Blood relationship reasoning tricks to fall

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blood relationship reasoning tricks to fall

Blood Relation Questions: Learn the shortcuts and tricks to solve questions Blood relation forms an important part of the reasoning section in most of the. Blood Relation Reasoning Tricks in Tamil Blood Relation Logical Reasoning Trick Blood Relations Reasoning Basic Concepts. Home / Reasoning Tricks / Blood Relation Shortcut Tricks & Tips. All Questions asked in “B” falls in the 2nd generation but still we don't know the gender of “B”.

blood relationship reasoning tricks to fall

Taking that forward, in this blog we will discuss blood relation questions where the relations are expressed in terms of statements and symbols along with logical reasoning tricks.

Set I — Blood Relation Questions where Relations are in form of Statements One of the ways, in which blood relation questions are framed, is where relations are based on given statements. In such blood relation questions, the relationship between two people is given indirectly through their relation with other people and you have to find the direct relation between the two people.

Such blood relation questions can be easily solved by plotting a line diagram. How is B related to T? The first reaction on reading blood relation questions like this is- The here is too much information in the question and also the information given is very confusing. Just grab a pen and paper and start plotting the family tree diagram and the question will just fall in place. Now from this diagram we can conclude that D, B and M are siblings and K is their father while M is their mother.

So we can easily say that M is the mother of B, but the question asked the relation the other way round- How is B related to M? We do not know the gender of B which implies that B can either be the son or the daughter.

So the answer here is- Son or Daughter Problem 2: How is B related to N?

Tricks to Solve Blood Relations Problems in Logical Reasoning

So the relationship between B and N is — B is the niece of N In blood relation questions like this, you must be careful and remember not to assume anything because if you assume things, you will not get the correct answers in blood relation questions. Set II — Blood Relation Questions where Relations are in form of Symbols In blood relation questions under this category, the relationship between two people is given via a symbol and then from the given equation, we need to find the relationship between the two extremes of the equation.

blood relationship reasoning tricks to fall

Family tree… That must be the first thing coming to your mind on reading the above question. That is definitely one of the ways to solve such blood relation questions.

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However, the only problem in solving blood relation questions like these by the family tree is the time taken to solve them. Separate the actual information, the usually stated information or the negative Information.

Each of the actual information would give you some information that can be used to draw a part of the family tree. It is advisable, to begin with, a sentence that gives information about the parent-child relationship.

Grandfather-grandson relationships and brother-sister relationships should be touched later. Go on reading actual information, one by one, and make diagrams for each of the information. These diagrams would be like parts or components of the final family tree. Simultaneously try not to draw additional tree diagrams for each new piece of information that you read.

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Instead, try adding information to the existing tree diagram on reading the new information. The usually stated information or negative info.

blood relationship reasoning tricks to fall

Would be of immense use in this regard. Finally, with the help of all given info. The first sentence is USI while all other are is actual information. Since, as suggested above we should begin with the parent-child relationship. And the third sentence depicts parent-child relationship i.

Therefore, the diagram is as follows Now we should look info.

blood relationship reasoning tricks to fall