MEP position are interesting to watch. That's why the result of independent candidates are very important, because a candidate without a party who manages to collect the needed signatures already has a large base of supporters. On 6 Junethe Cotidianul newspaper conducted interviews with representatives of the five main political parties, asking them about their stance on same-sex marriage.

Instead, he said that "[b]oth the party and myself have given proof that we are in favour of recognising sexual minorities.

‘In their eyes, we are not a family’: Romanian couple explain referendum boycott

However, personally I am against marriage between people of the same sex". The leader of the Democratic Partythe other large governing coalition member, was similarly elusive, stating that: We now have other much more important things to do regarding European integration. Let's integrate firstly, and then we can see the way in which mentalities change. Eventually, we will discuss this issue then".

Romania's EU accession took place in January As a mayor, I don't have any other choice. Personally, I respect the sexual choice of each person".

Recognition of same-sex unions in Romania

However, the party's official spokesperson also proclaimed that, "a public debate [on same-sex marriage] is necessary, in order to see in what way the standards regarding fundamental liberties can be improved in regard to people with another sexual orientation". Opposition was seen most clearly from the far-right, nationalist Greater Romania Party.

The vice-president of the party stated that "[c]learly, we wouldn't initiate such a legislative proposal, since we're a Christian party. The sin of sodomy is one of the biggest [sins]". The Conservative Party was less vocal in its opposition to same-sex marriage, with Octavian Petrovici, the vice-president of the party's Bucharest division, stating about same-sex couples that "it's their own choice, and in the same way that we respect the option of every citizen, we respect the choice of these people.

However, it is a long way from respecting a choice to making special laws, which do not match the values and principles that our party affirms". On 27 Novemberthe women's organisation of the Conservative Party adopted a resolution opposing same-sex marriage and same-sex adoption.