Dealing with relationship issues

The biggest relationship issues couples will face and how to handle them

dealing with relationship issues

It's often tough to spot potential relationship problems when you're in And how do you plan to deal with this issue the next time it comes up?. Everyone's relationships are different. But sometimes we face similar issues. Whatever you're going through in your relationship, it can be comforting to know. Some problems in relationships can be tackled as a couple: Not spending There will be times when your opinion on an issue is so starkly.

It may be due to childrearing and the time away from you both that raising kids can take, or it may be workload, work shifts, travel or other personal and family issues. It may even be an illness that strikes you or your family.

8 Relationship Problems You Just Can’t Fix

Whatever the reason, the approach as a couple is the same: Without making your partner feel like you are their primary ally in life, in good and bad times, and them doing the same for you, it's easy to feel alone. And resentment can build, as can anger and then disruption to your home life, for everyone. The best thing you can do to secure a solid foundation in your life together is to make one another your main priority and balance their needs, and they balance your needs, at all times with anything else going on in life.

Without this approach, couples inevitably find themselves growing apart over time. Money problems Finances are one of the main subjects couples fight about and it also directly affects how people view happinessstressand quality of life.

The 15 Most Common Relationship Problems And How To Fix Each One Of Them | Thought Catalog

How you each approach saving and spending money will directly impact how you live your life together in your relationship. Be on the same page with your financial goals and your values about how best to spend and save money from the outset of your relationship to avoid the pit many couples fall into, clashing time and time again over money spent.

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And if you haven't agreed before now, don't waste another moment. Sit down and decide together how you share money, what you agree you should consult each other on before spending money on and what your shared goals are for saving for the future.

Family issues Extended family or blended family issues are another top problem many couples will face. You don't just commit to your partner, you accept them and all their loved ones along with the package. That doesn't mean you need to accept everything about them without negotiation. It is fair to say your partner is your first and foremost allegiance.

Their family, and yours, come second to that. When you both recognise this value and act accordingly, your partnership strengthens and you give each other the security of knowing you have each other's back and no one, not even family, can threaten your relationship. From there, you're much better able to extend yourself to other people in need, and their dramas, including even your in-laws.

Lack of intimacy Once someone starts to feel their relationship is no longer intimate, a great deal of the joy leaves it. People enter into a romantic relationship for many reasons: People choose to continue in a romantic relationship because their expectations are mostly met and they assess that they are happier inside the relationship than they would be without it. As well, they commit to their partner, and life together, and believe that a shared life is a happy life.

You argue over money. Money quarrels usually go wrong, but the thing is, they happen to everyone sooner rather than later.

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Try to detect the underlying issue: If so, is that problematic for you? If yes, in which ways? Write down your answers and think for a moment what was different about your spending behaviours vs. Who can blame you? Some would joke here: Talk to your partner and try to reach an agreement. If you can have an open conversation with your partner about the amount of time they invest in your relationship, remember to address the common effort that has to be made to keep any union going.

If it feels unhealthy and you are stuck in a rut, consider the alternate, and ultimately leave the relationship. There are people out there who would kill for someone as intuitive as you. The sex is missing in action. This is only natural — once the hormonal levels that make you jump on your boo non stop in the first couple weeks or month lower, you easily discover the comfort of just being cute together in your shared nest. When the sex comes around as often as Santa, though, you must start working on a strategy to bounce your intimate life back on track.

dealing with relationship issues

Intimacy is a mind trick, not just a chemical reaction. You can make yourself hot and horny about your partner once again, if you keep the right distance, the right attitude and an open mind regarding sexual dynamics. Talk about what makes you tick and what makes you stale, get back to sexting and luring each other, mostly — remember that any solid relationship requires hard physical work. Are they too horny? Do you feel obliged to deliver their fantasies or are they being disrespectful?

There might be something small, but unbearable, such as the way they talk, brag, or gossip about others. There might be something big, like the way they look at you or the way they try to influence your partner into getting back with their ex.

How big is this issue for you and your partner? Do you constantly feel pushed or unwanted when all of you get together? Let your spouse meet their friends separately and do something for yourself instead, so that everyone enjoys their own experiences fully.

You feel suffocated about living together. Sharing life, furniture, pets, clothes, objects and underwear with the person you love the most can be a wonderful adventure…or a disaster. It can be thought provoking and intense, but it can also become a beautiful mess. You may not have been used to sharing everything with a partner before. You may literally hate the way they leave their clothes on the floor and never pick them up before hitting the shower. You may find gross how they forget to wash the dishes for days.

dealing with relationship issues

On the other hand, you might feel uneasy with the way they speak on the phone too loud, want to make small talk when you have nothing to say, or take up space in your already small studio.