Holden caulfield relationship with phoebe ryan

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holden caulfield relationship with phoebe ryan

James "Jim" R. Holden is a former soldier of the UN Navy, former Executive He is also in a relationship with the Executive Officer of the Roci, Naomi Nagata. A Blog by Ryan Kerr Holden Caulfield did not serve in World War II, but his experiences are meant to represent the The only meaningful connection that Holden can make with anyone is his sister, Phoebe. He finds comfort in his relationship with his sister because she represents innocence and has not. The couple became engaged, but ended their relationship when Phoebe left to tour .. [24] Ryan watched and followed Phoebe, before leaving her a tiara and a [13] Plot Holden Caulfield, a teenager, is living in an unspecified institution in .

Jim Holden (Books)

But therein lays my point: It is not a conversation at all, that is, a dialogue between 2 people, is it? Instead it is a rambling, chronology of events peppered with profoundly personal and intimate, and often unrelated tangents of Holden's thoughts. At the end of the novel Holden says, "A lot of people, especially this one psychoanalyst guy they have here, keeps asking me if I'm going apply myself when I go back to school next September".

There are a number of clues here that indicate Holden is not talking to a psychiatrist: This is further supported by the reference to "they"; they is a separate entity external to the conversation that is being had as opposed to the intimacy of 'you' and 'us' as constructed through the natural conversation, spoken or written, by Holden for the entirety of the novel.

holden caulfield relationship with phoebe ryan

Most pertinent is the fact that the final line of the novel pretty much undermines any assumption that he would be talking to a shrink or any doctor from the institution: There is ambiguity in the final stages of the novel; Holden has made some improvements in his mental health, but, ultimately, he regrets his decision to talk about everything and everyone - he feels even more isolated.

He does not contribute much to conversations with his fellow employees.

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He is disconnected with his passengers, and he rarely engages in substantial dialogues with them. Furthermore, in the driving scenes, Travis and his passenger are rarely shown in the same shot.

This heightens our awareness of the divide between Travis and the rest of the world. He might be close in proximity to them, but he still cannot relate to anyone. This can be seen during several scenes in The Catcher in the Rye, when Holden attempts to strike up conversations with anyone who will listen.

It is likely that Travis has started to distrust others because of what wartime can reveal about human nature.

holden caulfield relationship with phoebe ryan

Holden Caulfield did not serve in World War II, but his experiences are meant to represent the widespread disillusion among veterans at the time. Holden lacks a great deal of empathy for others, because he sees everybody as horrible and undeserving of kindness.

holden caulfield relationship with phoebe ryan

However, Ryan persisted and told Phoebe that he wanted to take her to his house so she could focus on her music. After Ryan refused to leave, Phoebe screamed for help, attracting the attention of her neighbour John Palmer Shane Withingtonwho chased Ryan away. When she entered the room, Ryan came up behind her and placed a cloth soaked in chloroform over her mouth, before kidnapping her.

He forced her to change into a white dress and take off her make-up. When Ash saw Phoebe coming out of the shower block, he tried to take her towel, but ended up pulling her to the ground with him. A "disappointed" Ash then questioned Phoebe about her change of heart. When Phoebe and Ash teamed up to try to find a grieving Ricky, they grew closer and almost kissed.

Denny tried to help Kyle by taking him out dancing, but the following day he decided to temporarily leave town.

holden caulfield relationship with phoebe ryan

She initially assumed it belonged to house mate Hannah Wilson Cassie Howarthbut Phoebe eventually admitted that it was hers. It was a new aspect of the character and of myself to discover so I was really excited.

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Giovinazzo thought Ash would make a good father, but Phoebe did not know if he wanted children, while Kyle wanted to be a father, but it would put everyone in an awkward position if he was.

Both Kyle and Ash were already at the hospital, recovering from surgery, as Ash gave a kidney to Kyle. When they all began to argue, a stressed out Phoebe suddenly collapsed in pain. It just has to play out. They have to deal with the fallout, whatever it might be. During an ultrasound, Phoebe learns that she had been pregnant with twins, but one had died. Phoebe is advised to have an abortion, and Giovinazzo said that it was "a hard decision for her to make". She has grown a lot as a character and started to consider things that are very new to her.

When he wakes with no recollection of the night before and a strange woman in his flat, he admits to Billie that he thinks he cheated on Phoebe.

holden caulfield relationship with phoebe ryan

She also described it as "maybe a more mature love. He continued, "Phoebe keeps doing things that make him know she digs him. He demands that Phoebe and Justin look through several boxes for a book detailing the syndicate's activities.

Phoebe Nicholson

Stewart commented, "she desperately wants to help Justin and Justin doesn't want to lose her. Giovinazzo commented, "Phoebe can't deny that she has strong and deep feelings for Justin. They're just drawn to each other. Phoebe initially rejects the proposal, as she feels she is not "a marriage kind of gal".