Australia iran relationship with syria

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australia iran relationship with syria

Neither country will benefit from a new Middle East conflict, but unless they cease military clashes, such as those inside Syria last weekend. Israel was dealt a bad hand when it comes to regional security, and Syria is the latest—and trickiest—card in the deck. On the one hand, the. Washington: A simmering conflict between Israel and Iran escalated on Thursday when Israeli jets struck dozens of Iranian targets in.

Given that Australia is a minor player in the war, it makes sense to work together with those fighting the same enemies. Given the political difficulties of the US coordinating its strategy with Iran, it is possible that Australia is acting as an intermediary for the US in some way.

For her part, Bishop has repeatedly indicated that she regards Iran as an important element of the fight against Daesh. In a speech to the Sydney Institute later that month, she repeatedly identified the role of Iran in the fight against Daesh. For example, Bishop said: I suspect the major impetus for improved political relations with Iran, and restraint in political rhetoric about Iran is the rise of Daesh.

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After joining the quagmires in Afghanistan and Iraq, Australia is not keen to get bogged down in another war in the Middle East, and neither is the US. If we are going to go to war in Syria and Iraq, coordinating the war effort with Iran, one of the major players in both conflicts, is somewhat sensible. This coordination indicates that our wars have limited aims. Rather than waging a war to overthrow Assad, our involvement is relatively narrowly conceived, and apparently targeted solely at Daesh.

Israel and Iran attacked each other in Syria. What’s going on?

For example, conservative ALP apparatchik Tanya Plibersek, the shadow foreign affairs spokesperson, criticised Bishop in August last year for dealing with Iran. Iran is one of several countries in the region that are supporting different sides of this conflict.

australia iran relationship with syria

Now, the centre of political gravity has shifted. And yet, she still criticised the Coalition for engaging with Iran: So yes, we understand that Iran is an important country in the region. We will need to work with Iran on issues like political settlement in Syria, but that does not give us the ability to turn a blind eye to those human rights abuses and to the continued sponsorship of the Iranian Government of conflicts in the region where they are funding and arming groups that are engaged in serious conflict in Yemen, in Syria, and in other countries across the region.

Yet it displays an audacious cynicism. Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corpswith Syrian assistance, established and trained the Hezbollah group to spread Khomeini's ideology and repel the Israeli invasion of southern Lebanon. Iran and Syria viewed Hezbollah as a useful lever against Israel and a way to establish greater influence in Lebanese affairs. Still, these disagreements never threatened to derail the relationship.

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Subsequent events like the Iraq Warthe " Cedar Revolution ", and the Lebanon War brought the countries closer together. Syria became increasingly dependent on Iran for political and military support, as Assad was unable to maintain positive ties with other Arab powers during this time. Details of the agreement were not specified, however the Iranian defense minister Najjar said " Iran considers Syria's security its own security, and we consider our defense capabilities to be those of Syria.

Iran also plans to set up a joint Iranian—Syrian bank in the future. Ahmadinejad afterwards declared that they would form an alliance to combat U.

australia iran relationship with syria

Iran has taken advantage of the chaos of Syria's war to build a substantial military infrastructure there. It has built and trained large Shiite militias with thousands of fighters and sent advisers from its powerful Revolutionary Guards Corps to Syrian military bases. Loading Even though the Syrian rebels have steadily lost ground and no clear threats to Assad's rule remain, Iran and its allies have stayed in Syria, shifting their focus to creating a military infrastructure there that Israel sees as a threat.

australia iran relationship with syria

Iran continues to train and equip fighters while strengthening ties with its Shiite allies in Iraq and the Shiite militant group Hezbollah in Lebanon in the hope of building a united front in the event of a new war. Iranians have no material stake in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

A Guide To Australia’s Relationship With Iran

So the Islamic Republic can afford to lessen investment against insurgents and focus more on Israel," Toumaj said. Loading "The strategy is to make Syria into a viable front, like southern Lebanon, for both offensive and defence purposes, should another major war break out between Hezbollah and Israel.

australia iran relationship with syria

Iran has also tried to bring in defensive assets to Syria such as Tor air defence system, which Israel has struck to prevent. Israel has launched scores of air strikes in Syria to try to prevent the transfer of advanced weapons from Iran to Hezbollah, according to Natan Sachs, director of the Centre for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution.

The Israeli government rarely confirms individual strikes, and the Syrian government and Hezbollah do not always acknowledge when they have been hit.