Cute relationship videos facebook marvel

8 Couples That Hurt Marvel Movies (And 7 That Saved Them)

cute relationship videos facebook marvel

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Homecoming came around and Pepper returnedTony also positions himself as a bit of a father-figure to the fatherless and uncle-less Peter. This relationship progresses in Homecoming with Tony keeping in touch with Peter and generally looking out for him. Unfortunately, things temporarily go south after Peter nearly sinks a ferry filled with passengers and Tony demands his suit back.

The idea of Tony stepping up to the Mad Titan and admonishing him in the same manner that he did Peter is simply hysterical. My reflexes are too fast.

cute relationship videos facebook marvel

I would catch it. He consistently finds himself in situations that are way over his head, yet manages to escape virtually unscathed thanks to his cunning and an array of unique gadgets.

After Thanos kidnaps Gamora and sacrifices her in exchange for the Soul Stone, he returns to Titan to rendezvous with the Black Order and retrieve the rest of the Infinity Stones.

cute relationship videos facebook marvel

So, as the meme says, thank you to the rest of the Avengers and Guardians for trying to save the universe. Not you, Quill, you hot-headed jerk. Finally, Bruce Banner name drops the country in Age of Ultron. As we learn in Black Panther, Wakanda is the most technologically-advanced country in the world, by far, and has chosen to remain off the grid in order to focus on its own people.

As clearly demonstrated by the meme above, this was a bad decision.

25 Hilarious Infinity War Memes Only True Marvel Fans Will Understand

The opening scene of Black Panther clearly states that Wakanda lived peacefully under the radar for centuries. Clearly, Wakanda was better off watching from the shadows.

Sometimes, though, when all else fails, you have to simply plead with general audiences to not spoil the movie for others who have not yet seen it.

The climax of Infinity War sees two separate battles taking place concurrently. The other battle is on Titan between Thanos and a group of Avengers and Guardians.

Before the battle with Thanos begins, Doctor Strange uses the Time Stone to look into the future at 14 million different potential outcomes of their fight with the Mad Titan.

He then informs the rest of the team that they will be successful in just one of them. When the chips are down, they come out on top-- just look at their track record. In The Avengers, facing the God of mischief and an army of Chitauri, they won. In Age of Ultron, facing a genocidal, sentient robot and his army of droids, they won. The shock and disappointment of the moment is captured beautifully by the meme above. Let us set the scene. After a brief scene of Thanos speaking with a young Gamora, we cut back to Earth and see Thanos use the Space Stone to return to Titan, leaving a confused group of Avengers behind.

Starting with the Winter Soldier, the heroes begin to disintegrate directly before our eyes, leaving only dirt behind. The disappearances are sudden, marked only by the confusion of the heroes as they fade away.

cute relationship videos facebook marvel

Hence the reason he didn't feel good. His accelerated healing tried to prevent the end but was only successful in allowing Peter to say his final good bye, leaving audiences all across the world looking just like Scarlet Witch in the meme above.

Their love also ends sort of tragically, which all good love stories tend to do. Rogers, after defeating Red Skull on the plane but sending it into a tailspin, radios Peggy that their dance will have to wait as he crashes into a glacier — and wakes up 70 years later to become an Avenger.

Cute Musically Couple Goals (Relationship Edition) Compilation

Atwell once said a Comic Con panel that she believed Peggy and Steve consummated their love at some point during the war, but Evans feels like they never did. What do you guys think? The fact that this arrogant Asgardian god lands on Earth, looking the way he does, it's not hard to see how Jane would be attracted to him. Unfortunately, as the movies go on, the relationship seems to make less and less sense.

The Dark World, the differences between the two really stand out. Jane is upset that Thor goes back to Asgard and doesn't keep in touch after all they go through?

It's ridiculous, and honestly, she isn't missed now that she's out of the picture. Thankfully, there are no flashbacks to shows us what happened between the two — or more like what didn't happen. What we gather is T'Challa never took his romance with Nakia to the next level.

Instead, Nakia followed a greater calling and ended up leaving Wakanda to become an undercover missionary of sorts, helping the poor and oppressed in Africa. Now, Nakia's mere presence makes T'Challa freeze up - something his sister, Shuri, and head of his army, Okoye, continually tease him about.

While she disagrees with T'Challa to keep Wakanda's otherworldly resources a secret to the rest of the world, the two share a refreshingly unshakable bond. Boseman and Nyong'o play it perfectly. In the first X-Men movie, we are introduced to the tortured Wolverine, and we understand how the character is all about being better off on his own. Sure, there is a softness to his underbelly, but he works the best when he can just go in, save or protect someone, and then move on. Of course, he's meant to join Professor X and his X-Men to help protect mankind and mutants.

It's completely unrequited and seems so odd to Logan's character, given his M. Then he's so distraught when Jean sacrifices herself and eventually becomes Dark Phoenix. The whole thing just never connects the dots. We all have a blast as the two go through the calendar and celebrate holidays in the kinkiest ways. There's a fantastic bond that is set between them, and the love they have for each other carries through and guides Wade into doing what he does. It might have been hard for another actress to keep up with Reynolds as the titular character, but Baccarin does an excellent job as a sparring partner.