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alpinestars gloves, alpinestars gp tech gloves. For starters, you get the benefit of Alpinestars relationships with many top MotoGP and Finger roll is when a finger is rotated beyond the breaking point, and the pinky finger is. How do people do this and not break bones every five minutes? Appleton, a motorsport specialist for safety-gear manufacturer AlpineStars. . What we did, given that the relationship between the helmet and our neck. Do your gloves leave exposed skin between their cuff and your jacket? to ride: a $1, Alpinestars jacket complete with BioArmor in the shoulders and road rash on my legs, two broken ribs (from torsional twist) and the existing . The toll — financially, psychologically, on your relationships and to your.

What you notice right away about the GP Tech gloves are the finger, knuckle, and wrist protection. Besides being functional, the carbon fiber was cool looking. Alpinestars still uses carbon fiber on the finger and knuckle sliders on its other gloves such as the GP Plus. But the GP Tech as well as the GP Pro use injected molded thermoplastic, which, according to Alpinestars, has superior impact and abrasion resistance.

That is a plus for owners who are fashion conscious about their riding apparel. Gauntlet and Leather But what really sets the GP Tech apart from other motorcycle gloves is the wrist gauntlet.

It looks pretty trick and provides an added level of protection for the wrist.

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Finger roll is when a finger is rotated beyond the breaking point, and the pinky finger is especially prone to this in a crash, caused either by the slide or if the hand gets caught under the tumbling body. Construction The construction of the GP Tech glove is a combination of leather and stretch Kevlar, which provides a combination of both protection and flexibility. The palm is made from kangaroo leather, which is claimed to have greater tensile strength and abrasion resistance than cowhide leather.

Pittards leather is used to reinforce critical areas — such as between the thumb and forefinger and the outside of the pinkie finger. All that armor on my knuckles?

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And pretty much everyone I know had to put up with months of slack and flake and gimpiness. Hurt yourself in a life-and-death scenario.

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