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argie allen relationship therapist near

Dr. Argie Allen Wilson is a relationship therapist and a national television and radio personality. Additionally, she is the Director of Clinical Training at Drexel. Dr. Argie Allen: Relationship Expert and Media Personality Talks On March 20, , Dr. Argie Allen, a relationship and family therapist hosted an So finding that authentic self is almost like circling back around and. From my heart to your heart, Argie J. Allen, PhD, MFT Relationship Therapist & Media Personality Director of Clinical Training-Couple & Family Therapy.

He would not have been able to be amongst the people in the way that he was had he not gone into his place of solitude and really restore himself.

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At the seminar you talked about finding ourselves. Will you say it may be impossible to find ourselves without finding that authentic self or will you say it is the same thing? Is finding yourself the same as finding your authentic self? How do you define both? I think we come into this world as intimate, loving, passionate and compassionate human beings and then the world shifts us to some place outside of the core of who we are.

So finding that authentic self is almost like circling back around and reclaiming that which we were called here to do and to be. How would you say a person can go about finding that authentic self or getting in touch with that authentic self?

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So I would suggest starting with prayer and now this is the hard part, being still enough and obedient enough to really hear the voice of God. Speaking of voices and leading. What do you think is the best way to approach things when you feel that you have a calling to go in a certain direction, in any area of your life, but receive opposition from outside sources?

argie allen relationship therapist near

I would say you need to be very prayerful and ask God to lead you to the persons that will honor this information. And then also recognize your audience. Because I do not believe that all information is for everybody.

argie allen relationship therapist near

I do not believe that all dreams are to be shared with everyone. And I think and believe that there are only a few people in our core circle that are meant to walk a part of development of our dreams and thoughts and ideas and our purpose.

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Back to reclaiming our authentic selves. For example, I am a communicator. I had a relationship where the person thought I talked too much. And on a crisp day when you wake up, you might not see that sun but the sun is still there. How much progress do you think women have made so far in reaching a place of self-awareness?

Both the younger generation and older generation. I think we have a long way to go.

Dr. Argie Allen

There are times when I believe we have regressed and I think that it makes sense because years ago things were complex but more simple. There was more time to really think about things that really mattered to ourselves; we connected to the cornerstones of lives, like family. But it allowed us to talk.

Zimmerman was the one armed with a deadly weapon and initially followed this child for no apparent reason. The smiles on the faces of the defense team because Mr. Zimmerman was set free after the verdict of not guilty in no way indicates his innocence.

Zimmerman goes to sleep at night if he will be honest with himself about some of these questions: If Trayvon Martin was white would Mr. Zimmerman have been equally suspicious of him?

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Did he become suspicious of this 17 year old child simply because he was the wrong complexion ie. Race in his neighborhood? If this was Mr. Why are so many white people including Mr. Zimmerman and his team unwilling to acknowledge the racial injustices and the polarizing implications of this case that still continue to plague our society like cancer? Zimmerman, his family or his legal team even capable of understanding that this case was not void of racism on so many levels from the beginning of Mr.

Did Trayvon Martin have the right to stand his ground and defend himself out of fear for his life given that Mr. Zimmerman admittedly followed him and admittedly had a deadly weapon?

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Mark Omara stated that Mr. Zimmerman was not guilty of anything but protecting himself in self defense?

argie allen relationship therapist near

Well, as they all go to sleep at night enjoying their successful outcome, I pray they think of that 17 year old boy Trayvon Benjamin Martin who was armed only with a bag of skittles and will never get another opportunity to defend himself because on the last night of his life when he tried to defend himself he was no match for a 29 year old man armed with a gun named George Zimmerman who chose to cross multiple racial and physical boundaries by taking the law into his own hands for no valid reason.

That said, I also pray that we continue to keep the family of Trayvon Martin in our prayers. Additionally, he certainly did not die in vein. Ultimately, we must believe that justice will be served.

argie allen relationship therapist near

Perhaps the justice we are looking for will come from God and not man!