Brahma kumari shivani relationship advice

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brahma kumari shivani relationship advice

Brahma Kumaris Sister Shivani offers five steps to building and consciously creating harmonious relationships in all areas of life. Most of you would have listened to BK Shivani on television in programme “ Awakening with Relationships bring love and happiness in life. The sad part is we are good at counselling our neighbour's children, our brother's. Brahma Kumaris's Sr Shivani has practical advice. Sr. Shivani is always ready with practical and sound advice that is meant to open people's.

brahma kumari shivani relationship advice

Initially we may deny inner and outer relationship issues, to ourselves and others. Or we may try to cover them up with pleasing words and actions.

Talk by BK Shivani on Harmony in Relationships

But gradually, left unresolved, it becomes difficult to sustain the same level of love and respect for the other person. So what are we to do when we want to consciously create harmonious relationships?

Our experience of conflict in relationships begins in our consciousness. So the healing and the creation of harmonious relationships also has to begin there.

brahma kumari shivani relationship advice

If we try to resolve it in words but hold bitter thoughts in our minds, the conflict grows. The strength of a relationship is determined by what we think about each other, not how we speak or behave. Our behavior can outwardly be fine, but our thoughts radiate to that person as vibrations. So, it is only a matter of time before we receive similar vibes back and it triggers conflict.

Here are five simple steps to re-create harmony in strained relationships and consciously create harmonious relationships. Take Responsibility to Cultivate Harmonious Relationships The negative energy and emotions during and after a conflict can block us from realizing our contribution to it. Even if the other person harmed, betrayed, belittled, disrespected, or ignored us…that was their part.

Think right and feel great, no matter what

Our response of anger, hurt, and resentment was our choice and creation. When we stop blaming the other person and look at our role in creating the conflict, healing begins. Practice The Law of Reciprocity The conflict began due to our perception about the other person.

We created negative thoughts, felt negative feelings, developed a negative attitude, behaved negatively, and then transmitted negative energy. Hence, the energy radiated returned back to us, full circle. When our thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and behaviors turn positive, the reciprocating positive energy heals us too. When I accept someone and stop expecting them to be or act some other way, it limits my internal noise and questions.

When my mind is stable, I can respond proactively.

brahma kumari shivani relationship advice

I will then be able to choose the right response by remaining assertive, loving, and powerful. The Art of Letting Go is Essential Only one of us needs to dissolve our contribution to the conflict for healing to begin.

She was about to jump off her balcony after learning that her husband had been keeping a mistress. Thankfully, she got hold of herself and immediately called a hotline to vent her dilemma to a meditation teacher named Sister Shivani. Shivani advised her over the phone: What do you really want to happen now?

She learned and practiced meditation to harness her mind in creating thoughts that would lead her to her vision of a happy life. Ten days later, her husband handed over the divorce papers to her, saying that he was about to move to the US with another woman.

brahma kumari shivani relationship advice

By then, she had developed enough self-esteem and strength to face the situation. She quietly accepted her husband's decision and wholeheartedly let him go. Two months later, her husband called from overseas, realizing his mistake and asking to get back together with her.

Shivani, grateful for the advice she got that practically brought her back to her self-respect and well-being.

5 Easy Steps to Harmonious Relationships

Shivani Verma has encountered many cases like this: And like a spiritual alchemist, Sr. Shivani is always ready with practical and sound advice that is meant to open people's minds: She is one of the personalities behind the India-wide TV program "Awakening with the Brahma Kumaris," making her a popular figure in many Indian households. How Raja Yoga rocks my world Ready to choose happiness? Listen to this guided meditation: Shivani finished her Electronics Engineering graduate course from Pune University inafter which she served for two years as a lecturer in Bhartiya Vidyapeeth College of Engineering in Pune.

However, she has fully dedicated her life to 'spiritual social service' by running values-based workshops internationally and leading the said TV show.