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The The Three Musketeers characters covered include: D'Artagnan, Athos, Milady has a secret, and she kills anyone who finds it out--her left shoulder is The King does not trust her, or particularly like her, and the Cardinal hates her. He befriends Athos, Pothos and Aramis and is mainly a guard to Monsieur His wife, whom he believes he has murdered, is Milady de Winter: an amoral in his Court are spies for foreign powers, and does not know who to trust. does not explicitly say whether they have consummated their relationship. That night though it was another woman, not Milady that kept Athos' mind from Athos had sworn off romance and women after his marriage collapsed and . 'If you want my forgiveness you'll have to earn back my trust.

Not for the reason you believe, but he is dead none the less and I did nothing to stop it. We were at that in because I insisted we stop," d'Artagnan glanced up at his brother, then dropped his eyes again, the young man unable to look into the eyes of the man he had betrayed so fully. Athos closed his eyes and took a deep breath to calm his racing heart. He opened his eyes when he felt d'Artagnan pull his arm away from his touch. He had to end this and it had to be now. He cleared his throat and though d'Artagnan did not look up, he could tell that the Gascon was listening.

You did nothing wrong. You did not know me when you slept with Milady and I know that you would never conspire with anyone against your brothers. And as for your father…that was a cruel thing for me to say.

It was intended to hurt you and it did just that. I do not know if I can ever forgive myself for causing you such pain, yet I crave that forgiveness from you. It is I who needs to beg for forgiveness, d'Artagnan, not you.

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He could not bear to see the pain in their soulful depths. It was only when he felt the heat of d'Artagnan's hand fold over his hand that he looked up. He nearly gasped at the look in his brother's eyes.

He nearly wept when that which he sought was freely given without hesitation. You are my brother and I would die for you in a second," the Gascon whispered, dark eyes finally holding Athos' gaze without dropping away after only a fleeting second.

Athos let out a half sob, half laugh as he pulled his brother up and into his arms. He rejoiced when he felt d'Artagnan return the embrace. Finally, after several moments, the men pulled away from each other. Athos eased d'Artagnan back against his pillows then leaned back in his chair. He looked at his brother and wondered once again at how easily the boy had found a place in his heart.

He was special, there was no denying that and Athos felt privileged to have met him, as he knew his fellow Inseparables felt too. With the thought of his brothers he leaned forward once more. The Gascon looked up at him and smiled. They are riddled with guilt and I know that guilt weighs heavily on their hearts," Athos replied.

He was startled when another voice called from behind him. The two men walked to the bed with a little more pep in their step. They sat on the opposite side of the bed and the three elder men were content to just sit in silence in each other's presence and count their blessings that a near tragedy had been averted.

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They all smiled fondly when d'Artagnan's eyes began to droop. Though he fought to stay awake, exhaustion took over and soon d'Artagnan was fast asleep, a ghost of a smile on his lips.

The three Inseparables were just about to join him in slumber when the young Gascon gasped and jerked awake. It was not a random act. He was sought out! Milady had told them something about Richelieu being interested in d'Artagnan, but the urgency of finding the boy had ended the conversation before they could be told anything else.

Was it possible that the cardinal's interest was connected to d'Artagnan's father's death? Athos turned his attention back to d'Artagnan and squeezed his shoulder gently. His heart pounded in his chest at what he had remembered. He opened his eyes and met his mentor's gaze.

My father died because Richelieu was afraid of him destroying him. There was bad blood, I do not know why, but the cardinal believed my father was coming to Paris not to demand relief from the taxes, but to give information that would destroy the cardinal. He had my father killed!

Villainous love interests in The Musketeers

I am so sorry," Aramis whispered, the tone of his voice not betraying the rage he was feeling. When he found out that I had joined up with the musketeers, he hatched a new plan to not only destroy the musketeers, but me as well. What would have happened if you would have said yes? He will come after d'Artagnan again! He must know by now that his plan was thwarted and that we know of his treachery.

He is not so stupid as to make a move on d'Artagnan now," Athos reasoned, his hand still on d'Artagnan's shoulder. He has to pay for what he has done," Aramis stated. Athos sighed and looked at each of his brothers. Athos did not sleep well that night. Since he had given Milady a second chance by banishing her from Paris, sleep had come a lot easier. He was still the man who had turned a countess into a murderess but he was no longer the murderer of the woman he loved.

After that day Athos had often wondered whether or not he still loved his wife and whether that part of him had been responsible for his mercy. But every time he had asked himself the question he always found himself unable to answer it. He could write her out of neither his past nor his present, since without her actions he would not have become the musketeer he was.

Yet completely letting go was proving surprisingly hard. Many times he wished that it could be as easy as discarding the locket that had hung like a noose around his own neck for so long. That night though it was another woman, not Milady that kept Athos' mind from finding peaceful slumber. He had been given a duty to do. He had done it. Why couldn't that be enough?

The temptation to turn to the bottles of wine hidden at the back wall under the bed was becoming ever more appealing as Athos tossed and turned.

Everytime Athos shut his eyes the vision of those disappointed and sad eyes flashed into view. There was something about Athos' reaction to Catherine that terrified and intrigued him at the same time.

Athos had sworn off romance and women after his marriage collapsed and while that resolve had been well and truly tested by Ninon de Larroque Athos had pretty much remained true to it. Until now that was. Since Catherine had departed to attend to the Queen, Athos had been unable to get her out of his head.

His brooding manner had definitely returned over dinner that night, something d'Artagnan, Aramis and Porthos picked up on. Aramis had a pretty good inclination as to why but Porthos and d'Artagnan looked on worriedly.

While Aramis managed to persuade Porthos to let it go d'Artagnan had gone so far as to try and follow Athos home. His attempt lasted all of two streets until Athos, all too aware of what the boy was trying to do, had blatantly told him to leave him be. Athos was fairly certain that d'Artagnan as usual had ignored his request but since he did not feel or hear the musketeer for the rest of the journey he let it be. The bells of Notre Dame rang out for five o' clock in the morning. Athos moaned and sat up on the edge of his bed.

What did he have to do to get rid of this dead weight in his stomach and mind? From sheer tiredness he closed his eyes and listened to his conscience.

He only got one word in reply. Five o' clock meant that the Queen's ladies would soon be up getting everything ready for the Queen. Athos dressed and armed himself before setting off in the direction of the palace.

Perhaps he could sort this out before his was due on duty. The walk in the dark was made more pleasant by the quietness around Paris. Give it another hour and that would all change, but for now the peace and clean air allowed Athos to sharpen his mind. Athos chose a quiet back entrance to get into the palace. The royal guards rarely questioned a musketeer entering the palace but Athos particularly wanted to avoid the attention of the Red guards on the early morning patrol.