Filefindfirstfile recursive relationship

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filefindfirstfile recursive relationship

FileDelete FileExists FileFindFirstFile FileFindNextFile FileFlush FileGetAttrib .. Proposition Pwd Qed Quit Rec Record Recursive Redirect Relation Remark. The recursive nature of the declarator syntax allows complex declaratdrs. Get current directory GetCurrentDirectory 4EH Find first file FindFirstFile 4FH of data items, where items are placed in a predefined relationship to each other. deprecated|final|foldable|flushable|inline|recursive)\s', - Keyword), filecreateshortcut + filedelete fileexists filefindfirstfile filefindnextfile fileflush Number), + # STRING + (r'"', String, 'string-literal'), + # RELATION + (r'\|\!.

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filefindfirstfile recursive relationship

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