Doctor patient relationship essay topics

The Importance of Healthy Doctor-Patient Relationships

doctor patient relationship essay topics

ABSTRACT. This essay focuses on the doctor-patient relationship as a measure of ethical behavior by the physician. The perspective is derived from commit-. Free Essay: Doctor Patient Communication The main purpose of the medical ( Henderson, 11) This is the beginning of the physician – patient relationship. We answered her questions and gave our perspectives during the presentation. We will write a custom essay sample on Dr. patient relationship specifically for you a patient to the prescriptions of his physician should be prompt and implicit .

It is the major influence on practitioner and patient satisfaction and thereby contributes to practice maintenance and prevention of practitioner burnout and turnover, and is the major determinant of compliance. Effective use gives patients a sense that they have been heard and allowed to express their major concerns, 17 as well as respect, 18 caring, 19 empathy, self-disclosure, positive regard, congruence, and understanding, 20 and allows patients to express and reflect their feelings 21 and relate their stories in their own words.

Other aspects important to the relationship include eliciting patients' own explanations of their illness, 2324 giving patients information, 2526 and involving patients in developing a treatment plan. The accessibility of personnel, both administrative and clinical, and their courtesy level, provide a sense that patients are important and respected, as do reasonable waiting times and attention to personal comfort.

The availability of covering nurses and doctors contributes to a sense of security. Reminders and user-friendly educational materials create an atmosphere of caring and concern. Organizations can promote a patient-centered culture, 29 or one that is profit- or physician-centered, with consequences for individual doctor—patient relationships.

Organizations as well as whole health care systems can promote continuity in clinical relationships, which in turn affects the strength of in those relationships.

The Doctor–Patient Relationship

For instance, a market-based system with health insurance linked to employers' whims, with competitive provider networks and frequent mergers and acquisitions, thwarts long-term relationships. A health plan that includes the spectrum of outpatient and inpatient, acute and chronic services has an opportunity to promote continuity across care settings. The competition to enroll patients is often characterized by a combination of exaggerated promises and efforts to deliver less. Patients may arrive at the doctor's office expecting all their needs to be met in the way they themselves expect and define.

They discover instead that the employer's negotiator defines their needs and the managed care company has communicated them in very fine or incomprehensible print. Primary care doctors thus become the bearers of the bad news, and are seen as closing gates to the patient's wishes and needs.

Dr. patient relationship Essay Example for Free

When this happens, an immediate and enduring barrier to a trust-based patient-doctor relationship is created. The doctor—patient relationship is critical for vulnerable patients as they experience a heightened reliance on the physician's competence, skills, and good will.

The relationship need not involve a difference in power but usually does, 30 especially to the degree the patient is vulnerable or the physician is autocratic. United States law considers the relationship fiduciary; i. Thus, providing health care, and being a doctor, is a moral enterprise. The question now is that can medicine therefore continue to serve the patient if cleansed totally of a paternal motivation? In an essay written by Tanvalidity of medical paternalism was rejected and he debated violently on its deconstruction.

The Doctor–Patient Relationship

For instance he gave a real life example of a physician who was said to be unwell singularly on the ground of noncompliance. This is a rare scenario. Also it is hasty to have declared such patient as incompetent and hence the disqualification from making decisions as there was no legal process which include any preexisting psychopathology and a complete assessment of the cognitive functions which are mandatory to determine the incompetence or otherwise of a patient.

He seems to have omitted the fact that irrespective of the review methodology used, any system of medicine that is seeking acceptance and official acknowledgment in society should be able to make provision for appropriate level of assurance to the public in terms of how safe its practices are and also the minimal standards of its practitioners.

The choice of Society over which system of medicine it adopts as its mainstream, be it allo- or homeopathic complementary disease treatment systemempirical or experimental, is hardly a result of paternalism in Western medicine.

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This can only extend as far as a sincere admission of ignorance and a commitment to critically examine any available evidence. Modesty cannot and should not equate unfounded ratification of and recommendation of therapies for which a doctor is void of understanding or conviction.

In this approach, which some people call the informative model. The model is assumptuous. It assumes the physician role in patient doctor encounter to be passive. Furthermore, physicians who are dreadful of the consequences of not respecting and recognizing the autonomy of the patient have been known to adopt such a model. This can eventually lead to a total neglect and dereliction of their professional responsibilities, with a possible danger of administering therapies that are not medically indicated or relevant.

Another thing is that the model assumes all competent individual being capable of management of their daily affairs and events based on their beliefs and experiences which also include decision making capacity about their health. Tan in cited that illness does not have effect on the cognition and the emotion and that patient can therefore make decision about the treatment they receive.

doctor patient relationship essay topics

We now know that sickness does not affect or lower the rights and morals of a patient olumuyiwa, However the ability to make informed decision is affected by the biopsychosocial effect of the illness Engel, To confirm a person as incompetent there must be demonstrable psychopathology and mental incapacity. When it comes to decisions large and small about your healthcare, your doctor should be your partner in the decision-making process.

Yet, delivering such news can and should be done honestly and with empathy. A doctor who is cold, arrogant, impatient, rushed, or who otherwise demonstrates a poor bedside manner can quickly lose your trust and leave you feeling unsure, anxious, frightened, angry, and alone. Perhaps he or she is very direct, talks faster than you can follow, or has a demeanor that makes you anxious or uncomfortable.

Use your first visit as a test.

doctor patient relationship essay topics

For example, a doctor may strongly encourage the use of a particular medication that has side effects a patient considers unacceptable. Or, because of religious beliefs, a patient may refuse a blood transfusion that could improve or prolong their life. As a patient, your doctor is ethically obligated to consider your wishes about your healthcare. One or two lawsuits may not be cause for panic, but, if the physician or hospital has a history of lawsuits, this is a problem sign.

Board certification through the American Board of Physician Specialties ABPS means the physician has earned a four-year medical degree from a qualified medical school, is licensed to practice medicine by a state medical board, has completed an accredited residency program of at least years, has passed exams administered by the ABPS, and participates in continuing education. In particular, ask about drug reps and medical device manufacturers—who often influence doctors and physician practices to use particular drugs, often by wooing them with catered lunches and other perks.

If your doctor sends you home with a bag of drug samples, this is a telling sign.

doctor patient relationship essay topics

Most clinics, hospitals, and medical practices have transitioned or are in the process of transitioning to electronic health records EHR systems, which help your doctor track your medical history and exchange information with specialists, among other functions.

Many of these systems also feature secure patient portals, through which patients can book and track doctor appointments, view medical records and lab results, send messages to their doctors, and request prescription refills.