7 of swords reversed relationship

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7 of swords reversed relationship

Seven of Swords combined with the Magician reversed can denote a con man. Seven of swords tarot card can indicate trust issues within a relationship. How to Interpret 'Sword Cards' in a Relationship Reading (Simple Snapshot Reference Guide – Numerology, Upright, Reversed, Yes/No) Swords - A little Seven of Swords – Not a very positive card for relationships, mostly advising you to. When the Seven of Swords reversed shows up in a reading, usually it is In love and relationship readings, usually this means that a cheater.

Hard to let anyone get close to you. Appearing cold and distant.

Swords – Love and Romance Associations

The need to let go of emotional and psychological baggage. Someone refusing to accept your choice of partner. However, it can be overcome with committed effort on both sides. Reversed — A painful decision is made and action taken. Seeing your relationship for exactly what it is. Being totally honest instead of hiding things. Increased estrangement if talks to find a solution breakdown. A couple in an entrenched battle. Love can warm up again or turn ice-cold. Terrible confusion about what to do can be totally paralysing.

7 of swords reversed relationship

Eventual forgiveness or absolute refusal to forgive. No Gain without pain. Three of Swords — Upset, tears and strong emotional outbursts.

Heartbroken or feeling betrayed. Learning a hard lesson. Vicious rows and accusations. Words designed to hurt. A love triangle — third person in a relationship or external interference. Legal wrangles between couples. Feeling down and depressed about your relationship. Past hurts and unreleased pain tainting current relationship or attitudes towards relationships. Feeling fatalistic about love. Much effort is required to get past this stage. Stabilisation of relationship issues as communication opens the door to healing.

Sorting out your relationship.

Seven of Swords in Love and Relationships - Priania

Releasing anger and bitterness. Opening your heart to forgiveness. The beginning of healing after a relationship breakdown, separation or divorce. On the other-hand, it could signal all out war and plunging the swords further into the heart. Refusal to let go and move on.

Bitter fight to the end. Repression of true feelings. Outwardly appearing to be fine about everything but festering within. The Seven of Swords also warn against engaging in behaviour or activities that may put your health in danger.

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This deception may appear in the form of associates, teachers or religious leaders who may be underhanded or deceitful in their dealings with you, do not allow yourself to be manipulated. You have intuition and a conscience for a reason! Follow them over any outside influences. It can represent careers in the military or security. Alternatively, this Minor Arcana card reversed represents pathological liars, serial cheaters, people who are malicious or so two faced they are toxic or dangerous to be around.

7 of swords reversed relationship

It also represents slander, blackmail and con artists. The Seven of Swords reversed can also signify ignoring warning signs, being outsmarted or finding that your strategies or plans are unworkable.

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It may also represent ignoring warning signs or getting caught. This deception will be exposed and truth will come out but this card can indicate a number of scenarios in the circumstances that bring this about.

The cheater or deceiver may trip themselves up or accidentally expose their lies but their partner may ignore the warning signs or choose to turn a blind eye to their behaviour. The cheater may be get caught out and run away with the person they have been cheating with. However, again, you must not jump to conclusions when this Minor Arcana card appears reversed as it can also be an indication that a third party who has been spreading lies or stirring trouble in your relationship will be exposed for the liar they are.

If you are single, the Seven of Swords reversed indicates that you may meet someone who is a pathological liar or a serial cheater so beware! It can also be an indication that you are ready to give up the game playing of your previous relationship and are ready to turn over a new leaf and be more genuine with potential partners. But the truth is that if your question for the reading is very specific then the card will show you the real meaning or outcome of the situation.

Apparently, the right keywords for upright Seven of Swords are ignoring and deceit. Is your partner trying to elude a confrontation coming from you? If your answer is yes then he is displaying Seven of Swords personality.

Now is he showing a disinterest in committing fully to you in a relationship? If yes then he is once again carrying the personality of this card. The keyword deceit, however, can occur in many ways.

Some good examples can be cheating and fooling.

7 of swords reversed relationship

When a man, despite having a relationship, flirts with other women on Facebook or at any other place he becomes the thief that you will see in Seven of Swords tarot card, for by taking such steps, he is deceiving his partner.

What happens when you confront this man about his cheating behavior? Does he not try to defend himself by saying he could never do such a thing?

7 of swords reversed relationship

Unfortunately, this defending behavior he is using equals to lying to get away with his crime and this again implies that he is the Seven of Swords. An interesting point to note is that sometimes this tarot card can totally signal an issue that is bothering you in the relationship and not the other way around. For instance, if you feel deeply insecure with your partner you will certainly think that he is cheating on you.

You might even go one step farther by hacking into his email account to check whether other women email him or not.