Can a long distance relationship in college work

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can a long distance relationship in college work

Come fall, the two of you will attend different colleges. Now you have to I'm here to tell you long-distance relationships do work. I've been in. How College Students Can Make a Long Distance Relationship Work. By Dustin | Marriage Preparation. You are here: Home · Marriage Preparation · How. College is a golden ticket to more job opportunities, financial stability, community engagement and spontaneous adventure. It can be a positive.

How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work in College

Privacy Policy Long Distance Relationship Statistics One can look at long distance relationship statistics to find out many different facts on long distance relationships. Many people cringe at the thought of carrying on a long distance relationship. Not only are they a pain to maintain, but they also tend to be destined for failure in the long run. Lets have a look at the numbers. One of the first things to consider is how many people in the country are actually in a long distance relationship.

Statistics showed that about 14 to 15 million people in the United States considered themselves in a long distance relationship in This number was more or less the same with an estimation of about 14 million in Furthermore, of that 14 million, almost four to four and a half million of these couples are in a non-marital relationship.

Quick Stats 14 million couples define themselves as having a long distance relationship 3. There are many reasons why some relationships become long distance. For instance, one or both partners may go away for military duty.

can a long distance relationship in college work

Sometimes one partner has to be away for extended periods of time due to work. However, one of the most common reasons people end up in long distance relationships is because of college. In fact, nearly a third of all people who claim they are in this type of relationship say these are college relationships.

Non-marital relationships are not the only ones in which long distance may be a factor. The number of long distance marriages has also been on the rise in recent years.

can a long distance relationship in college work

These distances may be more likely to be the result of commuting and other work-related factors that may be too far away from home for a daily commute that may cost more than it is worth for the job. Not surprisingly, the economy has played a part in long distance relationships.

However, another factor has also been responsible for the increasing numbers of long distance relationships — the Internet. Online dating has made many more willing to give a long distance union a chance. Virtual relationships do indeed let people forge real connections even if they live on opposite ends of the country. Endurance One of the myths around long distance relationships is that they are always or more likely to fail than other kinds of relationships.

However, there is actually no evidence to suggest that this is true. Of course, not all long distance relationships will survive, but they are not any more likely to end in the demise than another kind of relationship.

When we had to work for it Skype, email, video messages, etcwe treasured what the other person said more. Every time I tell someone that doing the whole "long distance relationship" thing actually strengthened my relationship, they laugh.

can a long distance relationship in college work

I don't blame them. But before you judge your friends in long distance relationships, check out these nine ways that long distance relationships can help, rather than hurt, a couple: The knowledge that if you survive the distance, your relationship can survive anything. Once upon a time, boy met girl, they fell in love, and lived happily ever after in the same house for the next three generations. Between study abroad, job transfers, the " two body problem ," and a million other reasons for couples to live in different cities, long distance relationships are becoming a viable alternative to breaking up.

According to a study done by Cornell University see a longer article on the Huffington Post herebetween a quarter and one half of college students are currently in a long distance relationship. However, as anyone in college can tell you, most of these relationships do not last. Between late-night "study sessions," parties, and "break-vember" the nickname many college students give the first November of their freshman year -- most high school sweethearts call it quits around this timesuccessful long distance relationships are few and far between.

And I'm sure that means a lot of things, but to most of my friends in long distance relationships, it means that if they can survive the distance, they can survive anything. Photo taken on our wedding day by Jade Piece Photography 2. You don't have to be presentable all the time -- you can have off days. No one can judge you for having off days because the love of your life lives halfway across the world.

It's like a "get out of jail free" card for social interactions. Long distance relationships are a lesson in effective communication. Early in my married life, I realized I could spend months living with someone without having a "real" conversation. If Ryosuke and I didn't specifically set aside time to have a heart-to-heart, we could go days, weeks, or even months without talking about how he really felt when I put my feet up on his chair during dinner hint, he didn't like it.

Crystal Jiang, of the department of communication at the City University in Hong Kong, claims, "Long-distance couples try harder than geographically close couples in communicating affection and intimacy, and their efforts do pay back. A similar study by Cornell University revealed that while couples in a "normal" relationship tend to have more daily interactions than couples in a long-distance relationship, the couples who had hundreds of miles in between them tend to have longer, more meaningful conversations.

The university told 63 heterosexual couples, half of which were a long distance relationship, to keep a communication diary and spend the next couple weeks completing questionnaires about their relationships.

9 (Exclusive) Benefits of Being in a Long Distance Relationship

The distance between the couples varied between 40 and 4, miles. Those in a long distance relationship reported feeling a stronger bond than couples who lived in the same city.

COLLEGE Long Distance Relationship Advice

They also claimed to feel their partners shared more of their thoughts, feelings, and emotions. To be fair, I'm not exactly sure how one measures the amount of emotions their partner shares, but you can see the full Huffington Post article, here.

For it to work, both parties must be equally committed. Long distance relationships do not work if both people are not equally committed.

And the advice I give all new couples: If you're not committed, the hours of Skype and long flights just don't seem worth it. They force you to be independent in your relationship. We all know those people who lose themselves in a relationship. They become an extension of their significant other and, to be honest, lose that special "spark" that made you want to be friends with them in the first place. Couples in long distance relationships rarely have that problem -- because it is difficult to live vicariously through your significant other when you don't share a zip code.

Living apart from your significant other or spouse is a great way to preserve the essence of who you are even though you are in a relationship. You have your own friends, jobs, and social life.