3rd shift relationship problems

How to Make Your Relationship Survive While Working Opposite Shifts

3rd shift relationship problems

Her partner, who works for a news channel also works in shifts. She says the week used to go off smoothly, but the problem would arise on. Night-shift workers encounter less sunlight, so sleep-deprivation and other sleep problems are common. Lack of sleep can increase irritability, making it difficult. Shift work is increasingly an issue in divorces Credit: by the fact that long night shifts spent in the company of co-workers can be a of the shifts but the extra- marital relationships formed while working them," she said.

Optimize the time you do have together Chances are, there are at least a couple of hours per week where neither of you need to be sleeping and your schedules overlap.

3rd shift relationship problems

Do you spend this zoning out in front of screens, running errands, or doing different tasks in different rooms? Make the most of any time you have together, and try to think of this like all the good parts of an illicit affair: You wouldn't spend precious time with a lover picking up groceries, would you? Touch base at least weekly Carve out 15 minutes every week to talk in person about concerns, issues around the house, parenting troubles and anything else that requires action.

3rd shift relationship problems

Anything more than 15 minutes, outside of a genuine crisis of course, is not helpful. However, this time is critical so that one partner doesn't feel like they're taking on all the responsibility. Communication is critical, especially when you can make it in person. Be realistic about your sleep hygiene Sleep hygiene is important, and most people need around eight hours in order to get the most benefits although is varies person to person.

Night Shift's Effects on Relationships

One partner shouldn't be sacrificing sleep just to spend time with another. However, if you've logged your eight hours and just like to loll in bed while your partner is having breakfast, make the compromise.

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Get up, join them, and try setting your alarm a little earlier if you really like that lucid waking stage. Vacation together There's a high chance that you both have some vacation time each year, or you at least get the same major holidays off. When that happens, plan a vacation even if it's a staycation and cherish this rarity.

Can your relationship survive the night shift?

These days, many excuses are made such as the appeal of getting time and a half or simply opting out of paid vacation days altogether. Breaks are a necessity to recharge your physical, mental, emotional health as well as your relationship.

If there are children or others to be cared for in the home, this partner may feel a greater sense of responsibility and accountability. These feelings may lead to resentment and frustration. Shift work may not be the ideal way of working or living, but it may be necessary to make ends meet or to keep employment.

However, even with all of the negative things stated, there is hope. If you and your partner work different shifts, there are ways to ensure you still maintain a happy and healthy relationship.

3rd shift relationship problems

Consider the following tips: Call or text during breaks. This simple gesture will keep communication open throughout the day. If possible, try to keep the conversations light.

Avoid talking about things that require more time than you have or that could create negative feelings. Remember, quality is better than quantity.

You and your partner may not have tons of time to spend together, but you can make the most of the time you have. Set a date or plan a fun activity during your next available time together and make the most out of whatever you do.

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Leave little reminders of your love. Little reminders can come in the form of a note or a simple gift. Leave your partner items in surprising places such as the car, the bathroom, or even the fridge. This will let your partner know that you are thinking of them and leave them thinking of you as well.

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