Customer relationship management construction software

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customer relationship management construction software

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Even though the construction industry is built upon customer relationships, utilizing technology to help manage those relationships remains an area where many construction businesses may lag, even as other industries have gone all in with implementing CRM technology over the last 10 to 15 years. Nevertheless, utilizing CRM technology can yield some big benefits for those in the construction field.

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Work Quality is Important, But So Are Relationships For many construction businesses, and especially for the small-to-medium sized firms, customer word-of-mouth is one of the primary means of sourcing new business. While great work will always stand on its own, managing customer relationships is also very important -- way too important to be left to chance.

But how can a typical construction company benefit from CRM? And one way to do that is to streamline all of the paperwork that goes along with a new project or job, starting with the initial estimate all the way through to the final invoice.

customer relationship management construction software

Enter the information once as the estimate, then convert the final version of the estimate into the project contract, and lastly, convert that contract into one final invoice or a series of progress invoices.

By eliminating double and triple entry of the same information, a contractor can significantly cut down the time it takes to get important documents to its customers.

What is CRM?

The big goal here is for contractors to make their customers actually enjoy working with them, and a good CRM can help to do just that. Integrations Matter When it comes to any new software, integrations matter. Many construction companies attempt to do this manually, using handwritten records, Microsoft Outlook, or Excel.

customer relationship management construction software

Pipeline Tracking A strong pipeline of projects being bid is vital to the health and long term viability of any contractor. Successful contractors need to utilize their limited resources to focus on the projects that they have a high percentage of winning.

customer relationship management construction software

Too many contractors are chasing projects that they have a minimal chance of winning, taking the focus away from opportunities that have a good potential. When used properly, CRM provides visibility to management in the following areas so that resources and effort can be focused on winning projects that can be won.

What projects are we bidding? Where in the sales process is each project?

customer relationship management construction software

What is the bid due date? Who has the ball in court?

customer relationship management construction software

What was the last activity completed? By standardizing the sales process, and tracking key information and all the history, CRM software can significantly impact the chances of winning a project. This is accomplished by using the following components found in most CRM software.

Accounts CRM allows a company to input all the key information on a "Customer" or prospective customer in a single location.

Does CRM Matter for Construction?

More importantly, each of these customers can be classified according to their "Relationship" to the company. For example, customers may be classified according to long term customers or prospective customers. CRM is not only for tracking customers but can be extended to all business partners for a company.