Healing my relationship with god

How can I heal from the hurt of a broken relationship?

healing my relationship with god

It implies the relationship of God to his creature, man. It comes from Jehovah- Nisi means “the Lord is my miracle,” or “the Lord is my banner.". Learn how my girlfriend and I moved past my online affair and the steps we both took to restore trust in our relationship. When you give it to God, something amazing happens. You give God room to work! Here are 15 things that happened when I allowed God to heal my broken heart.

God promises to walk through the disappointments in life with us Hebrews His grace and comfort are ours as we rest in Him.

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Every born-again child of God has blessings in Christ, but we have to choose to utilize them. Living in constant gloom and dejection over a broken relationship is like having a million dollars in the bank and living like a pauper because we never make a withdrawal.

healing my relationship with god

It is also true that we cannot use what we do not know. We must face life armed with a real understanding of what it means to walk by faith. As believers we are not defined by past failures, disappointment, or the rejection of others.

healing my relationship with god

We are defined by our relationship with God. We are His children, born again to newness of life, endowed with every spiritual blessing, and accepted in Christ Jesus. We have the faith that overcomes the world 1 John 5: It is our choice. God has provided us with armor, but it is up to us to wear it Ephesians 6: We may suffer disappointment in this life, but we are children of the King, and the rejection we experience is a momentary pain compared to eternal glory. We can allow it to keep us down, or we can claim the heritage of a child of God and move forward in His grace.

Forgiveness of others is important to the healing process. Holding on to bitterness or nursing a grudge only poisons our own spirit. Yes, we may have been truly wronged, and, yes, the pain is real, but there is freedom in forgiveness.

healing my relationship with god

Forgiveness is a gift we can give because it was given to us by the Lord Jesus Christ Ephesians 4: God is always near to comfort the believer.

God, who cannot lie, has promised to go through our trials with us: In reality, feelings come from thoughts, so, to change how we feel, we should change how we think.

God's Power to Heal You from the Inside Out

And this is what God wants us to do. My parents eventually found where I was and pressured me to return, and I did. I came back home broken and empty, and my relationship with my mom got even worse. When asked by others why I returned I lied and said that someone had actually raped me. I lived with that lie and told this story to anyone who asked. I Will Find A Wonderful Man I slipped for the second time and got in the porn and prostitution business just to pay my rent, and to have a place to stay, and food to put in my mouth.

Things got worse and worse with every month until I traveled to London. I remember saying before leaving, "I will find a wonderful man there that loves me more than I do myself," and with a broken heart I prayed that God would just once give me that somebody. After a month in London, I was empty and broken. I remember saying to myself, "I can't do this anymore," but I had no choice, I needed each month.

I was desperate and in big trouble.

"Furious and Bitter Relationships Healed by God"

A few days later I met a dance coach on the street that had once been my teacher and a great comfort. From that day on, we were together. I started a new life, but when he learned about some of the things from my past, some I had told myselfwe moved to London.

After two years I gave birth to my firstborn daughter and a year later to my second, at home with no doctors, but God protected me. Years passed, and I felt that my husband was a blessing. I experienced a normal family life, and how it is to truly love somebody, to forgive, and not to lie. I needed to get rid of all the things I had learned from my family and to find a new way.

I Discovered Jesus However, starting over in London was very difficult, and when we had financial issues I started to use self-shopping systems to steal food, etc. It got worse and worse until I couldn't control myself.

My life started to take shape and change for the better, and I began to read the Bible more. I started to pray, to forgive more and to look for a way to find peace in my heart. However, I felt deep in my heart that things with my husband were getting worse.

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And it wasn't only him, the bitterness I carried from the past, affected everything. Conditions became so bad that we were forced to split for over a year; we didn't break up, I just went back to my mom and dad. He stayed in London to sort out our home and financial situation, and I stayed with my parents, grandparents, and kids.

Relationship with My Mom Finally, I started to look for a way to solve my troubled relationship with my mom. I remembered a dream that I had years ago where I had gotten rid of the heaviness my mom had placed on me, and that I genuinely was in heaven afterward.

I knew this was the answer, and that I wouldn't go back to London until we had finally sorted out our relationship. It was painful because at the time she treated me like she still hated me. When I couldn't take it anymore, I asked my mother in law for help, and she sent me to see a lady with paranormal skills who could supposedly identify the real problem and show you what to say to God. However, this visit turned out to be one of the biggest mistakes I have made in my life.

I now realize that God wanted me to come directly to him, not through other people. And so I prayed seriously about our relationship, and about my marriage situation in London, etc. But things only got worse and worse with each day. The Demons Because I lived in the countryside, it was hard to get to church, so I started to pray at home.

Then one night I awoke with a scary feeling. I looked around, and there next to my bed was a demon. I was scared and lighted a church candle and prayed for my protection.

Next day I found a book about psychological protection. I learned about meditation, how to release one's body, etc. So when I prayed, I attempted to clear my mind by praying deeply about everything. I always saw myself as being in church next to the altar. One day I began to have visions, and that is where I lost my self-control. In my vision my actions were demon based. Meanwhile, things with my mom and I were getting worse. I tried to speak with her once slowly and calmly, but it ended with her screaming at me and calling me useless, and schizophrenic.

It was really disturbing, but I told her the truth about what had happened to me in Greece, and in turn I learned that my mom had been raped at the age of three. Then she cried and said she was sorry. Afterward, our relationship was much better. A while later I started to have more visions, and my bed was often covered with sweat throughout the nights. I had dreams of God trying to warn me of what was about to happen, but I never took them seriously because at the time I didn't believe in dreams.

So I stayed at my granny's home. However, for the first time in my life, my dad wanted to solve something, so I made a point to talk, but only with the whole family at our big table, and so we did. For the first time in 40 years our family sat at the table and talked through our problems. It was very rough, and most of the conversation was about Mom, not me.

healing my relationship with god

After that, I noticed a change in my mom but also realized that something was happening to me. It was the demons who were giving me the power and strength to stand against my mom, and it almost ended me until my mother in law told me that I had a devil on my back. The moment I heard this, a demon started to squeeze me, and my battle began. Before the devil started pretending to be God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and I were intensely together, so I prayed with all my heart.

Prayer for Forgiveness My mother-in-law's advice was to pray for forgiveness and to ask God to put me under the blood of Jesus, but when I prayed my head would shake crazily, and I had no control over my body. Whenever I looked at a photo of Jesus a demon would try to get into that image and show a different face. I couldn't sleep at night, and I could feel the demon trying to reach every area of my flesh.

It attempted to make me kill myself, but I considered that to be absurd. I read the Bible for hours, and when I would read a psalm, he would try to get me to fall asleep.