600 years of polish turkish relationship

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600 years of polish turkish relationship

The past years of Polish-Turkish relations depicted in this arti- cle stand as a marked the th anniversary of the establishment of Polish and Turk-. Exploring Years of Turkish-Polish Relations at the Sakıp Sabancı Museum By Kosta Dalageorgas Going to the Sakıp Sabancı Museum located in Emirgan. marked the th anniversary of the establishment of Polish and Turkish mutual diplomatic relations. The centuries following saw.

Poles and Turks, six centuries on

In the wake of the Treaty of Carlowitz, Poland and the Ottoman state, which over the centuries had shared the stage of history sometimes as neighbours and sometimes as enemies, now shared a similar fate, despite one being on the losing and the other on the winning side.

While the Ottoman state went into decline, struggling for survival by diplomacy or war as circumstances required; the kingdom of Poland was attacked by Austria, Prussia and Russia, its powerful neighbours and former allies at the victory of Vienna, which now seized vast tracts of Polish territory in both east and west.

600 years of polish turkish relationship

Finally in the country was partitioned by these powers and Poland ceased to be an independent state. The Ottoman state refused to recognize the right of the invading powers to partition Poland and in palace protocol the place of the Polish ambassador was preserved.

Some of these people are known to have played influential roles in Ottoman reform movements. This period is illustrated by documents, paintings and other diverse objects.

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Since a relationship going back years could not be represented by material from Poland alone, we were obliged to find a contemporary Ottoman equivalent for every object brought from that country. From then until his death, the sultan tried to concentrate on consolidating his rule and setting up a state government.

600 years of polish turkish relationship

He only engaged in wars that were forced upon him, preferring to keep the peace, and that may be why he received a diplomatic mission from Poland Lehistan in Ottoman Turkish. The mission came about when the King Sigismund of Hungary felt directly threatened by the Ottomans.

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He wanted help from Wladyslaw Jagiello, the king of Poland and Witold, the grand duke of Lithuania, both of whom were reluctant to provide military support. The Polish king sent two royal envoys: The sultan receives the two envoys graciously and generously provides them with everything they need.

600 years of polish turkish relationship

The main focus of the exhibit is self-evident from the title, while the exhibit highlights numerous realia that further demonstrate this relationship. As you enter the exhibit, which begins on one of the lower levels of the museum, you first see a timeline with one wall in Turkish and the other in English showing the origins of Turks and Poles in parallel.

600 years of polish turkish relationship

One interesting fact I learned was that the Polans or Polanie tribe meant "plains dwellers", most likely reflecting where they originated from. It shows how the Ottomans and Poles first made contact during the medieval period, with commercial relations centered around textiles and silks being sent from the Ottoman Empire to the Polish Kingdom centered in Krakow, to be exhibited at the homes of the aristocracy and nobility.

As the Ottoman Empire and the Kingdom of Poland expanded, war, particularly over the region of Crimea, became one of the defining characteristics of their relationship. This is reflected in the collected artifacts displayed on the 2nd level of the exhibition. On this floor, a variety of military weaponry is featured, including swords, bows, arrows and maces used for hand-to-hand combat.

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