Aaker model of brand relationship definition

aaker model of brand relationship definition

The brand relationship spectrum can help create clarity, leverage, and BMW has a master brand strategy with models denoted as BMW 3, BMW 7, BMW Examples of this strategy include the Chevrolet Volt, the Samsung. A conceptual model for Consumer-Brand Relationships. .. As suggested by this definition, brand is viewed as a distinctive sign. However, the . Personality Dimensions (J. Aaker et al., ) to address the study of Brand Personality in. The Aaker Brand Equity Model views Brand equity as a combination of have given different definitions and ways to identify the brand value.

Brand relationship

How does your logo design score? Available now when you sign up for BMB articles via email. The product and the brand are indivisible. For example, Philips Healthcare cannot be separated.

The Brand Relationship Spectrum | Aaker on Brands

Sub-brand A sub-brand appears with the parent brand with nearly equal size and placement. This is helpful to distinguish one division or product offerings from another. For example, the Samsung Galaxy is reserved for smartphones, while Samsung Tab is reserved for tablets. Endorsed Brand One brand is endorsed by another. The endorsee brand is presented larger and up front.

Branding a New Offering: The Brand Relationship Spectrum

The endorsee brand gains credibility and associations while building the bulk of the brand equity. The endorser brand gains exposure as the brand is operated and promoted.

aaker model of brand relationship definition

But consumers are assured that the chocolate bar will be of a certain quality and level of taste because of the endorsement of Cadbury. Cadbury could sell Wunderbar to Nestle or Hersey, if they were so inclined. The association does not add enough value to be a sub-brand or an endorsed brand but appearing together neutral for each brand if not positive.

Walmart and their store brand Great Value.

aaker model of brand relationship definition

A sub-brand can stretch the master brand, allowing it to become relevant in new arenas. An important element in managing the sub-brand is to understand its driver role. If it is significant, then it could merit some brand-building resources.

aaker model of brand relationship definition

But if it is minor and mainly plays a descriptive role, then its brand-building budget would be less. It is easy to assume the sub-brand is more important than you think. It turns out people really are buying HP and not LazerJet.

Endorsed brand The second option is the endorsed brand strategy, in which the offering is endorsed by an existing master brand.

Brand relationship strategies. - BMB

The role of the endorser brand is to provide credibility and reassurance that the endorsed brand will live up to its claims. An endorsed brand Scotchguard is not completely independent of the endorser 3Mbut it has considerable freedom to develop product associations and a brand personality that is different from that of the endorser.

The endorser brand usually has only a minor driver role, but when the endorser is strong and the new offering is unknown and risky, its driver role can become significant.

There are also times in which the endorser can benefit.

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For example, a successful new product with energy or an offering that becomes a market leader brand can enhance an endorser. A New Brand The most independent option is to have a new brand, unconstrained by any past master brand associations that might be unhelpful or even harmful. When a collection of new brands is assembled, it is called a House of Brands strategy. The house of brands strategy allows firms to position brands clearly on functional benefits and to dominate niche segments.

A major limitation of the house of brands strategy is the loss of economies of scale that comes with leveraging a brand across multiple businesses. Those brands that cannot support investment themselves risk stagnation and decline. Another limitation is the loss of brand leverage, because focused brands tend to have a narrow range and their ability to extend is limited.

Final Thoughts When thinking about selecting the right position on the brand relationship spectrum, there is no one-size-fits all solution.