Im the only one trying in relationship with

Can You Fix A One-Sided Relationship Or Should You End It?

im the only one trying in relationship with

Learn the signs of a one-sided relationship and how to decide You have tried to address the issues, but your partner just isn't interested. It happens, and more commonly with first relationships than not. Especially if the couple is young in age. So what does this mean? Who knows?. A one sided relationship, or “unrequited love” is defined as: If that's the case, you might be their drinking buddy or 'only if I'm desperate' friend.” of a one sided relationship is that you are the only one trying to make it work.

Do you only participate in activities that your partner wants to do? Does your partner take you for granted or hide you from important people?

im the only one trying in relationship with

One way relationships still consist of two people, except that in these partnerships only one person does the work. While you may be fully committed to your partner, it may not be enough to keep your relationship alive and thriving.

im the only one trying in relationship with

If love is not being reciprocated, it is difficult to build a long-lasting relationship. If you are in a one-sided relationship, you may wonder if you should try to fix it or move on to someone else that might treat you better. You Initiate Most Communication You are the one that makes the phone calls, sends the text messages, and makes the effort to get together.

im the only one trying in relationship with

You can count on one hand the times that your partner initiated a conversation with you. If you ask your partner to hang out with you and your friends, he or she rejects the offer. It seems as though your partner prefers his or her friends to you.

Your Partner Ignores Relationship Problems You are the only one that tries to talk about the issues that you are experiencing together in your relationship. Your partner rolls their eyes and gets irritated with you for bringing it up again. He or she prefers to ignore the problems you are facing. If you are in a one-sided relationship, your significant other does not care about making you happy.

im the only one trying in relationship with

You Constantly Worry The Relationship Is Falling Apart You are stressed all of the time because you are worried that your relationship is about to be over.

The most obvious is if on social media they have lots of photos of things you were not invited to. If you think your friendship is one sided, you have two options: If they really wanted you around, they would invite you to things and make time for you, instead of using you as a placeholder. You do the initiating, planning, paying, traveling and emotional labor.


In this situation, you need to have a conversation and tell them that they need to make more of an effort, or you will stop trying and the relationship will ultimately die. Start spending time on yourself. If not, say goodbye or give him an ultimatum. Try to tell that person how you feel, how you need them to make more of an effort and see what they say.

They may want to try and fix the relationship, so give them the opportunity to do so. They also may show no interest in doing so.

5 Signs You're in a One Sided Relationship and How to Fix It

If you related to some of these signs, then you may be in a one sided relationship. Try to have a conversation with your partner about it, and if you can fix things, then great.

im the only one trying in relationship with

If not, then it is absolutely okay to leave the situation.