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Reversed The meaning of Wunjo reversed is exactly the opposite of Spirituality , Viking Runes and tagged 12 Step, Ansuz, course of right. Meaning Authority figure, a god, a leader, mind and body balance, justice, Drawing the Ansuz rune reversed could be showing you that you. The meaning of his name is variously given as "the covering of God" He appears Ansuz Reversed or Merkstave: Misunderstanding, delusion, Traditional Medicinals is a company that practices responsible marketing.

Look for signals and confirmations which are all around you, all the time. Everything has a special significance. If you learn this truth, you will understand and take heed of the messages around you. Listen to your inner-self and what it is telling you, then move forward with the knowledge and wisdom learned from the experience.

The telling to others of your experiences also facilitates in their learning, giving them the option to learn from your mistakes as well as their own, and by heeding yours, learn from them as well.

Ansuz – Rune Meaning Analysis – Rune Secrets

Ultimately, by either our action or lack of action, we are responsible for what happens around us, and to us. Anzus is the rune representing our responsibility to ourselves and our world. It is not the action itself, but the result of that action which counts here. Ansuz, when drawn in a reading, will bring release quickly. This is a release of stress and of blockages preventing one to move from a situation or issue, or the decision to release oneself from a burden.

You may feel trapped or tied down to a situation and feel you are unable to escape and see no resolution. When you put your effort into resolution, the effect of the energy released through the Ansuz rune is freedom; physically, mentally and spiritually. Freedom is only achieved with strong will, determination and the true desire to release the burden.

The Runes: Wunjo ᚹ

Ansuz shows you the effect of your positive or negative action. Trust that everything that comes to you, comes to teach.

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By acknowledging this truth, you will grow in knowledge and wisdom. What follows are two major ones. Dishonesty Ansuz energies are very often twisted past the point of mere persuasion into the domain of bullshit and point-blank lying. We all, invariably, invent stories and lie to ourselves to one degree or another — we must be sure to study the virtue of honesty to self and others — dishonesty is very harmful to the spirit. Repeat a lie enough, and you will come to believe it.

It is a weak magic that relies on illusion. Ansuz is most powerful when aligned as close as possible to reality. But therein lay another treacherous flaw inherent in over-dependence on this rune. But neither the word tree or its definition, or its visual image in our minds — however vivid — is an actual tree. Here we approach the limit of Ansuz, and there is a very strong, unconscious tendency in Western society to believe too heavily in the name, too heavily in the idea, or theory, while neglecting the infinitely more complex, subtle and interconnected nature of the universe.

Naming and describing does not necessitate understanding. Yet, our minds have the unconscious habit of believing that if we can name, describe, theorize, explain, then we have true understanding. We often confuse the map for the actual territory. Labels are always reductive. Classification always fragments and divides a universe which is not, in and of itself, divided.

The Weekly Rune -- Ansuz Reversed

This can trap us in a mode of thinking that is out of alignment with the truth. Beware this veil of words: But it is wise to see that they can form walls as well. And what about a thing that is real, but no word in our language exists for it?

Or no word in any language? Can we think about such things, and experience them, regardless? Conclusion A word itself makes nothing more or less real, except in our minds, though this is not to understate the power and potential of our minds!

Symbols shape and order consciousness.


Called Odin's Rune for its connection to inspiration, this stave is associated with his significant creations -- the first humans -- Askr ash tree and Embla elm, possibly water in the Old Icelandic cosmology. Contrary to more widely known creation stories, Ask and Embla were fashioned from trees, and created all of humanity. Part of their task was coming into relationship with everything in the physical and nonphysical world. They had to name everything they encountered, and in naming them, they changed their perception of them.

There's a reason the thought persists in esoteric communities that when we began speaking, we began lying -- however unintentionally. Metaphor and the thing it described may not have been the same thing for Askr and Embla. It's probably not the same, now. Hence, when Ansuz visits reversed, communications are likely a little bent.