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character relationship chart maker

I'm not sure of the special requirements for character relationship maps, but yEd is good for drawing almost any kind of diagram that is. Infinite ASCII diagrams, save to Google Drive, resize, freeform draw, and export straight to text/html. Make scientific illustrations, diagrams and drawings of all kinds in just minutes with SmartDraw's scientific diagram maker. Includes symbols and templates for.

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Just roll d and consult the chart. These two branches of the family tree are about as far away from each other as possible without the tree splitting in half.

character relationship chart maker

They led a happy, relatively carefree life and grew up together as siblings. When they came of age, their adoptive parents sat them down and told them the truth. Disaster struck when their adoptive parents got killed by giant slogs; the two got separated for a long time but have since reunited; the twosome has since traveled far and wide to find their real parents.

CHARACTER MAP ( Entity Relationship Diagram)

They managed to slip away unnoticed, but a vague feeling of guilt now keeps them together. They both required extensive blood transfusions and are now considered blood relatives of the first degree under some obscure, crazy law.

character relationship chart maker

They now hang out together to avoid confusion and getting each other into further trouble. They now think they are fated to be together for some grand scheme or purpose. On her deathbed their momma made them vow to stick together and try to be nicer to each other. Both agree they are the only sane people around.

character relationship chart maker

The characters hit it off immediately, preferring each other over their fellow heapsters. By sheer luck, both managed to get out of dodge and together went after their double-crossing employer. Just when the job was about finished, the latter betrayed the other character and ran off with the spoils; the two met again years later. All submissions must be directly related to writing. Posts tangentially related to writing are more likely to be removed at moderator discretion.

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character relationship chart maker

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character relationship chart maker

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