Girl wearing pants in relationship with the gym

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girl wearing pants in relationship with the gym

A guy should be proud of the girl he is with and want to show her off, not hide her away. . Wearing yoga pants to the store and doing everyday stuff outside of your home I . You should never attempt to control your partner in a relationship. how annoying it was when guys would stare at her or try to talk to her in the gym. Jun 14, Some happen in the gym, others in the dressing room, and a couple have If you can find a pair of pants that doesn't have a 3-inch gap in the back, I salute you. For me, the solution to all of this nonsense has been wearing loose tank . or to replace a relationship with a qualified healthcare professional. Jul 19, 15 Things Men Find Hottest About Women In Yoga Pants We'll keep wearing our yoga pants after yoga class just because we like the way it makes us feel. . it at the gym, your yoga pants indicate to any and all watching that you know and this self-sufficiency is a good basis for starting any relationship.

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Does she look hot in them? I presume other men want to have sex with her.

girl wearing pants in relationship with the gym

I presume other men would want to have sex with any woman I chose to be with. That's kind of how it works. Wear something else that is still comfortable but that doesn't show off your butt because YES those guys are going to look at your butt even if that's not your intention. Yes you can't control other people's thoughts, but you can control what you wear and thus prevent more guys starring at your behind and thinking of you sexually.

Look, why do you even want to wear it so bad if it makes him upset or uncomfortable? You should care that it makes him feel that way and know that it's certainly not for no reason. He is a guy and understands how other guys look at girls in certain clothing and through experience knows that you will be looked at in a sexual way wearing those skin tight yoga pants.

girl wearing pants in relationship with the gym

They show off all of your curves and outline your booty very well, guys will look no doubt. Same thing with bikinis.

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More guys will look at a girl in a skimpy bikini verses a girl in a one piece. The context of a yoga class does not change the fact that it is still pretty revealing and showing off your body more than it needs to.

It's not hard to find something else that is still comfortable but doesn't show off your body so just find an alternative! Showing off your body attracts attention from other guys to you which you shouldn't even want to attract other guys because you have your boyfriend.

He's trying to protect you from being turned into a sexual object which is pretty dang cool to me! And just think of how you would feel if he went out in public wearing something revealing anything you would find sexy and showing off his body.

Plus I would think he has done things for you when you felt uncomfortable or upset before. Other people are saying that he is just trying to control you but that is certainly not the case. Did I lead him on in some manner? No In am not saying that at all. That means we should wear clothing that is appropriate to the occasion. It may not be appropriate for a woman to wear a tight tee shirt and shorts to her job unless she works at Hooters and it may not be appropriate for a woman to wear a bikini unless she is going to beach, swimming pool or sun bathing.

But what about I Timothy 2: You can read it here. The very short answer is that like the word lust, our culture has made up its own definition of modesty. Modesty in I Timothy 2: Paul gave a similar warning about food in worship.

He told the Corinthians not to abuse the communion table by turning worship into a feast when he wrote: And the rest will I set in order when I come. He was saying that when we come together as a churches for worship and communion we need to put these natural God given hungers aside and fully focus on God.

He was not condemning sexual thought or women dressing sexually outside the Church in the same way that he was not condemning being aroused to hunger for food outside the Church. It was all about time and place. Combating Negative Views of Masculine Sexuality This debate over women wearing leggings or yoga pants is actually a great opportunity to help both men and women have a better understanding and respect for male sexuality.

As Christians we must measure everything action, everything thought and every desire we have by the Bible. It means the Bible should be the standard or rule by which we measure our lives.

Thousands of years ago back in the Garden of Eden God designed man and woman with distinct masculine and feminine natures. Contrary to many false doctrines promoted over centuries of Christianity — the distinct male and female sexual natures were not a result of sin and the fall. They were made by the design of God from day one.

That means when Adam saw Eve for the first time he had the same dopamine rush that men get today when they see women they find beautiful and yes he probably got an erection. This is not something dirty — it is by the design of God. But as Christians we recognize that the fall corrupted the original masculine and feminine natures God designed. Our task is to discover what parts of our distinct male and female sexual natures are still by the original design of God and which parts are a corruption of that design.

In the context of the male sexual nature, we must measure male sexual behaviors by the Bible. How much honor does male sexuality get in our day and time?

I would argue that most Christians have a very negative view of male sexuality and that is something we need to change. Of course I do. I think they may be the greatest thing ever invented. Men cause men to stumble, not leggings.

girl wearing pants in relationship with the gym

When the gorgeous behinds pass by, we men always have a choice. Either a look away and think nothing else of it, b appreciate the female form while you sip your half-caf, or c visualize scenarios that run the prurient gamut. I believe the first glance is not the problem. But remember, we are always presented with a choice… I do not write this to bash men; no, indeed I write this to help men, to liberate men… So the Christian male is faced with a very difficult scenario: The problem is our mind.

The problem is our heart. His intentions are noble. He shows some feminist tendencies in his words as well. Picture the construction workers whistling at women walking by yelling out comments about their bodies or men gawking at women and making them feel uncomfortable.

That we would agree is barbaric behavior on the part of men. Blanton to say that simply because he likes woman in yoga pants and it gives his brain pleasure that this is somehow barbaric or uncivilized is wrong.

His statement was dishonorable to himself, men in general and the God who designed male sexuality. This statement is textbook misandry. This is again is a nod to false views of that equate male sexuality to animal sexuality while lifting up female sexuality as a more civilized and human sexuality that men should try to model in their lives. And I yes Mr. It is as natural for a man to be sexually aroused by women in yoga pants and even to get an erection as it is for a pregnant or nursing mother to lactate when she hears a baby cry, or when she even thinks of her baby.

girl wearing pants in relationship with the gym

It is completely and utterly inconsistent. Women cause women to lactate, not babies. I do agree with Mr. The problem is not women wearing leggings or yoga pants or men being sexually aroused by or taking pleasure from seeing women in these pants. The problem is the condemnation of the male sexual nature by both men and women.

Men need to be at peace with their nature and as long as they are not being rude and gawking at these women if they take tasteful glances and enjoy the view there is no sin in this. Women need to stop viewing men as barbaric and sexual beasts and appreciate them for the way God designed them.

If a man is gawking at a woman or making lewd gestures and remarks she has a right to say something because that is rude. If he is only taking passing glances at her she has no more right to shame him or that then she would her girlfriend for lactating because she heard a baby cry. A final word for women on this subject of what you wear Whether it is yoga pants, leggings, tight fitting dresses or blouses as a woman you must be aware of the fact that that the sight of your form brings sexual pleasure to men even if they hide it very well.

Normal men see you as God designed you — as a both a person and an object of sexual beauty and pleasure. So in essence when a man sees you as a woman it is the same as when you see your favorite foods on TV or in restaurants and you imagine what it would be like to taste that food.

No you legally purchase it before enjoy eating it. In the same way, because a good man sees a woman as a person as well as object of sexual beauty and pleasure he does not go up and just grab her and take her. He does not call out lewd remarks to her or gawk at her.

I hope that this journey through the Scriptures has helped to change your perspective of what lust actually is. If they are not then you need to submit to male headship that God has placed in your life. If you are able to wear clothing that some would consider more form fitting or sexually arousing are you doing so at the proper place and time?

Maybe it is ok to wear tight fitting leggings for a night out with your girlfriends but it may be inappropriate for school or on an airplane It certainly would be for wrong for worship services in your church.

Whether you are wearing more sexually appealing clothing or not — are you flirtatious with men to the point that you make them think they could have sex with you outside of marriage? If that is the case this needs to stop. That is the very definition of a woman causing a man to lust.