Joyce meyer dealing with rejection relationship

Acceptance or Rejection

But it was much better getting to the root of the problem and dealing with it than focusing on The root of rejection almost cost me my marriage. As I was preparing for one of my conferences, the Lord spoke to my heart and gave me an important message to share about rejection. I want to share it with you. Joyce Meyer: Receiving God's Grace to Move Past Your Crushing Everyone deals with emotional pain to some degree. Whether it's a difficult relationship, an addiction, abuse, depression We no longer have to stay in the "prisons" of emotional pain, rejection, disappointment, worry, depression, anger.

Acceptance causes us to face reality and then begin to deal with it. We cannot deal with anything as long as we are refusing to accept it or denying its reality. To receive something offered willingly 2. To consider as usual, proper or right b. To consider as true.

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If I like to apply this definition to self-acceptance, I see that I can choose or not choose to accept myself as I am, but I have a free will and can refuse to do so if I choose. People who reject themselves do so because they cannot see themselves as proper or right. They only see their flaws and weaknesses, not their beauty and strength.

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This is a very unbalanced attitude, one that was probably instilled by authority figures in the past who majored on what was weak and wrong rather than on what was strong and right. To walk with God, we must agree with God. He says He loves us and accepts us; therefore, if we agree with Him, we can no longer hate and reject ourselves.

We need to agree with God that when He created us, He created something good. Once again let me emphasize that I realize everything we do is not good, but at this point we are discussing ourselves, not our behavior. Rejection is a mean spirit. You know, satan was rejected by God when pride came all over him.

God rejected him out of heaven.

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The very essence of sin is rejection. I had to make a decision to change the way I looked at life and have an attitude adjustment toward the circumstances I was dealing with. No, it wasn't easy. But it was much better getting to the root of the problem and dealing with it than focusing on outward circumstances and not changing at all. I had to change to get free! I finally discovered the root of the problem. I believe that many people are angry, discouraged, depressed and hopeless because they're not getting to the real root or cause of their problems.

And there are different kinds of roots. One big one for me was rejection. The rejection in my life started when I was really young. My dad abused me because he wasn't happy and had been hurt himself. You see, when people are in pain, they usually mistreat others.

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It didn't happen because there was something wrong with me or because I had done something wrong to him. The pain and rejection I experienced became rooted in my soul — my mind, will and emotions — and affected the way I viewed my circumstances, causing me to believe things that weren't even true.

This deception caused problems in my relationships, especially my marriage. The root of rejection almost cost me my marriage.

Relationship with Others by Joyce Meyer

In the early years of our marriage, Dave and I argued a lot. We couldn't have a peaceful conversation about anything we didn't agree about. It usually went something like this… Me: You don't want to listen to anybody. You want to do all the talking and have me do all the listening! And I would find myself thinking we couldn't stay married!

I came to understand that the problem was I couldn't handle Dave or anyone else for that matter disagreeing with me. The Lord actually spoke to my heart and said, "You are not separating who you are as a person from your opinion.

So if Dave rejects your opinion, you feel like he is rejecting you. Getting this revelation changed everything!