Ianto jack relationship with god

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ianto jack relationship with god

much, Jack's relationship with Ianto Jones (and Barrowman's relationship with .. going, "Oh my God, it was so difficult playing a gay character. Author: Lioness Black Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Ianto/OMC, mentioned Gwen/Rhys Rating: R Genre: Romance Summary: Seven scenes of Jack and. Title: In Service Author: technosage Fandom: Torchwood Pairing: Jack/Ianto Rating: Adult like you wouldn't believe. Warnings: Emergent D/s relationship.

His hands on Ianto's back — sliding sensuously over the corrugated column of his spine; the damp, clammy heat as their skin slid together, the passage eased by sweat and saliva; the juxtaposition of the cool stainless steel against his chest and Jack's heavy warmth behind him; and the burningstretchingpleasurepain of being breached, being filled, being owned.

And the expression of confusion on Owen's face when he saw Ianto's smug smile was absolutely priceless. Gwen frowned as she fiddled with the lever to adjust the passenger seat of the SUV. The zipper sounded obscenely loud in the ringing silence of the SUV. Ianto could feel the already rapid rise and fall of Jack's chest, see the pre-come leaking through his underwear as he flicked open the button of Jack's trousers.

Ianto glared at him before he lowered his head, tongue slipping between his lips to lap at the beaded pre-come at the tip of Jack's engorged cock. The other man made a strangled-sounding noise and his hands slipped into Ianto's hair as his cock slid down his throat.

It wasn't long before Ianto was swallowing thick bitter fluid, his throat sore from Jack's urgent thrusts. He leaned his head against Jack's knee as he heard the other man's raspy, rapid respiration attempting to even out.

As he closed his eyes, he felt a gentle hand combing through his hair and another cupping his cheek. With a groan of supplication, he shoved Jack up against the clear bullet-proof perspex of a cell, claiming his lips with a hard, demanding kiss.

One hand held Jack's head in place as he plundered his mouth, while the other worked between them, tugging first Jack's then his own fly open. Their hot, hard cocks sprang eagerly from their cloth confines and strained towards each other. Ianto bent his knees a little, lining his own erection up alongside Jack's then taking them both in hand.

Ianto ignored the unusual fluttering in his chest, but, as Jack worked one of his hands between them, Ianto paused to lace their fingers together before resuming his fast and frantic pace.

ianto jack relationship with god

His hand tightened around Jack's hair, pulling insistently until Jack lifted his head then catching the other man's lips in a deep, bone-melting kiss that sent waves of pleasure and warmth through their bodies. Jack hooked a leg around Ianto's thighs, hauling him nearer as he began to buck his hips uncontrollably. Jack tore his mouth from Ianto's, clutching at his arm desperately as his head clunked against the perspex wall. He pressed his forehead to Jack's, a guttural groan ripped from his chest as the dizzying pleasure of his climax made his knees go weak.

Jack's arm wrapped around his waist, holding him tight. Ianto nodded, still incapable of coherent thought let alone complete sentences, and Jack chuckled.

The vibrations sent a shiver through Ianto and Jack pulled him closer still.

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Ianto's hand dropped to the nape of Jack's neck and stroked the skin lightly, wanting to hold the other man there, to prolong the moment until, inevitably, Jack remembered where they were and what they were doing and pulled away. And it happened all too soon. Jack cleared his throat and moved, Ianto taking the hint and letting his hands fall away. He knew both men and women checked him out occasionally, but he wasn't used to turning head after head.

That was Jack's department. Ianto was sure, from the right angle, anyone could see Jack's penis. I can't tell you the last time I actually relaxed," Jack said, his eyes closing. He leaned back, resting his head against the wall.

He casually slung an arm around Ianto's shoulders. I don't mind staying here. Jack didn't open his eyes, but his eyebrows rose and he hummed pleasantly as he squeezed Ianto's shoulder.

Sitting down next to him was a man about his age, maybe a year or two younger. Good body, nice abs, brown eyes and honey blond hair. The highlights were obviously paid for and he probably thought his scruffy beard made him look more mature and sexier than he actually was, but despite this it wasn't a bad look and Ianto was attracted. He was pretty sure he knew how this worked. They exchanged a few small talk niceties, when the young man got suddenly to the point. Ianto turned to look at Jack, who had finally opened his eyes, checking out the young man, and then he looked at Ianto.

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When Ianto smiled, the touch turned into a caress, but kept his eyes on Ianto's face, not missing when Ianto wet his lower lip with his tongue.

You want to join us? I'll be here waiting for you. I'll enjoy the scenery and make some new friends. I'll be here whenever you're done.

Jack raised his gun and pulled the trigger.

A Blip In Time (Jack/Ianto)

He hadn't been exactly sure what would happen if he shot the alien. It was an eight-foot tall thing that looked like it was made of red vines. The fingers would extend and wrap around the throat of whatever was nearest to it. Currently, the fingers of this red vines creature were wrapped around Gwen's throat.

The bullet grazed the alien's thin arm. It dropped Gwen, and she fell to the ground, gasping in hard breaths. She leaned against him, still working to breathe. Jack wasn't sure if he was hearing wind or Ianto choking quietly. If it were the latter, Jack felt the need to lecture him about choking louder. Where-" Gwen stopped supporting herself against Jack. They were in an open space, in the warehouse or behind it could be the only place Ianto could be with the alien.

Inside the warehouse, the alien, black blood oozing from its arm, had Ianto around the throat. The bright side of an eight-foot tall alien, no matter how thin, was that it was very easy to shoot away from its current hostage. Jack ignored how Ianto's face was turning purple, his gun dropped just out of reach, and shot the alien a second time.

ianto jack relationship with god

It dropped Ianto, and teleported. Jack dropped his gun and ran to Ianto. He fell to his knees and gently rolled Ianto over onto his back.

Ianto Jones

When Jack saw he wasn't breathing, he began CPR. Gwen dropped onto Ianto's other side and watched, her breathing loud, as though trying to encourage Ianto into breathing. Ianto gasped and coughed. He grabbed onto Jack's shoulder and used Jack to pull himself up into a sitting position. He was probably holding him tighter than he should have after Ianto had been very close to being strangled to death, but he didn't care. Ianto moaned gently into his pillow.

Fragments Jack said to Gwen Cooper that he "cleans up after us and gets us everywhere on time". Everything Changes Hoping that the cyber-conversion process could be reversed, Ianto smuggled Lisa into the Torchwood hub, hiding her in a chamber in the Archive until a "cure" for the partial cyber-conversion could be found.

She was still attached to a cyber-conversion unitwhich acted as her life support. Slow DecayTV: Cyberwoman Ianto operated a fake information desk at the entrance to the Hub.

He opened the way to Gwen Cooper as she first entered, posing as a pizza delivery girl. When Gwen was succumbing to the effects of retcon Jack had put in her drink, he deleted all the notes she had made about Torchwood from his computer at the Hub. Everything Changes Ianto's devastation over losing Lisa. Cyberwoman Lisa's Cyberman conditioning slowly won over her humanity.

She laid siege to the Hub from inside and killed several people, including an innocent pizza delivery girl whose body she appropriated, before being killed by the other members of the Torchwood team.

ianto jack relationship with god

Cyberwoman The other Torchwood personnel appeared at this time to have taken the quietly efficient Ianto for granted. They paid little attention to him before the mayhem started. Ianto was "temporarily suspended from active duty" but returned to work four weeks later.

He described to Toshiko Sato his inability to comprehend the adrenaline rush she and the other Torchwood members shared in the face of danger. Ianto travelled with the rest of his team to the Welsh countryside to investigate a series of gruesome murders.

The Torchwood SUV was stolen by a group of cannibals that harvested travellers once every ten years. The team followed the cannibals to their village. Right as his team were captured, Jack stepped in and incapacitated the cannibals.

The cannibals were arrested by the police. Countrycide Ianto and Jack become closer. Broken Ianto became very sad after Lisa's death. His grief was so intense that he attempted suicide after the ordeal, but was unsuccessful. Because of Mandy 's advices, he tried to connect more with the Torchwood team, and become more active. This led to him becoming closer with Jack. Broken Ianto named the life knife and gave the resurrection gauntlet the nickname "risen mitten". When Suzie Costello was resurrected by the resurrection gauntlet, she tricked the Hub into lockdown.

Despite being cut off, Ianto got a signal for his mobile phone by using the water tower above the Hub as a relay so Torchwood could call for help.

Random Shoes Ianto tries to stop Owen from opening the rift. Although Owen asserted that, with Suzie Costello dead, he was now second-in-command, Ianto displayed authority in Jack's absence that Owen was not aware he had, and even shot Owen in the shoulder to prevent him using the Rift Manipulator.

However, as he was shot, Owen succeeded in activating the Rift Manipulator and brought Jack and Tosh back.