Eight of pentacles tarot relationship questions

Eight of Pentacles ~ Tarot Explained

eight of pentacles tarot relationship questions

If the Seeker is in a relationship Eight of pentacles denotes the couple shares a similar creative There are issues with too much resentment and fear of failure. When the Eight of Pentacles appears in your Tarot reading, you have some hard work appearances or romance, but of focusing one's effort on the task at hand. to your goal could create its own problems despite the success of your project. Descriptions: Getting to work. Interpretations Just like the Emperor tarot card, Eight of Pentacles reflects “here I am” effect. Meanwhile, the number eight attached.

Is it time to consider getting a college degree and you want to know what is down that path ahead? There are many times in life where we are given more than we should get and other times where we do not receive what is rightfully ours. When the Eight of Pentacles appears in your Tarot reading, you have some hard work ahead, but the results will be even better than you could imagine.

8 of pentacles and love

Many people don't like the thought of giving something too much effort and look to pass the buck. The Eight of Pentacles is a card that says all of the blessings you desire are within you and can be released with diligence.

8/10- Eight of Pentacles - Tarot Card of the Day by Dr. Elliot Adam

If you want a helping hand, there are two for you at this point in your life — one at the end of each arm. A man is sitting on a bench. He is carving a Pentacle, a hammer in one hand and a grooving bit in the other. On a nearby post are mounted five pentacles. At the foot of the bench, leaning upright is a sixth, and after the one he is working on, there rests an eighth pentacle to be perfected at his feet. His clothes are in tatters.

The cloudless sky is a light blue-gray but is without a cloud in sight. Off in the distance, the spires of the town can be seen.

eight of pentacles tarot relationship questions

The toiling man is not concerned with how he looks, and some Tarot illustrations exaggerate his appearance until he appears to be a homeless vagrant. The core point of illustrating him with threads stretched and snapped in his work vest is to emphasize that this is not a card about appearances or romance, but of focusing one's effort on the task at hand. The Pentacles that are mounted indicate that he is making progress while the one at the side of the bench and at his feet indicate there is still work to be done.

eight of pentacles tarot relationship questions

The even weather lets us know that the outside world is not a factor in how he works — he is in his own world, diligently tackling the problem with a solution he will master. Meaning in Past, Present and Future Positions When you receive a Tarot reading, the cards are placed in patterned positions that have specific meanings.

Each card drawn refers either to your past, your present or your future. The meaning of a card changes depending on the position in which it is placed in your reading.

In the past position, the Eight of Pentacles acknowledges that where you are now is no fluke. You worked hard to get here and your past is a place of sacrifice and focus. There is an intense discipline at work in your psyche.

Eight of Pentacles in Love and Relationships - Priania

Your present may be veering from this or comforted by it, but make no mistake that your rigorous pursuit of perfection in the past led to many if not all of the comforts that you currently enjoy. Instead, carefully weigh up the options.

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Future — The Eight of Pentacles in the future position suggests a successful career or creation of something great and positive. For example, you may create something that will change how people live for the better, or a new way of doing something that eliminates all the negative consequences.

If you work with others, you may go into a leadership position. As said, be sure to follow your passions and your own goals, not what others expect of you. Romance — The Eight of Pentacles in romance is a very good sign. A current relationship will greatly deepen; not through any event, but through continued understanding and shared experience. Friends — The Eight of Pentacles in regards to friendship means things are going well. It might be a good time to get into some deep conversations with your friends and get to know them better, or help them out with something that they need assistance on.

Expect a long recovery, however.

8 of pentacles and love - Aeclectic Tarot Forum

The only excuse for not eating well and taking care of yourself is laziness. Now might be a good time to start and stick to a diet or exercise regime. If you are considering something new like vegetarianism or veganism, it might be worth jumping in and dedicating yourself to it. What can I do with my time on Earth? Spirituality should be something you build upon throughout your life. The Eight of Pentacles in Reverse Hard work and dedication reverses along with the orientation of the card; you may have been feeling especially uninspired and unmotivated recently, or you may have been working so hard that you have lost sight of what is truly important in life.

eight of pentacles tarot relationship questions

The Eight of Pentacles in reverse highlights the negative aspects of dedication and working.