Can enriching feel guide heal relationship

Editions of What You Feel, You Can Heal: A Guide for Enriching Relationships by John Gray

can enriching feel guide heal relationship

What You Feel, You Can Heal has ratings and 30 reviews. Naele said: زير همه احساسات منفي عشقي نهفته كه منتظر برملا شدن است.خشمگين باقي ماندن يكي از. Editions for What You Feel, You Can Heal: A Guide for Enriching Relationships: (Paperback published in ), (Paperback published in ), 0. Other times, you wish someone would just give you a manual for Anyone can search for “PTSD and marriage” all over the web, but what With this intention you will reinforce the love, safety, and security that your spouse needs to feel. Think only about the current day and how you can enrich the next.

In reality, it's hard to want what you already have. Our quest for secure love conflicts with our pursuit of passion. And often, the very thing that got us to into our relationships - lust - is the one thing that goes missing from them.

Determined to reconcile the erotic and the domestic, Perel explains why democracy is a passion killer in the bedroom.

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Argues for playfulness, distance, and uncertainty. And shows what it takes to bring lust home. Smart, sexy and explosively original, Mating in Captivity is the monogamist's essential bedside read. Healing Trauma by Peter Levine "Waking the Tiger normalizes the symptoms of trauma and the steps needed to heal them.

can enriching feel guide heal relationship

People are often traumatized by seemingly ordinary experiences. The reader is taken on a guided tour of the subtle, yet powerful impulses that govern our responses to overwhelming life events. To do this, it employs a series of exercises that help us focus on bodily sensations.

What you feel, you can heal : a guide for enriching relationships

Through heightened awareness of these sensations trauma can be healed. Reflect on the characteristics of the four types of relationships and gain awareness of your true love standing: A transitory relationship acts as a bridge between two phases of evolution. It can enact change or ease the burden of major life shifts. For example, a relationship for a girl in high school may mature her to a woman by allowing her to learn her first lessons in love.

Or a transient relationship after a long marriage has ended may help a person cope with their divorce until they heal. Transitory relationships are almost always temporary, but serve a great purpose in gently pushing a person from one level of self-transformation to the next. Perhaps the mightiest law of the universe, karma is not some malicious force that boomerangs our wrong-doings back to us. It is the energetic accumulation of every one of our actions, both good and bad. And karma has a reputation for repeating itself.

can enriching feel guide heal relationship

A karmic relationship always entails some form of "action" that must play out within the couple, i. After the karma is resolved, however, the relationship may come to an end, as its purpose has been met. Such was the case in my daughter's relationship: Karmic relationships can sometimes be soulful relationships, too, as I personally shared with my late husband. I knew he was my soulmate from the moment I met him.

But I also knew we had a specific karma to reenact. Karmic relationships are enriching experiences that can be progressive, elevating and fulfilling, whether temporary or for the long term.

Most common of the four, a compromise relationship occurs when two people come together based on an arrangement of comfort, such as financial or emotional stability.

Many relationships that are meant to end continue on because both partners have become very used to each other and find it difficult to part ways. In short, they "settle" for one other.

They may have children, which causes them further to feel that they're supposed to stay together, though neither may be fully content or in love. Relationships based on a compromise keep us stuck in a "comfort zone". Our therapists will help you define your boundaries and assist you with setting healthy limits and methods of feeling safe to speak from your heart.

Sleep disorders Can't sleep at night? Perhaps you are one of the millions of Americans struggling with issues that are not effectively dealt with in your waking hours, leading to the inability to sleep. Our therapists will help you bring your concerns to light so that you can sleep more soundly and find the tranquility you desire. Chronic Illness Many of us struggle with enduring chronic illness.

Feeling isolated and alone, many of us have emotional consequences that are as devastating as the physical symptoms of our disease. Our therapists can help you find a way out of the emotional pain and create a healthier strategy for coping and enhancing your life. Self-Harm Cutting and self-harm are coping strategies for dealing with emotional pain.

Self-injury is many times practiced in secrecy, but its effects are impactful and devastating.

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Our therapists can help explore the emotional pain and find healthy methods for coping with life's difficult experiences. Addictions Gambling Compulsive gambling can affect you and your family, not only financially, but physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The compulsion can destroy relationships with family and friends, performance at work, and self-esteem.

Our therapists can help you break the addictive pattern and end the cycle of addiction. Do you feel like you don't know how to have a healthy relationship without taking care of everyone in your life? Do you find that being brought up in a dysfunctional family has affected everything from your choice of mates, job choices, and your relationship with others?

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Our therapists can help you find healthy ways to navigate relationships with yourself and others. Body Image Most American women don't like their appearance. Eating disorders don't affect only women, today we are seeing more cases of eating disorders in young boys and men.

Alcohol It is estimated that about 10 million Americans are alcoholics and another 10 million are problem drinkers. Many people mistakenly think of the alcoholic as the "skid row bum" and rationalize that someone can't be an alcoholic if they continue to hold a responsible job, have a family, or are respected members of the community. Alcoholics include men, women, teenagers, older people, wealthy, poor, employed and unemployed.

Our certified addiction specialists can help you find recovery and well-being in your life. Addictive or Codependent Relationships Relationship issues are one of the most common concerns of clients in therapy.

If you are held back by poor communication skills, inappropriate caretaking, repeating patterns of choosing destructive partners, or lack of boundaries, our therapists can help you discover healthy mechanisms for creating healthy relationships through therapy. Work Addiction Is there a payoff for workaholic behaviors? There's an emotional and neurological payoff because overworking produces an adrenaline rush, which gives the workaholic a "high.

Our therapists can help you discover ways to bring your life back into balance. Substance Abuse Inan estimated Substance abuse creates psychological, physical, social and spiritual concerns in all facets of a person's well-being and health. Our certified addiction counselors can help you break the hold of addiction.

Prescription Drugs It is estimated that 2. This dramatic number is increasing with one-half of users being female and about a third ranging from age Those at risk include youth, older adults, and women. Our therapists can help you find healthy ways to enhance your life. Our trained therapists can help you break the cycle and find healthy ways to relate to intimacy and sexuality.

Internet Addiction Preoccupied with the computer, the Internet is used to achieve inner satisfaction. Whether used compulsively to keep in touch with others, through social media, blogging, gaming, shopping, visiting virtual communities, or through chat rooms, the user spends endless hours substituting the computer for real life human connections and filling an emptiness inside. Our therapists can help you achieve the life you desire without the hold of addiction.

Women's Health Post-Partum Depression Welcoming a child into the world is a powerful experience that can be accompanied by a range of emotions. Besides excitement and happiness, you may also experience anxiety, fear or even depression. Our therapists can help you overcome the "baby blues" and get back to enjoying your growing family. Dating Whether you're lacking confidence or are confused by the seemingly ever-changing rules of the dating game, our therapists can help you gain the confidence you need to put yourself out there and create a new stage in your life.

Many people are limited by poor communication skills, inappropriate caretaking, repeating patterns of choosing destructive partners, or lack of boundaries. Our therapists can help you discover healthy mechanisms for creating healthy relationships through therapy. Biological Clock Are you feeling the pressure of your biological clock "ticking? Our therapists can help you manage these feelings and embrace the next stage of your life.

Eating disorders don't affect only women, today we are seeing a rise in the cases of eating disorders in young boys and men. Menopause Even though it is a natural biological process, the physical and emotional changes that accompany menopause can cause confusion, fear and anxiety.

Our therapists can help normalize this life transition so that you emerge happy, healthy and vital. Hormones Are you feeling anxious, stressed, overwhelmed or depressed and you don't know why? Hormone imbalance could be the culprit.

Slight hormonal changes can make you feel off-balance, and we can help you get back on track. Our therapists can help you coordinate care with your primary care physician or integrative physician to find inner balance. Cancer Being diagnosed with cancer or another terminal illness is traumatizing for the person receiving the diagnosis, as well as those close to them.

Whether you're having difficulty dealing with a diagnosis or need guidance on the sometimes challenging process of knowing how to offer comfort and support, our therapists can help you cope with your own grief and support your loved one.

Self Esteem It's hard to define, but women struggle to feel confident in today's ever changing world. Our therapists will help you build your own individuality and connect with your achievement to build a healthy self-respect and confidence.

can enriching feel guide heal relationship

Just like eating or sleeping, anxiety is a normal part of life. Our therapists will help you navigate the emotional struggles and challenges. Together we will help you coordinate care with your primary care physician and help you conquer the emotional aspect and offer support and guidance.

Caregiving for Aging Parents Today's women are caught between generations and many times are caring not only for their own children, but also caring for their aging parents. Sandwiched between generations women feel trapped and drained by the demands of helping those around them. Our therapists will help you find the balance you need to find the gentle path to caring for yourself and others without losing your way. Men's Health Relationships One of the toughest things a guy can hear is "we need to go to counseling.

Our therapists can help you find practical, sensible advice, and down-to-earth ways to improve relationships without sacrificing your Y chromosome.

Our therapists can help you find your path and purpose. Parenting Fatherhood is a tremendous gift and a tremendous challenge. Counseling can help you cultivate and develop your parenting skills and manage the different stages of development that you and your kids experience over time. Being a dad is one of your greatest investments, and our therapists can help maximize the return.

Health and fitness includes exercise and nutrition, but it also contains self-care, meditation, stress management, and living a life consistent with your values and priorities. Performance Men look for ways to be the best at everything they do. Our therapists can help you be your best and enhance your skills, purpose, and abilities, which leads to a more gratifying life.

Divorce Though difficult and sometimes painful, divorce does not have to be the end of your life. Our therapist can help you work through the practical and emotional elements of recovery so you can find health and happiness.

can enriching feel guide heal relationship

Work-Life Balance In today's frenzied world of hour work weeks, celebrating workaholism, over-scheduled family activities, and constant change finding balance in life can often seem like the ultimate challenge. Our therapists can help you cut through the noise and find a balance.

We'll help discover ways to devote time, energy and resources to the things that are most important in your life. Awareness Self-awareness is the key ingredient for confidence and is an essential component in achieving goals.

Our therapists possess both the tools and the training to help enhance your self-awareness so that you can move towards the best version of you. Positive Parenting Autism Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorder ASD are characterized by difficulties in social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication, and repetitive behavior. It is critical for parents and families to learn the early signs of ASD and become familiar with age-appropriate developmental milestones and targeted timeframes for these milestones to be achieved.

Our therapists can assist you and your family in addressing the complex issues that arise from a child exhibiting symptoms of ASD.