Dr relationship therapist nyc

dr relationship therapist nyc

Psychologist New York City (NYC). Relationship Therapy (counseling). Dr. Michael Brustein psychotherapy specialties relationship therapy. Relationship Issues Therapists in New York, NY. Neighborhoods | Manhattan · Staten Island .. Dr. Scarlett Leas Robertson, Clinical Social Work/Therapist. Are you as happy as you could be in your relationship and sex life? Dr Megan helps with sex therapy and marriage counseling. 15yrs exp. Book appointment.

Negative or Abusive Relationships Does every relationship lead to similar results? Is it a coincidence or something more? You may find that you seem to be in relationships with people who continually treat you in a negative fashion.

Understanding and breaking this pattern can be helpful in finding more suitable partners. Sometimes low self esteem leads people to choose unsuitable partners who are emotionally or physically abusive. Often people who have experienced sexual or physical trauma in a relationship are still struggling with anxiety, nightmares and bothersome thoughts.

dr relationship therapist nyc

How I help with negative partner patterns I will help you improve decision making regarding partner selection. Identify negative partners that you may be drawn to. Enhance self -image issues that may lead to engaging in negative relationships. Explore motives behind relationship selection. Explore connections between relationship patterns and self-image.

Marriage Counseling, Couples Counseling and Couples Therapy in NYC

Provide exposure therapy for Trauma from abusive relationships Dating Issues Do you find dating depressing or stressful? Dating can be difficult for many reasons such as rejection, frustration about not finding a good fit, or anxiety while on the date. On dates you may feel anxiety about saying the right things or obsessing over making a perceived mistake.

Dating & Relationships - Dr Chloe Carmichael

How I can help with dating You will understanding your dating style. You will learn to manage anxiety on dates. I will teach you mindfulness skills to assess a partner accurately and express yourself freely.

dr relationship therapist nyc

You will develop skills to manage rejection on dates. Are you in a steady relationship but fear the person you are with will leave you? Loss of a relationship can impact self-esteem and lead to depression.

Additionally, some individuals who are in a relationship may fear losing the relationship.

dr relationship therapist nyc

I can help you modify negative thoughts to learn how to manage being alone more effectively. Chloe to arrange an appointment or if you have any questions. What Happens in Sessions? Chloe or one of her associates will help you to get to the heart of the issues and then work with you to determine what action steps can be taken to resolve them.

The rewards for doing this are enormous and long-lasting. Generally speaking, couples therapy is a form of talk therapy.

Sex therapy and marriage counseling in NYC

It helps you find more positive ways of interacting and so that you can both find the satisfaction you want and deserve in the relationship. For most couples, the key to a better relationship is learning to communicate better.

Opening the channels of communication and learning new ways to listen to each other will bring your relationship to a new positive level.

Using the techniques learned in our sessions, the couple will be able to handle disagreements and be able to ask for what they need without having to worry about arguments and negative consequences. This tends to lead to create an upward spiral of respect and caring in the relationship. Courses and Options for Couples Couples Communication 1. Couples Communication Pack of 3: Focused, positive and fun— this mini workshop is a special treat for couples!

It is usually done over the course of just two weeks, and many couples find this quick timeframe to be invigorating.

dr relationship therapist nyc

Typically, the three sessions are scheduled one week apart over a two week period for example, one on Jan. The couple will share what they feel are their biggest issues in communication. Common topics include volume or tone of voice, time management, expressiveness or affection, and frequency of communication.

The therapist will offer strategies and tools tailored to improve the communication issues for that particular couple, and provide homework so the couple can practice. The couple will share about their experience with the techniques and homework.

The couple will begin by discussing the homework from last week. The therapist will offer additional adjustments if needed. Next, the therapist will shift the focus towards helping the couple to develop a strategy to maintain the gains they have made over the past two weeks. Pre-Marital Pack Pack of 4: The decision to marry is full of joy, and it comes with important questions. Every couple is different, so the first session will include a discussion of what the couple would like to achieve in this pack.

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Exploring values individually and as a couple. This is often used as a tool for writing wedding vows. The therapist will guide couples to see how they can enhance areas of common values, and learn to understand areas of differences through the perspective and context of a partnership. Couples will learn easily applied techniques in order to address issues created by their differences and have the opportunity to immediately practice these techniques so they will be readily available when needed in the future.

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Confirming that the couple shares the same plans for the future. Many couples benefit from a review of basic life plans to ensure they envision the same path. Having a therapist create a supportive environment to review common areas such as having children, who will work and how often, how holidays will be spent, and other points of married life gives couples security in their plans for the future. Many couples find that one or both of them has a fear of commitment.

This can be difficult for both parts of the couple, and sometimes stands in the way of wedding plans. The therapist will help the couple to explore this issue and how it is impacting their relationship.