Burak ozcivit relationship tips

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burak ozcivit relationship tips

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Initially, the first condition for contributing good work is to work with a successful producer. The producer has to trust the director in all ways, and vice versa. The director has to trust the producer too; we become an enormous family with time. I enforce people to keep up with the basic rules so that we can work peacefully together. I do my best to make everyone feel that they are loved and valuable.

burak ozcivit relationship tips

Each person from the crew is important to me. So, I study my work well and do my best to gain their trust in that way and with the whole crew, we make a great collaboration. Many viewers were disappointed in the ending of Kara Sevda. Can you talk a little about the process of being a director? How do you envision a show when you first see the script and how do you bring your vision for the story to life? What is your favorite part of the entire creative process? My biggest capital to start a project are my feelings — feeling inside that the story is going to work, then visualizing it in my mind.

After I imagine it from my own experiences, things become solidified in my mind.

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My favorite and what I find to be the most exciting part in the entire process is the beginning of it: After you establish the world, feature the pilot and air the next few episodes, the director is kind of done with the work. The rest is easy.

What do you think makes a TV show above average or excellent?

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Do you have a personal favorite from among your work? What type of TV shows do you like or watch? I believe a story is the key for a good project. Then the producer, director and a good cast make it perfect. TV shows have to catch female audiences; people have to empathize with the characters personally.

Also the characters of the story have to be dramatically defective, which means imperfect. Because no one is perfect in real life, a character has to have a drama to make it realistic. What do you personally look for in a show? Is there anything in the entertainment industry that you try to subvert, avoid, or rebel against in your work? As I mentioned before, I like to watch dramatic and imperfect characters. I enjoy plots where something happens and everything changes all of a sudden. Those stories interest me; it asks you a question and makes you think about what you would do, if you were them.

A realistic story catches me. For my work, I avoid stories that humiliate women. I always want to show women as strong figures. It has to be real. I rebel against violence towards women and children, rape of women, or animal abuse. Those are things that I would rebel against and give a part to in my show. I love animals and I would love to make movies about the friendships of humans and animals.

They are just themselves. What advice would you give to other Turkish or American women considering becoming a director or working in the film and television industry? They have to know that this industry is hard to survive. It examines your patience. You have to increase your awareness. They have to realize that the material for this job is to understand human behavior and psychology.

Travel around the world, experience things and live more. Fill your life with more observations. Casting can make or break a show. Is there a particular actor you cast or discovered that you feel has "it" especially? I have discovered many talents, or helped improve their acting skills in terms of portraying emotions. Actually the Romanian population especially women went crazy for Turkish serials and everybody was recommending me.

Watch this and that, so I said I will start one to see how it is. Of course first I check just the first episode see how it is and if it's good than I make a full commitment with myself and close myself inside my room and spend nights and days non stop watching the series I might love. So I made a top 3 ranking of my favourite series I have seen so far since I am in Turkey.

Suleyman the Magnificent This one is the one for the books, it is an historical, it relates true events about the life of Suleyman sultan, his two wives and the drama regarding the harem, plus some scenes from the battle field and all his conquers. I remember I have watched first episode some time ago but I was not interested to give it a try. In Romania everybody went crazy after this series so when I came to Turkey I said I need to watch this so called docu-series.

It has 4 seasons and one season is around 30 something episodes with one episode about 2 hours and half. This is a full commitment if you want to watch the entire series. Since last year when I started I am still at beginning of season 3, so I have many more episodes still. But between my daily serials and then another Turkish series I watch my schedule is full.

burak ozcivit relationship tips

But I plan in the nearest future to finish it. But I highly recommend it!

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So far there is only one season but season 2 is about to start in September. First season is 39 episodes and same 2 hours and some per episode. Now this is a cool thing about the Turkish series, all episodes are over 2h long which is totally worth your time, rather than watch those 42 minutes and wait another week for a new episode.

About the series, is a romantic drama starting my favourite Turkish actor, Burak Ozcivit, a lot of drama surrounding his love to a girl and her wealthy and powerful family.

Aski Memnu Forbidden love My top 3 and my least favourite from my list is Ask i Memnu which I think is same as popular as "Suleyman" and became quite popular series abroad. Starting a young women who marries an old and rich business man.

Same as "Kara Sevda" plenty of drama surrounding his family and children. The main character, the woman, is having an affair with the nephew of her husband so yeah it's a twisted plot. But is a good drama with around 90 episodes long as usual so it's worth a try!

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There are of course many more other series which are better than my top 3 but I still couldn't find time to discover more but just in case here are a list of some who other persons swear by: I watch especially the romantic comedies and the drama ones.

They put so much soul into making this movies that when you are watching you actually feel a strange feeling of belonging to the story itself, strange!

I have seen over 20 or more movies and I will gave you a top 10 of my ultimate favorites. For some of them it can be an issue to find subtitles but for those I will recommend you guys there are subs English or also other languages, so you are cover. Top 10 Best of Turkish movies: Starting from the worst to the best Issiz Adam Alone The movie is classical romantic story of a men falling in love with a girl, drama kicks in, break ups and ultimate make up.

But is a good plot and worth your time for sure. I enjoyed watching it. Now, I do not want to give you too much details and let you discover the rest. The 2 main characters happen to interact and met each other during their life, since they were little until they are adults. Super love story and drama. Celal ile Ceren Super comedy with the main character which is a famous guy in Turkey who played on the box office 4 part comedy, "Recep" movies.

The story is about a couple who is going through a break ups and make ups. The movies is a full laughter and I couldn't stop smiling and for that this movie is one of the best comedies in Turkey. Husband factor Such a great comedy and romantic moments throw out. A girl is pressured by her family to get married soon because time is ticking and we all know what that means.