Touma kamijou relationship with god

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touma kamijou relationship with god

Kamijou Touma has defeated the Magic God, Othinus and restored the world . And a normal teenager would worry about relationships, about. Kamijou Touma (上条 当麻 Kamijō Tōma) is the main protagonist of the This, according to Index, even includes his own good luck, as they are the blessings of God. . Surprisingly, Touma still hasn't gotten into a serious romantic relationship . Hence I present to you, a story of Kamijou Touma and Othinus. The aforementioned scantily clad magic god commented as she . Their currently relationship was such that they needed no spell or other means to converse.

Where did you even learn that?

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Have you watched the Index anime, Saten-san? I'll fall in love with him D-did Misaka-san just— Yes, she admitted it With the writer of the short list out cold, Othinus decided to keep the paper, knowing that it wouldn't be safe within the vicinity of Mikoto's crazy teleporter roommate.

touma kamijou relationship with god

Not long after, the Electromaster regained consciousness and they all decided to head home. What greeted Othinus was a familiar sight of Touma wearing his apron and cooking dinner in the kitchen. What did you guys do? He let out a hum of interest but didn't inquire any further.

A few more minutes later, he was done with dinner and was preparing their food on the table. After saying the Japanese pre-meal thanksgiving, Touma spoke. She shrugged, "She's the most normal among your friends. She's the only one that I can actually talk to about anything that's happening in my life, be it the Magic Side, the Science Side or just the usual normal student stuff. I guess it also helps that she stopped being unreasonably violent with me.

But even with that, she's great, isn't she? If she didn't know him very well, she'd think at was almost a confession She doesn't seem like your other friends. She's my comrade when things get out of hand in the Magic or the Science side, but at the end of the day, we can still hang out like normal students talking about homework and upcoming exams. It's nice to have her around, because with her, I don't forget that the Kamijou Touma who fights against monstrously strong supernatural beings is the same as the Kamijou Touma who is a plain high school idiot that always takes remedial classes.

She honestly didn't expect his answer to be that deep. Othinus's eyes grew large as she witnessed something she never thought was possible. Kamijou Touma was blushing. I just answered your question. And his stuttering really gave him away. Othinus couldn't believe it. She spent the whole day with a lovesick Sparky only to find out there shouldn't be anything to be lovesick about. And though the whole ordeal was somehow entertaining, it still vexed her that these two people were equally stupid.

She shot the boy a serious look and declared, "Date her. Othinus could only smile silently as she watched Touma's expression change from confused, to slightly offended, to stupidly happy when he read the paper. Once he finished reading, he sent her an unbelieving but hopeful look which she responded with an expectant one.

Grinning, he wasted no time standing up and searching for a pen. The Magic God hummed pleasantly as she ate her food.

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Those two could be so adorable sometimes. Touma had never been the first one to seek Misaka Mikoto out when he was out in the city. Sure, he enjoyed bumping into her, but he had always had this almost paranoid thought that she'd get sick of him or think he was creepy if they always 'accidentally' bump into each other.

The fake Unabara Mitsuki was a proof of that so Touma decided to leave his and Mikoto's meetings in fate's hands. But today would be the first exception of the hopefully many more to come. There was an instant blush on her cheeks, and knowing the reason behind it the paper was safely inside his pocket made him want to smile goofily at her. He fought the urge though and pretended not to notice the red tint of her cheeks as he said, "I've been looking for you.

There's something—" he was cut off when Shirai suddenly teleported in front of him, serving as a barrier between him and Mikoto. He instinctively took a step back as the Teleporter jabbed a finger at his chest whilst glaring murderously at him. Biting back a sigh, he looked over to Mikoto who was still a little confused at what had happened. Smiling a little as he watched the Electromaster shout a reprimanding "Kuroko! She sent him a curious gaze, "I thought you said you were looking for me.

Promise me to read it when you have enough privacy. About an hour later, Mikoto successfully escaped her roommate. After ordering, she took out the paper and instantly froze when she recognized it. It was the same paper where she, Saten-san and Othinus had written that damned list.

And since it was Touma who had given it back to her, it was obvious that he had read the whole thing as well. In that world, the Will had told him that the reason Othinus had cheated was because the people in that world did not know they were sacrificing Touma for their happiness. But something about that argument was bothering Touma. A question popped up in his mind. Do people really care enough for me that they would sacrifice their happiness for me? Touma pondered that question.

In a deep part of his mind, Touma felt in all honesty that people would not do something like that for him if they knew that their happiness was on the line. That's why he made the choice for them when he had resolved to killed himself before the Will had stopped him. He cherished his bonds that he had with everyone, he sincerely did. He had made many precious memories with everyone for the current Kamijou Touma that had filled the void of the lost memories from the previous Kamijou Touma.

And as he had said to the Will, he had fun with every single one of them. But Touma could not believe that something like their happiness was something they would willingly give up for the life of one high school boy. But more often than not, he felt that people really only valued him highly just because he held Imagine Breaker in his right hand. Kamijou Touma had been brought in and used by many organizations and people.

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It's not like Touma had any objections to being used though. He even had a conflict with Leivinia Birdway over this exact issue.

He was willing to be a pawn to be used in order to solve a conflict as long as it let him save people. And that was as far as it went. These people and organizations had gotten used to his typical mannerisms and just assumed that Kamijou Touma would of course come to save the day without asking for thanks or anything in return.

So in the end, Kamijou Touma had assumed that if he was to be used as an instrument in order to bring about good. Then what had he just done? He had said this to the Will back in the Omega World. He couldn't bare to see the people of this world with the thought knowing that he had basically destroyed all of their happiness and they were unaware of it.

His heart bled sadly over this. His thoughts were interrupted as suddenly he could hear the door to his hospital room open. Touma wasn't really expecting anyone to else to come visit him and so he peaked his head forward to see who had just come in. As he looked over the form at the door, he saw that it was a familiar looking girl with short tea colored hair and a heart pendant around her neck.

This person was also adorned in a Tokiwadai uniform. The girl had approached him and appeared right by his bedside. She leaned over him in front of his face and smirked. The way this girl was talking and her personality seemed very familiar to Touma. As he pieced together the pieces, realization dawned on him "Huh, wait, it's you!

touma kamijou relationship with god

The person that was currently inhabiting the body of the nd clone of Misaka Mikoto was indeed the Will of the Misaka Network. The Will beamed at Touma's recognition of her.

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Touma was a little bit taken back at the girl in front of him. After staring at her for a bit, Touma got his bearings again and finally responded.

Suddenly, the Will's expression looked serious as she took a look over Touma. It was not as if it was uncommon for him to have visitors when he was in the hospital. After all that fighting I did, I guess I can say that my body is as fine as it can get after everything I went through and all the damage I took. It's not uncommon for me to be in the hospital. Touma was now getting confused. The Will paused for a moment.

He stayed silent for a bit before responding. During that time he thought that she was an innocent person who he had dragged in all this and took her with him, only to find out that she was the leader of this magic cabal. Later, he will be involved in a magic-related incident and Birdway explained that she's here to seek assistance from Index and Touma. There he finds out through Mark Space that she is a person who would sacrifice her own subordinates in order to succeed in her plans.

He thought of her as someone cocky [36]but he still thought of her as someone he can rely on while she sees him as someone who is pretty tough and fun to play with. Later on after their "fight and makeup" during Ichihanaransaihe began to trust her again and acknowledged her as one of the most passionate and hardworking of people. Both Silvia and Lessar have teased Leivinia that she thinks of Touma as something of a big brother to her.

Edit Misaki was the first Level 5 that Touma encountered, one year before the start of the story.

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Their first encounter was on a corner in the Academy City in which Touma lost his phone, making him unable to save Mitsuari Ayu. After that they met at a lake where Misaki was considering to reset her brain to forget about all the evil of the city. Touma saw that and prevented her from doing it, speaking about her underwear being visible. Misaki in that moment tried to erase his memories and failed miserably.

She discovered, much later, about the basic abilities of Imagine Breaker which she came to learn to bypass. They continued to accidentally meet each other on various occasions.

During one of these, Misaki was attacked by pigeons and, after Touma saved her, he gave her a whistle to use in case she was in trouble; as she later tried it, Misaki realized on how she experienced her first indirect kiss as Touma used it beforehand.

To this point the whistle serves both as a memento and her connection to him, for Touma this was also done to prevent himself from being in a position of being unable to save someone again like with Mitsuari Ayu. One day Misaki found herself being attacked by a group called Deadlockwho wanted to kill the Level 5, and Touma stood to protect her even after they offered to let him go, but was heavily injured in the process. Near to death, Misaki used her Mental Out to cut off his sense of pain so that the EMTs could save him in the place, as he received a radical drop of blood pressure.

Touma's life was saved, but at a price as his "pathways that call in the memories" were damaged causing the loss of his memories about Misaki and making him unable to remember her even after other future encounters.