Ex relationship memes comfortable

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ex relationship memes comfortable

When you end that relationship absolutely hating your ex, however, ex in this meme looks so comfortable napping in the photographer's bed. funny relationship photos, relationship memes Funny Quotes, Funny Ex Memes, . Funny Ex Memes, Ex Quotes Funny, Ex Jokes, Funny Breakup Memes, Ex. New research reveals that relationships hit the comfort phase after 11 months and 24 days - when you're happy to chat about ex-partners, cry.

We have all been there at some point in our lives. We came up with this list of 15 memes that perfectly explain crazy girlfriend behavior. And nothing sets a crazy girlfriend off more than being ignored! All it takes is a text message to go unanswered for five minutes for a girl to unleash her insane behavior on her boyfriend.

Know Your Boyfriend Is Not over His Ex Yet

Black Ops III, or stuffing his face with a slice of stuffed crust pizza. No matter what excuse he comes up with following the brief moment he practically disappeared off the face of the earth, it will never be a good enough excuse for the psycho girlfriend!

ex relationship memes comfortable

Well, this meme is the perfect explanation of what a crazy girlfriend wishes she could do when she feels threatened by another woman! Crazy takes on different forms in relationships, and this meme explains the lowest level of crazy: When it comes to a night out on the town, most boyfriends are pretty much down to do whatever, but when it comes to the nutty girlfriend, she has strict requirements on where she will and will not go.

No restaurant he names will ever be good enough for the picky and crazy girlfriend! They come in handy when it comes to keeping in touch and communicating with the ones you love.

But when it comes to the crazy girlfriend, cell phones are a curse. The moment your significant others breaks up with you, however, you throw out all the stops to remind them just what they're missing out on.

Hilariously Harsh Break-Up Memes For Everyone Who HATES Their Exes

On occasion, unfortunately, Facebook reminds us of memories that we wish could just be forgotten forever! Whenever a picture of our ex pops up, for example, we want to unplug our laptop and throw it against a wall.

We've never reached for a container of bleach and poured it into our eyes like Homer Simpson in this meme If Mark Zuckerberg wants us to keep using Facebook, he better figure out a way to filter out these undesirable reminders of our regrettable past. Now that you realize that your former lover is actually the Devil in disguise, you carry a cross with you at all times and have an exorcist's phone number on speed dial just in case your ex tries to come crawling back into your life.

The boy in this meme totally gets it—clearly his middle school girlfriend wants to get back together, and he knows that the power of Christ is the only thing that can keep her evil at bay.

At one point, you and your ex were good together and cared a lot about each other, so you know that you should do your best to get over whatever issues you went through and try to remain civilized with the person who broke your heart.

Your inner "Evil Kermit," however, always seems to talk you into being super petty and insufferable.

ex relationship memes comfortable

They say that "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned," and you're going to make it your mission to prove that phrase is true. It's not going to happen. Yes, it's possible for guys and girls to be just friends You don't see the point in wasting any more of your time talking with your ex if he doesn't ever want to be with you, so it's pretty much all or nothing.