Domestic discipline taken in hand relationship

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domestic discipline taken in hand relationship

Domestic discipline isn't reserved for the Amish, Mormons and other hard This style of “taken in hand” relationship focuses on a traditional. I am in a domestic discipline or similiar to a TIH relationship I love it point blank. lol it is the closet fufilling place I have ever been in I am lucky. Taken In Hand: A Guide to Domestic Discipline, Power Exchange Relationships and Related BDSM Topics - Kindle edition by Jolynn Raymond, Rachel Scott.

I have slightly changed the names, but the content of each post is just as written. I've always been the one "in charge" in the relationship I have with my husband.

domestic discipline taken in hand relationship

Usually what I say goes. However, after an epiphany several months ago I now realize that I am sort of in a DD relationship.

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On two occasions in my marriage my husband has thrown me over his knee due to some foolishness on my part. Once was about 4 years ago when we were newly married and the other several months ago.

domestic discipline taken in hand relationship

Both times I really crossed the line and my husband made it very clear that he wasn't going to stand for it. I was mad at him both times it happened and I was left speechless. It was such a shock to me.

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It was never something that had been discussed in my marriage, it was just the way it happened. There was nothing I could do about it at the time. I've discussed with my husband using this more often in our marriage so he can tame my temper and things can be a little more equal between us. He was opposed at first because it's so out of character for him but he brought the idea back up not to long ago.

I'm having this internal struggle with myself because on one hand I know I've craved this type of relationship since it first happened and it would help even out things between myself and my husband but on the other hand I almost feel like less of a woman for it. I'm almost mad at myself. Do you feel like less of a woman and angry at yourself when you're bitchy to your husband? It feels right and wrong all at once I was brought up to be independent but many of my own beliefs are pretty old fashioned and they are why I am who I am today.

I'm a housewife, a stay-at-home mom and I really depend on my husband for a lot. I'm kind of scared of jumping into all of this full force and giving up that last little bit of independence I have in my life. At the same time I know I will end up a better person for it and he will help me work on my shortcomings.

Hell, since this whole thing started I get more attention from my husband than I have in years because it's something he has to work at too. I just need to get past this mental roadblock. It's almost like I'm talking myself into it all SO much societal programming to overcome huh?

I seriously could have wrote this myself. I am a control freakand after 6 years of marriage I can't do it anymorebeing in charge of everything is slowly killing me emotionally One night I just couldn't do it anymore I was sick of myself. I handed my husband his belt and said do it. I cried at the end begging him to understand my "need" for this.

It has opened up the lines of communication and he is still trying to find his peace it and where it'll leave us. Recently, I was bratty and basically challenged him to do something about it. Afterward I felt resentful, and I think it's because part of me wonders when he's just going to get sick of having to deal with mewe're working through that now. I'm not sure if I feel like less of a woman as much as I am strictly careful that our children don't see this side of us.

Them catching us is a huge fear. It's not that I want to be in control of my husband, what bothers me is the idea of him being in control of me Do you not trust him to be fair and just? We will examine why these are unworkable for the modern man.

How To Establish A Modern Male Led Relationship

Christian Domestic Discipline This is completely unworkable for the modern man. You are tied into a marriage! Impractical should she actually change her mind and wish to leave the relationship. Ambiguous terms of consent since there is no signed contract. Taken in Hand Relationship This is the most workable of the models you might come across. More applicable to long term marriages with deep emotional connections.

Most examples of this relationship seem to be female initiated which is great, but a rare exception. Firstly, he can virtually guarantee her behaviour will at times be rude, brat-like and disrespectful.

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The thought of the man being in charge — or God forbid, spanking her — will likely be foreign and off-putting to her. This will instantly emasculate the man if he allows it to happen. The modern gentleman needs to address this risk, ensuring he has documented evidence of consent.

Simply put, you need to be ready to be the best she has ever had. Do not underestimate this. If you are not the best she has ever had, the relationship will eventually fail.

As hard as it is to write this, you need to ask yourself whether you are truly ready to spank your women.

When you take over responsibility to discipline a women, you take on responsibility for her mental and physical wellbeing. You need to be able to take care of yourself before you put yourself in a position where you are taking care of another person. In generations past it would have simply been expected than a man discipline his wife.