What was josephs relationship with godlike productions

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what was josephs relationship with godlike productions

5 Copy edit; 6 Coleman book; 7 LSD Research; 8 Godlike Productions; 9 No role in the creation of Israel; 10 On adding segment about being a target of conspiracy theorists; 11 Transparent as Glass. Close to requesting mediation.[edit]. I have removed the section below, which was unsourced. specialised in couples relationships under the section name of the "Tavistock. Nov 20, Long before the Egyptians enslaved the Hebrews, Joseph, the first and foremost . (their primary means of production and wealth) to Joseph and Pharaoh. .. a very different perspective on the Hebrew's historic relationship to the .. The problem is, when mere men are granted God Like control, their short. Post subject: Godlike Productions Reply with quote. Seems that ever since their . So, we want to know if there is any connection between the new owners of catchsomeair.us and .. Deal handled by C. Joseph Giroir. II. Giroir is the Rose law.

We finally find Larry together with Brad on a yahoo biz site: Coming back to Haim Belisha, undoubtedly the husband of Elaine Belisha, another curious item popped up: Leslie Hore-Belisha was born in Devonport in Hore-Belisha, a member of the Liberal Party, worked as a journalist and lawyer before entering the House of Commons for Devonport in This was a controversial decision as the former holder of the post, Alfred Duff Cooper, was popular with the British armed forces.

what was josephs relationship with godlike productions

He also upset Neville Chamberlain by suggesting the introduction of military conscription during his negotiations with Adolf Hitler in His attempts to persuade Chamberlain to rapidly increase spending on the armed forces was also unsuccessful. In he began a campaign to have Hore-Belisha sacked as Secretary of War. In one speech on 27th April he warned that Hore-Belisha "will lead us to war with our blood-brothers of the Nordic race in order to make way for a Bolshevised Europe.

Lord Halifax objected, claiming that it was "inappropriate to have a Jew in charge of publicity. However, he lost office when the Labour Party won the General Election. Leslie Hore-Belisha, who lost his seat in the election, died in In any event, getting back to Elaine's friend, Michelle Guerin we find that on her website, she has posted a story about her life as a "Montaukee. We also find that Elaine has written a comment to an article posted on Kent Steadman's site.

Worldwide Periodical Time Shift? How did you know these watches measured time accurately before this magical date? A decent way you can measure the rate of watches losing time is to record the difference of your standard time reference STR to save me typing to your time. If the difference between your watches over a few days, and the STR increases then either there is something going on with time or your watch is deteriorating.

If the difference between these watches and the STR is relatively constant over time, everything should be normal. And the sun moving? Elaine Belisha and here, in response to an article about Fulcanelli: The fact is,these "people" are an infection,a disease, perhaps like a cancer, eating away at the natural order of things.

Mormonism Research Ministry

Be careful what you think, if you believe it,it will happen, withen your own frame of reference. That is to say, you are creating your own reality and your realitysucks. Stop Elaine Belisha We notice that both ladies like Kent Steadman and both ladies are into Montauk and alien abductions.

So, we have a look at Kent Steadman just for the heck of it: COM Record created on Sep This jogs our memory and we recall that Network Traffic which now owns hifiexchange. But then there is that strange coincidence where homehifiexchange.

So, I went back to Network Traffic which has the nifty little trademarked icon No corporation filings in Washington State either. Whoever they are, these folks are invisible.

Remember Larry Tedesco and homehifiexchange. Now remember that when we searched the domain registration of hifiexchange, we found that the domain was registered by Keyword Traffic on July 31, So if it was a 6 year old company inthen that means that Haim Belisha is either closely involved, or acted as a front since he and Elaine Belisha owned hifiexchange prior to that time. Just to get a handle on who these people are, go HERE and read carefully.

Among other things you will find: Lance is indicted on charges of violating federal banking laws.

John Piper - The Sale of Joseph and the Son of God

Clifford's partner, Robert Altman, represents Lance who eventually achieves a hung jury. Deal handled by C.

what was josephs relationship with godlike productions

Giroir is the Rose law firm chair who hired Hillary Clinton. Giroir will continue to be a deal-maker for the Riadys. Clinton and Worthen escape a major scandal. Mochtar's son James comes back to Arkansas to manage Worthen as president.

Worthen is investigated by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency for improper loans to companies owned by the Riadys and Stephenses. After Bush joins Harken, the largest stock position and a seat on its board is acquired by Harvard Management Company.

A few days before the supposedly surprise arrest of five BCCI officials, some of the world's most powerful drug dealers quietly withdraw millions of dollars from the bank. Some government investigators believe the dealers were tipped off by sources within the Reagan administration.

Justice Department later denies this occurred. And geez, Elaine Belisha, founder of Godlikeproductions. But let's go back to that funny remark Elaine Belisha made on Kent Steadman's site: Observers in the southern hemisphere say the comet can be seen with the naked eye even through city lights. The comet could become even brighter when it moves into northern hemisphere skies in the second week of March.

Despite bad light and smog pollution, the comet's nucleus was clearly visible to the naked eye as well as a small part of the tail. Several important dates are approaching. By March 12th and 13th, the comet will reappear in the sunset skies of the northern hemisphere not far from the crescent Moon; think photo-op! The comet is the fan-shaped object on the left.

Although those trying to maintain the cover-up over the presence of Planet X, aka Nibiru, might wish otherwise, trying to claim that a comet is the same as the Planet X complex is an exercise in futility. Count the ways in which it fails. Comets are tiny, though the ice in these dirty snowballs, a product of the Asteroid Belt when water planets were pelted to pieces, produces visible water vapor tails.

In no way does this compare to the vast dust cloud of Planet X, which is red, not white, due to the iron oxide in the tail. The tail is charged, and swirls in a circular manner, which comet tails to not.

The Planet X complex includes moons, which form into Moon Swirls that often form a checkmark relationship to each other. These Moon Swirls funnel sunlight, forming bright orbs around the Sun, which are seen naked eye by the populace. Comets do none of this. Just found out Chavez died and I was both sad and surprised. I would remember the answer from here http: He wasn't even 60 years old after all. Are there better things to do for this soul or maybe his haters finally managed to kill him, if protection was lifted?

For those astonished that we would call Chavez Service-to-Other when the US media paints him as the anti-Christ, we would suggest a comparison to the Venezuela prior to Chavez and after. US corporations stole the Venezuelan wealth, its oil, and gave little to the people. Chavez returned this to the people, as have other democratically elected leaders in S America recently.

The trend enraged the corporations, and under Bush assassination of Chevez was attempted numerous times. The cancer which finally did Chavez in was not implanted by the CIA, though they certainly tried this during the Bush administration. It is a naturally occurring cancer, a result of his depressed immune system. Chavez chose to allow his cancer to kill him.

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As a highly Service-to-Other soul, doing important work in bringing true democracy to his country and the S American continent, he could have accepted a healing, assistance from the Council of Worlds. Why did he desire to die? What is not recognized by the public is the personal battle that goes on long before a hero, or leader, or trend setter emerges. Most fade away from the challenge, even if they are a Star Child with a long record of successes on other worlds.

The Earth is a particularly contentious world, due to the development of large predators in its history, so that Early Man had to battle to survive.

As a result of its history of slavery under the Annunaki, there is also a slightly higher percentage of Service-to-Self souls emerging from the souls sparked on Earth. Being a Star Child on Earth is no tea party, and being a terran born soul undertaking a challenging mission is most certainly not a tea party. If most undertaking such a challenge fade before the public is even aware of their potential, what of those who proceed? Most proceeding fade during the first battle.

Those who survive the first battle are likely to remain in the fight until the end of their incarnation, until the fight is resolved. Their mission can shrink in size and determination, however, and the majority pull back into their comfort zone as the Transformation intensifies.

So we have very few sticking to their mission, and of those most reducing the mission size and promise. Chavez was in a position where he could not reduce the challenge. Venezuela was not shrinking. The desire of US corporations to rob the country was not going away. The Pole Shift with all its challenges was before him.

He hopes that others will step into the fray and continue the fight, but he felt he was not up to the challenge! A video of photos posted on Twitter by well-known actor Russell Crowe is getting a lot of media attention.

Crowe's indicated the photos were taken on a balcony outside of his office in Woolloomooloo, Australia, using a Canon 5D camera with no flash. This results in the well-known effect of light streaks of moving cars seen on nighttime highways, or photos of fireworks. Indeed this exact effect can be seen in Crowe's images, which appear large because they were taken with a telephoto lens. One person has posted a fairly convincing analysis of the video, showing that the image is almost certainly a passing sailboat whose lights were accidentally captured by Crowe's camera.

Perhaps the biggest clue that the UFO existed only in Crowe's camera and not over Sydney, Australia's most populous city is that no one else saw it or recorded it. Surely if such a brightly lit, mysterious object was hovering over Sydney's Botanical Gardens, it would have been seen by hundreds or thousands of other people — and likely recorded on at least a few smart phones. The long distance zoomed view, taken across water that is open to sailboats passing back and forth, in a time-lapse photograph designed to have the camera shutters open long enough to capture light in the dark have produced the effect in the photos.

A moving object appears as streaks. The man himself appeared to lack any conscience or sense of responsibility for his experiments and willingly sold his ideas to the highest bidder, whether they were an aspiring despot or corporate racketeer.

ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for March 9,

If a doctor, scientist, or journalist gives their seal of approval then the public is more likely to believe what is being said. Although nowadays the public is a little more savvy and cynical regarding these basic methods, in previous years it proved extremely successful for a range of products.

The third party technique is obviously still employed though with much greater subterfuge, where government or corporate clients will often keep their PR and lobbying connections hidden from prying eyes — the money involved is often too seductive to declare these conflicts of interest. He believed it was key to the success of propaganda techniques and urged the US government to ratchet up the fear quota in relation to communism so that the public would become more compliant and malleable to suggestion.

He was employed by marketing and advertising companies as well as celebrities, charities and government agencies. Soap, perfume, cigarettes and commerce were all used as an experimental testing ground which proved time and again to be successful in predicting and leading public desires to prearranged outcomes. His task was to assist in the preparation of the American mind to accept and support entry into the First World War.

Brainstorming sessions took place where the main target of propaganda operations were young working class men who were required to become machine-gun and cannon fodder on the fields of Flanders and the Somme, all of which was unknown to the American public.

The funding came firstly, from the British Royal Family, Rockefeller family trusts and several years later from the Rothschilds, to whom Lord Rothmere was related by marriage.

The tripartite relations of the arms industry, banking and Elite designs is a lucrative ideological and geopolitical formula that have defined the financial architecture up to the present day. As Lord Rothmere owned both The Times of London and the Daily Mail it was deemed more than feasible that the shaping of the Anglo-American mind in favour of war could proceed. They discovered that the ability to reason was poor amongst the population, especially the uneducated which made up the vast majority of conscripts.

It was the stimulation of mass emotional reaction accompanied by appropriate slogans and images of national pride and family protection that proved the greatest success.

what was josephs relationship with godlike productions

John Coleman and his own research tells us: With the Tavistock plan modified to suit American conditions, Bernays and Lippmann led President Woodrow Wilson to set up the very first Tavistock methodology techniques for polling manufacturing so-called public opinion created by Tavistock propaganda.

The Creel Commission was the first such body of opinion-makers set up in the United States.


This was the official starting point, but the ambitions of the Institute were far broader. Selfishness, instinct, fear and the importance of Pavlovian responses sat upon an abiding materialism and distrust in human nature, all of which served to feed the machine of the 4Cs.

Kurt Lewin became director of Tavistock in A ratline of psychologists began to create a conduit between the US and UK. Both authors drew from the usual neo-feudal beliefs which augmented the need to regulate and shape societies.

This led to the Institute becoming host to renowned behavioural psychologists and the study of group psychodynamics. This implanted conditioning meant that it became easier and easier to manipulate through an array of Pavlovian distractions.

With the Special Operations Executive agreement between Roosevelt and Churchill already in place allowing British interests to dominate American operations, Dr. Lewin took on the directorship of the Strategic Bombing Survey, which was tasked with bombing civilian housing and avoiding military targets and munition depots inside Germany.